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Unity Centre and Masal to Unite

Forever splitting and coming together seems to be what drives the communist parties in Nepal. Now it seems that two communist factions, the Unity Centre and Masal, are in the process of uniting and forming a united front. This is the second time that the Unity Centre is making an effort to unite with another communist party since 1990. Even when there are no more than two members in a communist party, they have no problems in breaking up on the basis of perceived differences. There are at present more than 12 communist parties on paper. The common man does not even know of some of these parties.

The convention of the Unity Centre which was held in Chitwan from 16 to 18 December passed a resolution deciding to join forces with Masal. At the convention, the party realised that despite many differences, the two parties believed and held the same ideologies, and had the same policies. They felt that this was the right time to unite. Masal feels that pro-India people and home-grown reactionaries were their main enemies and realised that to face these two enemies the help of the Unity Centre was needed. On the other hand, the Unity Centre feels that home-grown reactionaries are the main enemy. But for all that, it seems that both these parties have different opinions about the activities of the Maoists and are finding it difficult to find a common position on the issue.

People feel that since the Unity Centre has yet to resolve its internal differences or find common ground with Masal on the Maoists, it is possible that this new front will break up in a shorter time than it took them to unite. It has been decided that both parties will sweep their differences and opinions under the carpet and the leadership has been directed to find solutions to these problems by the next convention. Their differing opinions on the Maoists too was decided to be ignored for now. Both will now take the middle path, meaning both will compromise and try to focus on commonalities.

The unification process has been left to the central committee, right from finding and adopting a suitable name for the united party to formulating all its line of action, its goals, policies, etc. Sources say that on this issue too some Unity Centre members boycotted the convention held in Chitwan.

The Masal convention was held from 1 to 5 December during which it passed a resolution stating that it should unite with the Unity Centre. This is considered a big blow to the Maoists. People who do not agree with the carnage created by the Maoists but who because of the lack of alternatives are forced to stay with the Maoists will now have an alternative force to back.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)