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Back to square one

Nothing dramatic happened when State Restructuring Commission submitted its report today, at least nothing that we haven’t seen before. After months of deliberation, bitter debates and media mongering between formation of ‘an expert panel’ and state restructuring commission, the CA had formed a 7 member commission to propose a tentative federal model in November. But […]

Discharge of VRS combatants to begin on Monday

The process of discharging 7,365 Maoist combatants who opted for voluntary retirement scheme (VRS) during the recent regrouping process is set to begin from Monday. The decision was taken at a meeting of the Maoist party leadership with PLA division commanders of the seven main cantonments at the residence of party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal […]

Constitution calender amended

Constitutional Committee (CC) Sunday decided to amend the constitution drafting calendar based on the agreement among the major three political parties. The CC meeting held at Singh Darbar on Sunday decided to intensify discussions on the disputed issues in the dispute resolution Sub-Committee and the CC and settle them by 12 February 12. According to […]

International Year of Cooperative

The government officially launched International Year of Cooperative 2012 on Friday. Cooperative has been recognised as one of the major pillars of economy after public and private sector. A National Committee under the coordination of Minister for Agriculture and Cooperatives has been formed to mark the International Cooperatives Year 2012 hosted by the United Nations […]

What do you really want?

Let’s get this straight. The United Maoists are back from the brink of a split. They head the coalition, the prime minister is Maoist, so is the Supply Minister, and the protestors setting fire to cars on the streets are also mostly Maoists. How does that work? The leaders of the four big parties are […]

Lessons unlearned

The culture of violent protests, intimidation and destruction of properties as a tool for effective political bargaining has  become a permanent feature of Nepali politics. Today,13 youths and student factions affiliated to various political parties including NC, UML and the Maoists called for a Kathmandu bandh protesting the petroleum-price hike. Young boys and girls carrying […]

No progress on human rights record

The World report 2012 released by Human Rights Watch in New York today says Nepal has failed to make progress on checking human rights violations. The report points towards a glaring apathy of the government and the political parties in addressing attrocities committed during the years of war, blaming the state for ‘weakening already dysfunctional […]