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The brief on Friday

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Tough consensus
The Maoists will move ahead with the third phase of their protests because the government is not serious about fulfilling their demands, the party’s Senior Vice Chairman Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ said. On Thursday, the three parties decided to postpone the discussion of the proposed joint resolution after failing to make any progress. The ruling coalition was hoping to pass the budget in the parliament separately before the Maoist ultimatum deadline ends today. The Maoists are pushing for a package deal saying their demands should be met first since they were made before the budget was tabled. “We are not going to let the government cover its missteps by letting the budget pass easily,” Baidya said. (Nepal Samacharpatra)

Time crunch
House Speaker Subash Nembang proposed slashing the time for budget discussion to just two or three days citing the urgent need to pass the budget. “Due to the ongoing political impasse, we don’t have sufficient time to debate the budget,” Nembang told the parliament’s business advisory committee on Thursday. Initially, 23 days were allocated for debating the budget. (The Kathmandu Post)

Not so cheap anymore
Tribhuvan University officials sat for talks with 13 student unions to discuss the row over fee hikes, after the unions threatened to protest. On Sunday, the university had announced a new fee structure which would increase the students’ attendance fees tenfold. Under the plan, graduate students would have to pay Rs 6,000 a year. They will meet again today as the talks were inconclusive. (Republica)

UNMIN exit
A senior United Nations official is visiting Nepal in December to discuss the exit strategy of United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN). Karen Landgren, the UNMIN chief, informed Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal that B. Lynn Pascoe, Under Secretary General for Department of Political Affairs, will be visiting Nepal to discuss the mission’s mandate that is set to expire on 23 January, 2010. (Kantipur)

Doctors reported that the Banepa students who were taken ill while on an educational trip are suffering from food poisoning. One of the students, 17-year-old Deepa Shrestha, passed away on Wednesday because of the illness.

The Kicker:
“I am borrowing money from my relatives,” State Minister of Home Affairs Rijman Ansari on how he is managing without his salary

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