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Hero’s welcome

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

The Nepali football team returns home to a hero’s welcome on Wednesday after winning the gold medal in the South Asian Games. Nepal defeated India by 2-1 in the final.

Photos: Gopen Rai

Nepal SAG football winners 1

Nepal SAG football winners 2

Nepal SAG football winners 5

Nepal SAG football winners 4

Nepal SAG gold winners

Nepal SAG football winners 6

Nepal SAG football winners 6

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One Response to “Hero’s welcome”

  1. Ghale Bal Tamang on Says:

    We all are very happy over men’s football win at SAG. It gave a much needed fillip and joy to the Nepalis suffering from the earthquake, blockade and football corruption fatigue. Congratulations, welcome, reception and cash incentives to the winning team are fine and they deserve all of them. It is no small achievement to beat a team that represents a billion and a quarter population. However, we should be investing more on preparing the team for the next game and building infrastructure. Our women’s football team, which was a runner up in the SAG, seems to have been forgotten totally. Our media remained silent on our women footballers. I don’t want to see us become a nation we only worship the victorious but neglect the one who did not make it to the first place despite all the efforts. Now that the victory celebrations are over, we should take a deep breath and see how we can improve further in the next game. Every single day not utilized in preparation is a loss. We must stop the habit of preparing only a few months before a major sports event.
    If I may say so, it is our football team that seems to be more inclusive (samaweshi) and truly samanupatik than our politicians are fond of talking about it and when compared, I am sure it will beat outright any of the existing state structure and outfits. Perhaps we ought to take a serious look at it and learn a lesson or two in coming up with a realistic “samaweshi” model.

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