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FIRST STUDENTS, THEN TEACHERS: The fight for a peaceful learning environment continues.
A peek into the diary of
Gunaraj Lohani
President, All Nepal Teachers Organisation

Recently, we held a week-long self-defence class for teachers in Surkhet, which we thought was very successful. The school was closed. The teachers didn't have anything to do anyway. We thought it would be a good extracurricular activity. Who knows, some singletons may have even met their soulmates.

Riding on that wave of success, we have decided to take this training countrywide and establish a security wing called Volunteer Teachers of Nepal. No! They will not be volunteering to help your children with after-school tuition. They will be volunteering for defence.

We will distribute membership forms to 10,000 teachers in Nepal and provide training. They will all be below the age of 40. People older than that do not really need to socialise after school hours because they can be immensely mind-numbing. "In my time Öblahblahblah." Boring!

It's not as if such forces are a new thing. Did you not hear about the deserters who wanted to form a security force and help the police maintain peace by directing traffic in the capital? About 200 of them bought themselves blue tracksuits and started training in Bhaktapur. Unfortunately, their egotistical leader got a piece published in the papers and 75 of them were promptly arrested. Ours is a self-defence force. When did it become illegal to defend yourself?

Who will we be defending ourselves from? That is a very good question. You see, our training will teach teachers how to protect themselves in the ongoing People's Movement. They will learn how to discipline those attacking the teachers in the districts. They will create an environment for learning without fear. And, they will solve all problems that may arise in school management committees, district education committees, etc.

In the first round of self-defence, we will expose the exploitation of teachers in private schools. We will then proceed with disciplinary procedures against such schools.

Sure, Nepal Teacher's Association and Nepal Teacher's Organisation could run similar training programs. We are certain they will never be able to leave the district headquarters though. Just compare the Youth Force and Tarun Dal to our Young Communist League. To reach Surkhet, for instance, these teachers will probably all hire Pulsars in Kathmandu like the Tarun Dal did to get Khum Bahadur Khadka elected in Dang. Posers!

But it would actually be quite fun if they did come and join us. We could play kabbadi against each other. When they are on our side of the court, we will show them how we do our training.

Mao Zedong once said we should not read too many books because they petrify the mind. Self-defence exercises will free our minds. Just think of it as yoga.

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1. Neo
Hehe amused . Nice writeup and idea
Hope someone from development sector doesn't innovate the project  :)

2. Nirmal
A western friend of mine asked me if there has been a tangible change in educational policies after the rebels are in mainstream politics. Explaining me every minimum details of how their republica II contributed to today's modern education, their current pedagogy and human rationale. I was sort of less words, I explained her nepali-mao translation of Ka bata kachuwa, their drastic interventions in educational institutes, physical training of maoists' maestros. She was flipped and didn't understand why the schools were closed, they had the most bloodiest brutal war which took lives of millions people but even in war times the children had their schools opened in republican zones protected.

What our revolutionaries should do is to stop this kind of tomfoolery and formulate policies which dignify republican order and not demean the concept.

3. npal
nepali times is having hard time finding good writer ... is it?

4. Slarti
I am all for letting your imagination run free........., but not so fast and not so far. Marketing schools was better, this is a bit dicey.

5. Vija

What a rubbish!Why even bother printing it?

Instead of printing this kind of rubbish,The Nepali times must print educational articles which share knowledge on different topics.From reading only we all would learn something,discuss if not understood.,share our experiences on what is important for children.

Politics out of school,eventhough we are a part of society,good school policy  making must  only be the  responsibility and interests of polititians if they are caring for children .Sharing knowledge on education with parents is the only duty of politicians.

I hope the Nepali Times will start printing articles important to parents,that  is the only way we can go ahead.

Good Luck.



6. Arthur
Well at least the attempt at humour is not quite as juvenile as the asinine braying of the ass. The writing style is competent. (Trying to say something positive ;-)

7. Sarada
So much stupidity and arrogance from a "teacher" - who would want their kids under her militarised educational control? But of course, Maoism is  a combination of ideological conformity, personality cult and military submission - as embodied in the ex-teacher Prachanda.

"They will all be below the age of 40. People older than that do not really need to socialise after school hours because they can be immensely mind-numbing. "In my time …blahblahblah." Boring!"
No, it is such Maoist ideology and practice - and its slavish devotees - that are "immensely mind-numbing". I guess they'll be wanting to put the Little Red Book on the compulsory curriculum. Yawn...

8. Arthur
Poor Sarada, so much stupidity and arrogance makes it difficult to even recognize satire.

9. Nirmal
Yoga and this maoist physical training are two divergent philosophy Arthur. While through Yoga one intends to control primitive instincts the other provocs and activate them, the vulnerable instincts reign not the objectiveness. You only act as Maoists commie but not as true friend, Arthur....

10. Sarada
If that was intended as satire, a very poor attempt - F minus.  Poor Arthur, resigned to a risk-free slavish worship from a distance of his maoist gods.

11. jange
# 8. If you have to explain that it is satire then perhaps you should not attempt satire.

In any case, satire does not exist in the Maoist vocabulary so it is only reasonable for people to assume that an apologist of the Maoists would not use satire.

12. Arthur
Sarada, it wasn't a particularly good satire but simply by not being as juvenile and asinine as the ass made it impossible for you to even notice that it was intended as satire. If you had understood it you would have congratulated the author for yet another anti-Maoist article. But it wasn't pitched at a low enough level for you.

13. Arthur
jange #11, you have convinced me. You really do believe that Indu Nepal is a "Maoist apologist" just like Sarada does. If you had not posted #11 I would have assumed from your silence that you were a bit smarter than people like Sarada.

14. jange
# Thank you Kamred Arthur for letting me know just how smart I am.

15. Sarada
Arthur, I was far from the only one who took it that way. The confusion arises from the tragic fact that it would not be surprising if such behaviour were true of your slavishly worshipped Maoist gurus. This is why it's a poor attempt at satire.
When Tom Lehrer, a good satirist, retired, his reason was that he knew satire was dead when the disgusting warmonger Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. In a similar way, the pseudo-democratic pseudo-communist Maoists have evidently killed satire in Nepal.

16. Arthur
The "Unified Marxist-Leninists" killed satire in Nepal.

How could even a "progressive" anti-Maoist like Sarada who wants to support anything attacking Maoists and denounce anything supporting them be expected to recognize a satirical anti-Maoist article in a political system that has UMLs and others who think UMLs are "communist"?

Actually it is still possible if one is slightly less arrogant and stupid. Comment #1 from Neo "got it", so Sarada could have understood just by reading other comments before posting.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)