21-27 August 2015 #722

Yadav, Singh and Mahato

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Speeches by Federal Socialist Forum Nepal (FSFN) Chair Upendra Yadav, Nepali Congress (NC) lawmaker Amaresh Singh and Sadbhavana Party leader Rajendra Mahato during an assembly of the Tharus in Kailali early this week have caused a stir in the Constituent Assembly (CA) with some members accusing them of inciting violence forcing CA Chair Subhas Nembang to instruct the State Affairs Committee to probe the allegations. These are excerpts of what they actually said:

Upendra Yadav

“Kailali, Kanchanpur, Banke and Bardiya were never parts of the Gorkha empire. The British returned these districts to the Ranas. At that time, Kamaiya and Kamlari traditions did not exist. The Tharus were hardworking farmers with their own system of governance. But the Ranas distributed the lands of the Tharus among their relatives. Gradually, the outsiders grabbed the lands of the Tharus and exploited the real sons of soil as Kamaiya and Kamlari. It was a crime against humanity.”

  Amaresh Kumar Singh

“Madhesis and Tharus will choose their own leaders. Bahuns and Chhetris cannot be their leaders. I warn the state: don’t open fire at us as you did in Surkhet. If you kill Madhesi and Tharu sons, we will create a policeless province. We are not terrorists. We are just fighting for our rights. If police come between us and the state, they will have to face action when our states are created.  Police thrashed Dalits, but did not touch Hindu protesters in Kathmandu. You Tharus must fight to protect your land from the hill migrants and seize the Singha Darbar. Tharuhat belongs to you. If the state does not give you Tharuhat, let not a single vehicle pass through Lamahi.”

Rajendra Mahato

“Those Bahuns and Chhetris demanding an undivided Far West province settled in Kailali and Kanchanpur districts just 40-50 years ago. The Tharus welcomed the outsiders, but were stabbed in the back. Bahuns and Chhetris grabbed their lands and made them Kamaiya and Kamlari. They have craftily created six federal provinces so as to subjugate Madhesis and Tharus. Bahuns and Chhetris are inherently dishonest, and have always conspired against us. Remember that Girija Prasad Koirala, Madhav Nepal and Pushpa Kamal Dahal had deleted federalism from the interim constitution to suppress the demand for Madhes and Tharuhat provinces. We burnt that constitution, and they finally gave in. But they are again plotting against us now. So, it is time for you to fight for your rights. If you don’t, your children will be enslaved. Don’t give away even an inch of your Tharuhat. Be prepared to fight and die.”

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