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We fully support those brave students who are protesting, and appeal to all patriotic Nepalis, republican and leftists to help us unseat this government of Koirala.

-Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) statement reported in Jana Awhan, 29 December

Nepalis may not have anything or know anything but they are very patriotic and are nationalists to the core. They are not prepared to hear Indian artistes say that they do not like Nepal and Nepalis time and again. If any Indian artiste says this, Nepalis respond with statements and burn posters and effigies of that Indian artiste. This seems to be the only way in which Nepalis can express their patriotism and nationalism.

-Kishor Nepal in Naya Sadak, 27 December

Hrithik is the grandson of Roshan, a great musician. His uncle, too, is a good musician. Knowledge cannot be passed down through generations. In an interview Hrithik had bad-mouthed Nepal. In response, the Nepalis burnt his posters, his effigies and have decided to boycott his movies. This is also a warning to all who have bad intentions against Nepal and the Nepali. For this the country had to pay a great price. This is because the present government is inefficient.

It is because of this attitude of the Indians, that Nepali sentiments and nationalism are forced to survive by protesting against India. This is not a mirage. We are between two big nations, both have large areas and big populations, but we have never been troubled or humiliated by our northern neighbour. It is always our southern neighbor which troubles and humiliates us. That is why all Nepalis grow up with an anti-Indian feeling.

By boycotting Hrithik, the youth have done a good job. The danger is that this boycott may fizzle out. The Indian side has always been able to give one explanation and they are giving it now too. It is that India is a democracy, and people can say what they want to. This reasoning has no logic to it now. A larger democracy than India, the US, does not give any visas to people opposed to it. In the same way, Nepalis should be alert and give a befitting reply to all who have evil intentions about Nepal.

-CPN(UML) spokesman, Pradip Nepal in Naya Sadak,
28 December

The ministry of communication had issued a directive that none of Hrithik's movies should be shown in Nepal until and unless he apologises publicly. It seems some of the officials in that ministry themselves do not know about this directive. At 6 in the evening, when the streets of Kathmandu were on fire, the home ministry released this directive on behalf of the communication ministry. The communication ministry insisted, Hrithik, who had earlier stated that he does not like Nepalis, should now publicly apologise and declare that he likes Nepalis.

-Budhabar, 27 December

In an interview to the Star Plus channel a couple of days back, Indian artist Hrithik Roshan stated that Nepal is a wretched country and that people living in Nepal don't have any brains. It is in response to this and against the flow of Hindi movies into Nepal that we have burnt his posters and effigies, said Ghan Shyam Bhattarai, general secretary of the students' union of Sapta Gandaki College, Chitwan.

-Jana Aastha, 27 December

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)