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PKD upgrades to iPad 2


The last person to reprimand everyone about junketeering would be Auntie Suzie, but there she was this week poking fun at all the netas who are currently flying around to various corners of the world. But she has a point. The prime minister gave a deadline for implementing the agreed integration package, but special committee members Ram Saran Mahat, Ishwor Pokhrel and others are all on jaunts. There is an urgent need to steer the peace process after the seven-point agreement, but the prime minister himself scoots off with the deputy prime minister to the southern hemisphere for a SAARC Summit. His chairman himself takes his nephew, son, a noted businessman and Comrade Minendra to meet Uncle Ban in New York. First they all sit around twiddling their thumbs over Dasain and Tihar, and when it is time to get to work they are all earning air miles.

Of all the trips, Comrade Awesome's delegation to the UN is perhaps the most intriguing. Here is a guy who admits to having told his party members to execute class enemies with a bullet to the temple now posing as an apostle of the Buddha to "develop" Lumbini. After running into strong opposition first time around with the mouth-watering proposal to get the Chinese to invest three billion smackeroos to turn Lumbini into a Disney theme park, Chairman Supercalifragilistic has managed this time to give his group cross-party membership, included a banker, used the connection of Ban's mum in Korea to get a $2 million seed money and himself an appointment at UNHQ.

Besides upgrading to iPad 2, PKD's plan was also to meet US officials to charm them into thinking he is no longer a terrorist. But the mule's mole has it that until the Baddies cross their hearts and say they no longer believe political power flows out of the barrel of the gun, the Yanks are not going to bite the bullet, as it were. On the way back, PKD is supposed to stop by in the UK on a fundraiser among Non-returning Nepalis. But poor Prakash ("Son Also Rises") Dahal is not going to be accompanying Dad since Awesome Jr messed up his visa application.

Rumour has it BRB agreed to let PKD to officially head the Lumbini project (and even sanctioned payment for his delegation trip out of state coffers) to get his party chairman off his hair for the next week or so. He seems to know something we don't: that the APECF is just another name for as asset management consultancy that advises the Supreme Leader about his investment portfolio. BRB's prime agenda now is to hold on to the reins by hook or by crook, mostly by crook. Give the man a break, he is keeping himself busy personally inspecting toilets in Mugling. By the way, most incoming calls on the PM's 1111 hotline are apparently hoax, including a guy who calls repeatedly and barks like a dog.

It takes murderers to pardon a murderer. Now that the newly-expanded cabinet has decided to give amnesty to Balkrishna Dhungel (the guy to bumped off a neighbour for having an inter-ethnic affair with one of his female relatives in Okhaldhunga) it looks like all human rights violators are going to go scot free under the CPA provision that political manslaughter is kosher. So that was why BRB and his attorney general were in such a hurry to meet the president last week, to make sure the prez realises he has to approve the pardon if the cabinet so decides. Moral of the story: it's ok to murder someone you don't like and retroactively justify it by saying he was a class enemy. Erstwhile royal military types are awfully quiet about Dhungel's pardon because this would make them eligible for similar amnesty. What? Did I hear someone at the back say "transitional justice"?

Of the 19,000 or so ladakus in the camps, there are only 14,000 left, and the party is trying to round up everyone so they can collect their 7 laks. It's turned out to be more difficult than they thought: many are in Malaysia, some have gone to India, and the remaining have gone from being underground to joining the underworld and are more interested in karods than laks.

Wassup? There is no load-shedding these days? Turns out the Energetic Minister is draining Kulekhani because he doesn't know how long he will be minister, and he wants to heap the blame on his successor who will inherit an empty reservoir.

1. Rob
NT used to be championing the maoist cause but these days it is changing it tune. Most of the readers already knew the true colors of Moaist. But it took so long for NT to see the light. Well I gues "better late than never".

2. Gauri Nath Rimal
"develop" Lumbini.
Lumbini Development has three components.

!. Lumbini Sacred Garden Project. The 3 x3 miles area, with the surrounding 5 x 5 miles environmentally protected area.This is the area incorporated  in the Kenso  Tange Design.
2. Lumbini- Gandaki Regional Axis Study Project.   This is the project encompassing the whole area north and south and east and west of the above project. This was nececiated in order to develop Lumbini in its fullest extent as was requested by Prof, Tange himself. The government requested Un and the first study was carried out ion the early seventies itself. This resembles the the project which is being created by Puspa Kamal Dahal in the latest version.
3,.  The third component of Lumbini Develop ment is the development of conservation of the sites related with the Buddha like Tilaurakot, Devadaha etc.
Lumbini is not only related with sites in Nepal but has a strong reklation and bearing with Buddhist sites in India.including Sravasti, Sarnath, Kushinagar and Bodhgaya etc.So India,s goodwill and  participation is also necessary.
It has to relate with Muktinath, Janakpur , Pashupati or Swayambhu etc.
The development  of Lumbini is the overall developme4nt of the region in all different sectors : social , economic aspect. So it has to include infrastucture , education , health, irrigation, power, tourism , aviation , etc etc.
 But in order to do so The Tange Plan should not be tampered. It has to be completed in its entiriety and supplimented.

3. DG
MONSANTO...-on the web...-Living off the Farm.
Why not organize a workshop on this issue?
 Invite persons like M. S. Swaminathans from India to give an insight and a dispassionate view  in this important issue for the betterment of agricultural production where mouths to feed are increasing at this rate. We all like organic farming. But production also has to increase. Again we cannot prevent the seeds that enters from India when it goes GMOS.

4. Lato Kosero

ASS-hole describes an 'urgent need'...three unproductive years and counting, can't it wait a little longer as the SAARC  summit should not be skipped (as the author implies). In any case, BRB and PKD are leading the process much closer than it has yet been and that is encouraging, not discouraging!

PKD is developing Nepal, rather than being an 'apostle of Buddha'. PKD himself has never made this silly claim. Shamefully, few Nepalis comprehend Siddhartha Gautama's teaching, and unless ASS-hole knows something about Buddha's teaching that the rest of the country doesn't, then he should keep flatulence from emitting from his stinky hole.

5. rabi
I preety much second all the Lato Kosero's points.. Critics sat quite for long and now when the high time finally came, they wanna get their piece aswel. 'yei bela khutta ramro taninchha' hoina? whether BRB succeeds or not is a different issue, but he has GOOD DEED behind much of the decisions he makes, and does that count to the sly critics these days?  

6. Navaraj
Hey Guys,
I for one am highly impressed by the show the Maoists are staging. The actors, the so-called hardliners of Vaidhya group and softliners of Prachand panel. For me they are hand in glove to distract the watchers so that they are able to further advance their grand design to capture state power step by step in tiptoe. They have laid out the ground very meticulously and efficiently as they have proven in the past. You will not believe me, but the steps they are going to take would be : 1: appearing as if trying to extend the CA but having to dissolve it  reluctantly due to external forces; 2: being at the helm they will take enough time to declare election so that their forces are in order and position; 3: by force and by hook and crook they will manage an overwhelming majority victory;4: they will again be at the helm and will write their constitution - so-called Jantako Sambhidhan-people's constitution-.No international force would be able to discredit them because it is the people of Nepal who put them in that position through a so-called democratic exercise. They will declare that the people of Nepal are sovereign finally  and go to hell with the international interlocutors. A  Cuba, a Burma, a North Korea between the 2 Asian Giants. Who says that the communists can not achieve their goal through a so-called democratic exercise in an extremely poor country like  Nepal. I constantly pray to GOD that I be proven wrong and pessimistic after all. Please do pray with me for Nepal. 

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)