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Running on empty

KILLING TIME: "Isn't it time, comrade?" "We've got all the time in the world. It's a historical necessity."
Despite hopes of a breakthrough, the last week saw our politicians entangling themselves further in each other's interests. Even the proposed extension of the Constituent Assembly, the tenure of which is due to expire on 28 May, has not been approved. The fact that such an extension is in the acknowledged interests of majorities within all three major parties (not to mention the nation as a whole), yet still fails to go through, tells us something about the mindset of the players involved.

In short, everyone is jockeying to get into the best position possible. This is nothing new, of course. While all is not lost (and we can expect the Constituent Assembly to be duly extended), this indicates that every step towards the conclusion of the peace process will be fraught with such wrangling and compromises.

The Nepali people are a patient lot. But it's not just the May Dayers and Peace Assemblers of the nation who are running out of patience. In the cantonments, ex-combatants spend their days, as they have every day of the last four years, playing games, patrolling, and idling the time away. It's testimony to their mental discipline that they appear committed to the change they were taught to believe in. If only their leaders could show us they feel the same.

Over two thousand years ago, the Buddha said, "Everything changes, nothing remains without change." With a week to go before Buddha Jayanti and the deadline for the constitution, Nepalis have to believe that he was right.

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1. Never mind
The infernal serpent; he it was whose cunning, Stirr'd up with envy and revenge, deceived the mother of mankind.

Black it stood as night, Fierce as ten furies, terrible as hell, and shook a dreadful dart; what seem'd his head the likeness of a kingly crown had on. Satan was now at hand.

2. Comrade Bhayankar
The unconstitutional decision by the Nepal president has culminated into the present situation. Not only the inept Madhav Nepal but the unjust Ram Baran Yadav should also resign to create a conducive atmosphere.

3. Santosh Tamang
During Gautama Buddha's period, most of his learned intellectual disciples and followers were Brahmins, who embraced Buddha's teaching after finding reason and true logic in Buddhism. Such great disciple spread Buddhist wisdom from India to South East Asia, mainly Nepal, China, Japan,  Korea, Tibet, Burma, Thailand, Sri-Lanka, Laos, Cambodia  and Burma etc. But unfortunately the light of truth was darkened in many parts of these Buddhist countries, mainly by the force of ignorance, jealousy and blind faith, but stood firm and strongly in many other countries, except Nepal and India.

At present, Buddhism now shines back to it's glorious days, it is because of it's truthful logic's of reason to believe in Buddha's teaching! Everything is impermanent and everything is subject to change and decay! Buddhist believe in the cycle of causes and causality, which we call karma!

However, it is pity to find these narrow minded and silly politicians who rules the birth place of the light of the world! and truly unfortunate for Nepal and Nepalese!   

4. manoj limbu
i agree to some of the comments from Santosh. one thing gautama buddha said to us to stay away from magic (since for happiness, one needs to work hard individually) and all that say, they can make things go away in a blink however it seems we fall to our human weaknesses. these politicians promise "swiss of Asia" and what do we get, "almost a civil war again". worse yet, they have not solved the ethinc issues and its to the great reasonings of our people that we have not faught like in other countries. i guess gautam buddhas message is seeping in after all.
gautaum buddha, krishna, shiva, laxmi, ram, all the great teachers and gods and their messsage and symbolism is the same. we have to listen and follow for our peace since the gods and their real goal is to deliever happines. thannnk yuo.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)