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Overcoming depression

Mental health illness is synonymous with going ‘psychiatric ward’ crazy, which it is not
Anjana Rajbhandary

Hi again,

In our society mental health illness is a taboo and is synonymous with going ‘psychiatric ward’ crazy, which it is not. We all have weak moments but if you are down for a period of two weeks or longer: it is likely that you have depression. Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz’s medical records showed that he had been diagnosed with depression, and till a day before he deliberately crashed Flight 9525, he was researching the term ‘manic depression’. Awareness, knowledge and support are vital to overcome depression.

Hi, I was a good student in school but started doing badly in college. Seeing other people who were better than me in studies really affected my self-esteem, I failed classes and became very negative, and then was unable to find a job. I am in debt and my father is paying the broker. I went abroad to work. I am too embarrassed to go back home because I feel I have let down my family. I don’t know what to do with my life. I am very depressed. Please tell me what to do.


AR: I am so sorry to hear about your situation, I cannot imagine how hard this must be for you.

Do not feel alone because there are many others who are in a similar place. The first thing I would suggest is to seek support, either from your friends or co-workers. Maybe try to talk to your family, I am sure they would like to hear from you, and will most probably try their best to help you. You should try to find a support group, or talk to a therapist. Therapy helps many people with depression. I am not sure which country you are in- which may affect the mental health support available.

You choose your own thoughts so you should believe that you will get better. I know it is hard but you need to keep reminding yourself that you will overcome this. An individual’s will power can be strengthened, and once you have the will to get better, you will. Try to stay active and be outdoors. Be social whenever possible. Focus on a healthy diet. Practice mindfulness, be in the moment instead of thinking of all the negative things that have happened in the past: what you do now is going to affect your future, look forward not behind. Medication is not for everyone but it has helped people. Most of the time depression is not a permanent life changer, up to 90 per cent of people with severe depression can be treated. Have a strong mind.

Don’t give up. Have faith in yourself because depression can be managed.

However, easier said than done. You have to be patient as it will take time. Talk to someone soon. I believe that you can do this, so should you. Never give up on yourself. Write again if you need more help.

Anjana is a certified mental health rehabilitation technician and has four years of experience in adult mental health. Send your queries to: askanjanaanything@nepalitimes.com or @AnjyRajy

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