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Quit, or else

Ram Bahadur Biswokarma of Dolakha district is terrified and has moved to Kathmandu. His son, Bimal, is in the police force, and the Maoists had put a lot of pressure on him, asking him to make his son resign from the service. Some 20 to 30 students affiliated with the Maoist party visited Biswokarma's house a couple of days ago to ask his son to resign.

The students visited Biswokarma's house at night and told him that the whole family would face a lot of problems if Bimal did not resign immediately. This has taken its toll on all members of the family, who are in a state of shock. The women of the family urged Ram Bahadur to come to Kathmandu and speak with his son.

Ram Bahadur is in a fix. He told Spacetime: "If he leaves his job, how will we run the family, how will the children continue their education? If he does not quit his job, then any moment he we will be killed."
"We are in the process of destroying the present reactionary government. In its place we will put a new revolutionary force that will be peaceful and for the people. Your son is helping the reactionaries suppress the will of the people. So, ask your son to immediately resign from the police." This is what the Maoists who came visiting in the night told Ram Bahadur.

Bal Bahadur Tamang of Sindhupalchok is also a very disturbed man. The Maoists have threatened him too, as a result of which his family could not spend Dasain together this year either. Bal Bahadur's brother is in the army, and the Maoists want him to resign. He has not been able to come home for Dasain for the last three years, because the Maoists told Bal Bahadur that his brother should send in his resignation once he reaches home.

There is presently a truce between government and Maoist forces. Also, most army and police personnel have returned home for Dasain. The Maoists are taking advantage of this and pressuring the families of people in the army and the police to ask their members to resign. Sources say that the Maoist cadre are moving from house to house and threatening the families of army and police personnel. The students' wing of the Maoists had said earlier that it would try and convince the children of army and police personnel to ask their parents to resign from their jobs and try and enlist these children into the Maoist cadre. Given this situation, many people are threatening people according to their whims and fancies.

The Maoists have started visiting the families of army and police personnel in more than 35 districts. Their message is simple: "We will soon be forming a government. If you do not ask your family members to resign from the army or the police as soon as possible, you may have to leave the country for ever."

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)