28 November-4 December 2014 #734

Sweet 16

Himal Khabarpatrika, 23-29 November

There are dozens of young Nepali film actresses who are still waiting for their big break. But for 16-year-old Anna Sharma, her very first film was a hit and propelled her to stardom. The unconventionally made film, Jerryy, has been a box-office hit and this has also brought Anna into the limelight. Jerryy is well-directed, has attractive locations and fresh new faces with talent. “All the praise, has actually made me more serious about my film career,” says the A-Level student. Anna is the daughter of choreographer Rachana Gurung Sharma and acts as a young girl from Pokhara who falls in love with a character played by Anmol, the son of noted actor Bhuwan KC. Jerryy is directed by Hemraj BC, who also directed another recent popular release about teenagers, Hostel.