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CPN-M versus India, BBC Nepali Service

What is your party's motive behind banning the entry of vehicles with Indian number plates and Bollywood films?

We feel that some of the demands of Nepalis can be easily met by Nepali goods so it is not necessary to import these.

But your shirt is not made in Nepal. Why aren't you wearing clothes produced domestically?
Because there aren't enough clothes produced in Nepal and when there is a shortage of supply we must bring goods from outside. For example, the local market cannot meet the demand for medicines, so we must import them.

How come these demands are resurfacing only after your party split with the establishment? Why were you silent all these years?
We had tried time and again to raise these issues, but the party wouldn't listen to us. Some of our leaders have forgotten communist ideology and sold out. So after we split, these things came naturally to us because they are related to national sovereignty.

What happened to national sovereignty when you spent eight out of ten years of the armed conflict in India?
Yes, we can't deny that we used Indian territory during the conflict, but out of the four million Nepalis in India, half of them supported us.

What will happen to those four million Nepalis if the Indian government decides to return the favour and ban Nepalis or Nepali vehicles from entering their terrain?
First of all the move has to be justified.

Do you think Nepal's sovereignty and nationality will be saved by taking India on?
We are only claiming our rights and not looking for a fight. They must not think of it as their loss. India is a friend, as is China and we must look to build our economy with the support of these countries. But even then, Nepal has certain interests and those must not be misinterpreted as an affront.

How long will this 'nationalism' campaign go on?
Let's see. We will make sure that our actions don't negatively affect the lives of ordinary Nepalis. There have been false reports that we stopped the supply of LPG and medicines. But these claims are baseless.

But hall owners and distributors are suffering huge losses due to the ban and many Nepalis don't support the move either. What do you have to say?
You are right, but many people have invested a lot in Nepali films and the industry must be nurtured and developed. But as is the case with vehicles, there are some capitalists here who are acting as agents of India capitalists and we are against them.

But why blame Indian vehicles for the current political crisis. Aren't we in this situation because political stalwarts like you failed to steer the country to prosperity?
There is no doubt that politicians ruined the country, because politics decides all. Also in addition to the ban on Indian cars and films, we have 28 other demands related to national sovereignty that we will look to enforce. After having fought the people's war, I think we have the right to address these demands. Baburam Bhattarai said his government will take strong actions against us for the vehicle clamp down, but he has done nothing so far and won't be able to do anything because we are functioning within our rights.

After 50 years in politics, don't you think all your efforts have gone to waste?
No, I don't agree because in politics you have to take a stand. Maybe we made some mistakes, and have not achieved all that we set out to do, but I'm sure we've done some things right.

1. Pravasi Nepali

This is nothing but a publicity stunt by Maoists which can hurt the interests of expats working in India as well as Nepalis inside Nepal. Where r they gonna get petroleum if India decides to interrupt the supplies? I am sorry China is busy looking after its hushed up internal problems and the island problem.

Nepalis love Hindi movies n English Movies. It's the not the fault of Aam juntaa that Nepalis movies (except a few like Loot,caravan,Prem Pinda,Chino) are cr@p and doesnt deserve a single penny. Now they want to ban Hindi channels too. Maybe, it's time that the Grihinis come out of their homes with their daaduu,paneuu,hasiya,kodalo and teach this mass murderers a fitting lesson.


It also seems that Vaidya and his girfriend bhussaaal have started a "pirate dvd business " @ Nepal. Share bechnu chha bhane malai pahile bhann hai?

These people r commies just for namesake. They want easy money n power. They r freeloaders.


2. Pravasi Nepali

Kasto sathiyaeko budho rahechha? He is claiming 50pc of the expat Nepalis in India supported him re. yo Maoist problem le garda people were forced to run away to India for job opportunities,safety as his goons were busy abducting,looting and usurping dhann n jann for his so called people war. 13000 people died bcoz of their lust for power.


Ma pani India ma chhu.....the people i know who r from nepal....never did support Maoists...Rather they curse them as they did lose either loved ones or property bcoz of their war.

3. who cares
"Because there aren't enough clothes produced in Nepal ..................."

- there aren't enough.... where did he get that info?. ....   over smart elements keep on falling into gutter again and agian. 

by the way, how is his daughter-in-law doing? has her father able to send enough dowry to protect her life and dignity from this killer.  

4. Dr. Aslam Pasha, Nepalgunj
Now the time has come to stop exporting petro products and cooking gas to Nepal. I am working here in Nepal for the last Seven years and I believe that 90 % Nepalese are very selfish they want essential commodities from India  such as medicines and petroproducts but they never allow indian products in the shops here . The shop keepers complain that if they keep Indian products in their shops then  very frequently groups of maowadi groups come and vandalise their shops. These nepalese want every favour from India but dont  want to receprocate favourably. As I  see here in Nepal these anti Indian feeling is not political but from general population which is out of their jelous attitute towards india and I think the time has come when we should reciprocate in the same way and prohibit entry of nepalese people and prohibit employment of four million  nepalese people in India. Actually we  lose a lot in supporting Nepalis, they are thankless people .

5. shylock
#4. Dr. Aslam Pasha, Nepalgunj
Bingo! man you are right on target! You should do it and let everyone know how dependent we are on India and the necessity of having a favourable realtionship with India. But do it with a little tact so that India's already tarnished image does not suffer any further!

* A practical word of advice: It's just like Kindergarten School. Make sure you are friends with the Big Bully! If you wanna act tough, you better have your big brother next to you 24/7.

6. Sharma`
I have many Nepali friends and this guy sounds like an opportunitst. India must continue to help Nepal.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)