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The movement started by our party, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has accomplished a lot in the last five years. On 12 February this year our movement entered its sixth year. On this historic occasion, I would first like to salute the 1,600 comrades who have become martyrs for the cause, those thousands of our party members who are tortured and locked up in jail, people who have disappeared, all party members, our people's army, people's militia, people who support our revolution, our well-wishers, both in the country and outside, all other party affiliates and the general people.

The major gain so far is the formation of the people's government. Mao always said the formation of the people's government is the central point of any revolution or revolutionary. The formation of the people's government is our aim, too. Our immediate aim is to destroy or get rid of the present system, which is feudal, class-ridden and is in the grip of corrupt middlemen and rich people, and establish a people's government.

The formation of a government or a ruling body always has to be the final aim of any revolution, otherwise it is fruitless. Our party is moving in the direction of forming such a government. The central aim of any revolution in the world is the formation of the people's government, and therefore this power that we have gained after the sacrifice of many, many people, we consider the main achievement of our party so far. People who do not understand the formation of our people's government, do not understand the essence of our revolution nor will they ever understand the science of revolutions.

The formation of our local governments is based on the path shown by Mao. Mao said that the villages should surround the cities and then slowly take them over. This will be a slow, drawn-out process, but the end result will be what we have always wanted. Local areas will not be formed if the party does not show clear, precise ideas and thinking. If the parameters of the revolution are not drawn, then that revolution will just move in circles and not achieve anything. The formation of our people's government is a blow to all the opportunists in the country and proves that a people's government can still be formed in this rapidly changing world. By studying our movement and thinking, many like-minded parties are slowly moving in the direction we have shown.

The formation of the people's war groups is the second most important achievement of our movement. Mao said that armed forces were the only possessions of the people, the absence of which meant that the people do not own anything. The formation and the working of the people's army in Nepal has proved Mao's thinking to be true. It is true that if we did not have the people's army, we would not have been able to form the people's government, nor have the resources or basis to strengthen it. A class struggle will take place until a class system remains in society. A class struggle will remain and its main aim will be the subjugation of class enemies. For that, the army is the main weapon.

When we started our revolution in 1996, we did not have the people's army. Our army was not a different entity. At that time there were no clear differences between our army and other wings of our organisation. We started with these teams, fought with them and slowly, after making a lot of sacrifices, we have formed our people's army. Our army is now so powerful that the national police has also accepted defeat.

In our struggle, we have now come to a point where the CPN (Maoist) have become an established party of the country. Not only this, we have now established our presence in the international arena too. Two political forces are present in the country. One is a very old system, which has become weak, outdated and irrelevant with the passage of time. People have now started shunning this system and are eagerly supporting the new system, which is very active in many parts of the country. In areas where the new system is in play, the old system is being rapidly uprooted and thrown out, and will never return. In the same way there are at the present moment two armies in Nepal, one that has been formed by the people and their sacrifices and is called the peoples' army, and another, the slave of the class society, which is corrupt and class-ridden. Both armies are preparing to defend their ground.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)