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"We are confident elections will take place soon."

What is your role in the context of violence against both the monarchy and democracy as well as about good governance?
Our country was a symbol of peace in the past but today it is caught in violence, terrorism and destruction. We feel that the path to finding the reason and solution to the problems through constitutional means has not closed. The monarchy has and will always be active within the framework of the constitution to fulfill the common goals of Nepal and all Nepalis. We will never step back to remove the worries and concerns of the people.

How can this dissatisfaction and mistrust caused by violence and bad governance be addressed?
Mistrust and dissatisfaction increases when the people's basic necessities are not met, and leaders disregard the expectations of the people. We feel that it will not be difficult to lead the country towards a better future if the leaders elected by the people work towards fulfilling their expectations, and an environment is created where the constitutional bodies can execute their responsibilities.

Civil wars and ethnic strife have torn many countries apart. Could this be Nepal's fate as well?
History stands proof of the commitment and sacrifices we Nepalis are capable of making to save the country. We understand that it is only in the hands of us Nepalis to strengthen our nationalism. We are confident that if all of us are committed and aware, our flag will always fly high.

In Your Majesty's view, what could be the ways to end the violence, return to peace, develop the country and keep national unity secure?
If all the concerned parties work honestly and remain committed to solving the problems of the people, giving them the gains of democracy, the nation can move forward.

The Maoists have demanded an end to the present constitution. Does solving the technical aspects of this issue require Your Majesty's personal involvement?
It has been a tradition with the Shah dynasty to administer the kingdom for the goodwill of the masses in accordance with the expectations of the people. His Majesty late King Birendra set about the present constitution according to the wishes of the Nepali people. We have already stated that the people are the medium of change.

Looking at the state of the economy and security, is an election possible?
We are confident that elections will take place soon.

What will happen if the elections can't be held? How will the ensuing problems be solved?
Why have negative views now? Instead, why don't we all, the political parties, civil servants, and citizens, work towards holding the elections in the earliest date possible?

Will Your Majesty have any role in solving the problem incase an election cannot be held?
That is a hypothetical question. Let us not even think about that.

Your Majesty became the heir to the throne in the most unconventional manner. Has this caused any change in the way our traditional friends, especially India, China and the United Kingdom view us?
Has the goodwill expressed by friendly nations towards Nepal changed?

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)