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"Never again", Ghatana ra Bichar

Babita Basnet: Have you renounced public life for the sake of your private life?
Prakash Dahal: Not really. I don't think any person can be successful if he is not happy privately. And to say that a leader or a public figure doesn't have a family life is totally wrong. The only difference is that they have more responsibility towards the country and society. It's not that I have given up my public life. It's just that I think people should learn from their mistakes rather than running away and I'm on the path of reform currently.

Although you were married, you had close relations with Bina Magar. How did that come about?
Some friends, who still have to pay the Rs 400,000 climbing fee, were making angry statements against the party while we were at Everest. Apparently, they had made plans to attack me because they thought I got special treatment at the base camp because I was 'Prachanda's son', while their status as central committee members and commanders of the YCL did not do them any good. And some friends gave completely inaccurate statements to the media. As a result, my wife Srijana left me. Bina also experienced something similar. These events bought us together.

Where are you right now and what have you been doing?
I am in India, and I spend time studying and reading up on current affairs. I have internet connection in my room, and this has made it easier for me to access news and interact on social networks. That is how I spend my days.

What about future plans?
I can never go away from politics.

You grew up with politics, so how does this sudden separation feel?
I may be away from politics these days, but politics is on my mind 24 hours a day. I even worked for a while and collected valuable experience. I read a lot of books on politics, so I haven't cut myself off.

When will you return to Nepal?
There is a time for everything, and currently I am busy gaining knowledge about great many things. I might come soon, who knows.

Who do you love the most? And who do you respect the most?
I love my party and its chairman the most since I am a member of the party. And I love my parents because I am their son. The chairman of our party Comrade Prachanda is someone I respect the most.

Are you in contact with your family?
I am in touch with my mother. No matter how many mistakes you make, a mother will always forgive you.

The only son leaves the family, the father's party splits, and he gets slapped in public. What has happened to the Prachanda family?
My father tried a lot to save the party from breaking apart. I feel very sad when I read the false accusations made against my father by those who left the party. Even though it may seem like I have left the party, I will give up my life for Comrade Prachanda any day. And I was very upset when I found out that he was assaulted in public. I wanted to break down and cry. Having been together during the war, I am sad that I have not been able to be by his side and fight against these conspirators.

You must be proud to be Prachanda's son, but surely you must have your share of misery for carrying the family name.
I feel more pride than anything else. There are some forces, deeply rooted throughout the course of history, that are intent on derailing the country's progress, and have nothing better to do than defame our chairman.

What do you have to say to people who keep a keen interest in you?
I feel that I have let a lot of people down with my past behaviour. I couldn't support the chairman when he needed me the most, and that pains me. I have learnt my lessons, and I promise to you all that I will never repeat my mistakes.

1. manohar budhathoki
Prakash Dahal,  you say you will give your  life easily for your party chairman and the Maoist cause.  Such talk comes easily to you Maoists. You sacrifice your life and as easily take someone else's life. Killing and getting people killed  comes naturally to you guys.
Your party and family have brought untold misery on Nepal and Nepalese. We all know the worst is yet to come, when your dad will capture state power in Nepal and rule forever. Yours is not a party but a gang, It is not Maoism, it is mafio-sm in real life. There may be many people that will fight with you, because they are in your gang. I hope you realise how much tens of millions of Nepalese hate you and wish Maoism had never come to Nepal. 

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)