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"We will crush India"

After the royal palace massacre, the party toned down its rhetoric against Indian expansionism and focused against American imperialism instead. What was the reason for this?
From the strategic point of view, we never toned down our struggle against Indian expansionism. With the correct analysis of Nepal's history, and its economic, political and cultural characteristics, our party has determined that the Nepali peoples' differences with domestic reactionary state power has been protected by Indian expansionism. That analysis was done 13 years ago and our party has not changed its position. The second thing is: despite increasing political and military interference of American imperialism against the Nepali people, we have never devalued the fact that the Indian ruling class was also interfering. However, Indian expansionism used to be a step behind American imperialism, and our party took aim accordingly. But now, since America is entangled in Iraq and is facing a so-called presidential election, the Bush gang has stepped back and has deployed Indian expansionism instead, which has become its main broker with a longterm strategic interest to interfere in Nepal. This has been made clear through their activities over the last 6-8 months. Considering this change, our party has given top priority to the struggle against Indian expansionism. This is not just from the strategic point of view, but also from the immediate working policy standpoint. The old regime in Nepal, which is a broker of yet another broker, has kowtowed to Indian expansionists for its existence. By showing a despicable willingness to surrender national sovereignty, the old regime is busy pleasing New Delhi.

Considering India's past direct and indirect interference in Nepali politics, what are the chances of direct Indian military interference against Nepal's people's war? If it happens, what will be the future of the people's war?
Due to several internal and external political and military reasons, direct Indian military interference against the Nepali people's war is not as easy as the Indian reactionary rulers make it out to be. But given the fast pace of the Nepali people's war and its influence in the Indian public's people's revolution, the chances of such interference by terrified Indian expansionists, with their foolish bullying attitude, is quite possible. Considering Nepal's geopolitical structure and its special location, the historical patriotism and integrity of Nepalis and the great people's war in the 21st century, such foolish acts on the part of the Indian rulers will help spread the people's revolution all over South Asia. It will trigger a wave of revolution in India itself, and Indian rulers will be preparing their own deathbed. As far as the people's war is concerned, such a war will transform itself into a national liberation war like in Vietnam and will receive the support of people in the region and the world. Since there is a possibility of such a foolish act by the Indian expansionist rulers and because of the submissive character of the old feudal regime in Nepal, our party is already working on a concrete plan to convert the entire country into a patriotic war front. We have also been appealing to the general people to be prepared for such a war. We believe that if India makes such a move, it will be crushed by the people's war and thus not only Nepalis, but also the Indian people will be freed from reactionary exploitation and suppression.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)