22-28 November 2013 #682

Shaktikhor, v2.0

Leaked audio tape of UCPN (M) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal speaking to Maoist cadres in Kirtipur in his Kathmandu-10 constituency before elections, YouTube, 17 November

… we are taking part in elections for the same objective, therefore, we are still in battle and we must win this war at any cost. I had raised this issue fervently with the central committee and the extended plenum had come to a unanimous conclusion that we simply have no option of losing. If we lose, it will be a great calamity. Everything will be ruined. We must win at any rate.

We are still at war comrades. We must win this election battle. Forget about individual candidates, we as a party must win, otherwise we will be destroyed. That is why I repeat to you again: forget everything else, until 19 November let’s focus only on winning. Money, might, retribution, whatever it takes, we must win. Those of you in leadership positions, please take note.

Some idealists among you might ask, does winning at any cost mean buying votes? Yes, if there is money use it to win. I have said it earlier as well. Other parties, they slaughter bulls, distribute alcohol, hand out money or motorcycles. If we can, we will capture [land] and tell the people this is yours.

If we get fewer votes in Kathmandu-10 this year, it will not be good. Reactionaries in and outside of the country will compare our numbers with 2008 and the message it will send them is that the popularity and stature of the Maoist party and its leaders have declined.

Baburam Bhattarai won 46,000 votes from Gorkha-2 in 2008, the highest number by any candidate. After the introduction of voters list with photos, there are not even 40,000 voters in the whole of Nepal. That is why he is running from Gorkha-1 this year. Why reduce the numbers in the old constituency, rather we will increase numbers in the new constituency.

So I appeal to you once again. Money, might, retribution whatever it takes, let’s win the election. Thank you.

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