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Fighting terror with terror

Who was behind this attack in the US? America has many suspects in mind but until now they have uncovered no concrete evidence of the involvement of these people. They have laid the blame on the doorstep of their old enemy, Osama bin Laden. It is clear that the US, with its allies, is preparing to carpet bomb Afghanistan for providing shelter to bin Laden.

If America is a civilised society, if it believes in justice, then first of all it should arrest the people and masterminds behind this attack. You have no right to put the lives of innocent Afghans or any other nation in jeopardy just for bin Laden. The support many nations have shown so far is for the American people and the tragedy they have faced, this support is not for American policy or the American administration. In the same way these nations have condemned this attack and shown support for America, they will support Afghanistan if innocent Afghans lose their lives. And they will condemn the US.

The US destroyed Vietnam. It has stationed its forces in many countries. It does not have a positive attitude towards Libya, Cuba, North Korea and other nations where liberation armies are active. It is moving ahead on the basis of its military might, but this will not turn world opinion in its favour.

US policy is the main reason for the people who are now suffering in New York and Washington. The Cubans have shown support and sympathy towards the Americans in these difficult times but the US has shown no solidarity for the flood victims in North Korea, the earthquake victims in Iran or for the people of Belgrade. What is the reaction of the American people towards these victims?

If the people of America are really for justice, peace and liberty, and against terrorism, they should put pressure on their government to change its policies. The thinking of the American people must be centered on bringing the culprits to justice while at the same time not jeopardising the lives of thousands of people. If the US government is intent on bombing other countries in retaliation, then other countries of the alliance should not support this action. Remember war does not bring about peace or stability, only more destruction. The Bush administration must not act in haste or it will create problems for everyone.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)