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BP gets into the mundane day-to-day chores of jail life: washing clothes, taking a bath with soap, tallying the accounts with the quartermaster. It irritates him that the papers don't come. Ganesh Man Singh is depressed, but BP can't figure out why. Both analyse one more time why the palace has launched a tirade against them.

Friday, 11 March, 1977
Today all the government offices remained closed in memory of Ranganath Sharma who died a few days ago-hence no newspaper and not even the usual activities at the gate. A real dull day. I spent two hours in the morning over washing of clothes-a pair of mailposh and suruwal, a bedsheet and quilt cover, two pillow cases, a vest, a table cloth one towel and three handkerchiefs. In the afternoon I ironed the mailposh and suruwal and put them all in the cupboard. Washing clothes takes a lot of time and energy-I became very tired and time presses more heavily on my psyche. I feel more lonely, become more homesick. The loss of energy seems to deplete my psychological reserve of sanguinity too. Today GM too appeared to be depressed and was making depressing comments all the time. He feels that the king or at least the dominant section in the palace which is opposed to us is responsible for the mounting of the tirade against us. (Surya Bahadur Thapa's outburst in Dhankuta and yesterday's editorial of Gorkhapatra on a resolution adopted by the Peoples' Party of India.) I don't at all agree to his point of view. Thapa is India's agent, which must be known to the palace, and as regards Gorkhapatra's editorial, that is not indicative of anything except that.did not like the resolution of the Janata party supporting us. GM who is usually more optimistic than myself is today very depressed-over a reason which is not at all convincing to me. I am homesick more than anything else. I am not depressed. So far as the political decision of ours is concerned I am more convinced than ever that it has been a correct decision. My problem is psychological more than political and if this isolation is lifted I will have no worry and can carry on almost normally. If only I could meet my people periodically, correspond with them, get books of my choice, and international newspapers and magazines. GM thinks that the present resolution is a temporary affair. If it is, I don't know what worries him.

Saturday, 12 March
[no entry]

Sunday, 13 March
We didn't get any newspapers. This is the third day without newspapers. The captain said the bus left this place before office hours hence the paper could not be collected. The quartermaster submitted the monthly accounts today being the last day of Phalgun-we have overspent the monthly allowance by more than Rs 50. I gave him Rs 39 and asked him to adjust the account next month. We need about Rs 100 per month for miscellaneous expenses. GM will ask him to save this amount from our food allowance (ie, Rs 28 a day). Washed some clothes and had a thorough bath with soap. This is the second complete bath I had since coming here on 31 December 1976. Felt very clean, but feeling cold even with warm clothes

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