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"The king has been honest"

The king wishes to go to the people and meet them and the people are also interested to see their king. That is why the royal felicitations are taking place. This issue must not be politicised, and if the politicians do so they will stand to lose. In all the felicitations so far, we have seen spontaneous presence of big crowds of people. This has proved that people have great belief on monarchy. The royal move of 4 October was a compelling situation for the country and the people. It is true that the situation has become more complicated since then. But matters would have been worse if the king had not taken over. The political parties of the parliament must take the responsibility of whatever has happened in the country after 4 October. It was the incapability of the Parliament that paved way for the royal move of 4 October and the enactment of the article 127 of the constitution. The parties were not capable of handling state power when they were in government, and neither have they been able to cooperate with the king to form the alliance. Many say that there is a tripartite conflict in the country. Actually the conflict is just between those who support the constitution and those who oppose it. The rebels are underground. The king has been honestly protecting the constitution. He has not violated any of its provisions. Elections are essential but if anyone says that they can be held under the present circumstances, they are lying. The polls are something they are using as a ploy to stick to the state-power.

Just saying it won't do, they will have prove through deeds that elections can indeed take place in the present situation. For elections to take place, the political parties will have to be taken into confidence. Those in the power must have the guts to give up power to get the support of the parties. The current political deadlock will end only when the present government goes. On the other hand, the parties must give up their street protests and come for dialogue and agreement.

It is essential to bring the Maoists to the table as well. But, even if they don't come for peace talks, the state must run. At present, neither has the government has been able to build the trust with the rebels for talks, nor have the latter proved their trustworthiness. Therefore, there is no possibility for talks at the moment. If the rebels still come forward with their demand for constituent assembly, there is no point on holding talks.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)