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The recent Madhes Uprising has brought a lot of long neglected issues to the frontline. Madhesis demand a proper Nepali identity and recognition from the government. They have long been marginalized members of Nepali society, often looked down upon and discriminated against by pahadis.

Nepali Times and columnist CK Lal predicted the Madhes Uprising long before it happened. CK Lal had often warned of an outburst, like the one we all witnessed, unless madhesis were treated equally and without prejudice. Below is a list of Nepali Times coverage and analysis on the Madhes issue.

Hard choices

It's getting stale, mate

Strategic selfishness

Muddy waters

The Gambler

Elusive unity

India changing

Hollow state

Losing ground

Resurrection, deconstructed


War games

Letting go

Point proven

They're here

Blustering reality

MRP masala

India's war

Constitutional conundrums

Real democracy

Crumbling state

Undermining UNMIN

Revisiting 1950

License to loot

Congress conundrums?

Federal realities

United we stand tall

Security sureties

Three years later

Reaching out

Unscripted lines

Mainstreaming the Madhes

Sound bites bite

We're with you


Struggle for existenc

The new proletariat

Reality check

Blame game

Plains prescience

Zero sum shenanigans

Well runs dry

Uncomplicating peace

Should I stay or should I go?

Bizarre but banal

Constitutional May Day

Ram Chandra who?

The Maoist mind

Swearing in Hindi

Nepal's Mr Nepal


Eyes on the ball

Round and round

Angry aftermath

India confused by Nepal's confusion

Right shift

By hook or crook

Caste aways

Squeeze the middle

At the Forum

Under siege

MKN's checklist

Past imperfect

Do or die

No one won

Delhi dallying

Caste aside

Biting the bullet

Closed minds

Damage control

Success and failure

Generals in the labyrinth

The Tharu thrust

Election mode down south

The centre can't hold

Lost opportunity

Back to square one

Forget Kathmandu

The view from India

Still a mess


Two steps forward one step back

Nepal in 2009

They do it again

The India syndrome

The buck stops with PKD

Don't blame politicians

Still a yam

Tarai fragments

Inside the UML

Don't be mean

Left, right

Army amalgamation

Talk the talk

Venting it out in Varanasi

Secularism in a diverse state

Goodwill hunting

Underestimating Upendra

Fatalism and hope

Two Dajus

Land and peace

Slow-burn in the Tarai

Manufacturing mistrust

Not out of the woods yet

Holding the centre

Left over

Message from the Madhes

Less miserable

Veering off course

We ain't seen nothing yet

Who'll blink first?

May the 28th

The new Madhesi woman

Post-identity politics

More unequal

South of the border

Poll post-mortem

Forum in Maostan

“We are used to the bombs. This is our chance to be heard.”

After 4/10

Murkier and murkier

No Madhesi wave

Poll drama

The Madhes Street

Can’t wait

Missing the story

Things fall apart

Another window

Just do it

Madhes checklist

Spoiling for another fight

Deadline pressure

Tarai frontline

From rust to dust

Running out of time

The year of the madhes

The Tarai card

“Wasn’t the war supposed to be over?”

Promises unkept

Mandated monitoring

Tarai churning

In the frontlines

Open border, closed minds

Slashes and burnt

Kapilbastu diary

Kapilbastu post-mortem

Building bridges in the madhes

Violence in a vacuum

While butwal burns

Calling all moderates

The gorakhpur connection

A missed opportunity

Political ecology of the madhes

Fleeing the flood

Mainly in the plains

Will the tough get going?

Sandbagging the plains

Beyond tokenism

Leave it to us

The unrepentant state

Playing with matches

The rise of a party

Terror in the tarai

The price of radicalism

Rising in the east

Three months later


A small, shrinking center

Step away from the polls

Gore in Gaur

Lahan’s hero

Long and bumpy road

Acute hearing

Why now?

Muharram in madhes

Fuelling change

Cyber tarai

In the central and eastern tarai, rage, determination and grief

Hour of reckoning

Keep talking

Plain speaking

Search for common ground

Shadow of a gun

Nepalis want to stand up and be counted

Put out this fire


Lit fuse

Non government

Plains speaking

Tarai tinderbox

We will flush them out

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)