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"Please spare us the trouble", BBC Nepali Service

BBC: How do you assess the present political situation?
Gagan Thapa:
The constitution was not drafted because of the rigid positions taken by a few men at the top. Now we are trying to get the same people to agree on the same issues, but none of them are willing to negotiate. I am not sure how this is going to work.

What do you propose then?
People who are not willing to negotiate with open minds must give way to those who are capable. I am not blaming the leaders entirely, because as a member of the CA, all of us are collectively responsible. But they were unable to forge consensus for the last four years, so I think it's time they passed on the responsibility to those who are more competent.

But is it practical to expect the top brass to hand over the baton to others within the party?
People might think I am being impractical but refusing to look for alternatives because it's not something we are used to won't help either. Besides, how sensible is it to expect the same stubborn leaders to find consensus without relenting their positions?

Are you saying the older generation should give way to young leaders?
My views might not be representative of all youngsters, but I will tell you with great certainty that if our old leaders decide to retire tomorrow, even their children won't lament their departure from Nepali politics.

Your recommendation seems highly unlikely. What are your other suggestions?
There is no historical precedence here, we are on our own. The parties have put forward three options: first, reinstating the CA through consensus, second, re-electing the CA and, third, electing the parliament which will then endorse the new constitution. But none of these alternatives can make the leaders change their inflexible attitudes. So how is that going to produce any result?

But have you and others tried to talk to the decision-makers in your party?
Yes we have. I am speaking in the media in order to reach out to the leaders. I urge the top brass of my party, Sushil Koirala and Ram Chandra Paudel, along with other leaders like Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Baburam Bhattarai, Jhala Nath Khanal, Madhav Kumar Nepal, Bijay Gachhadar and Mahanta Thakur to spare this nation further trouble. Since they have been unable to pull this country out of stalemate, they need to trust other capable members in their parties.

1. Raghu

Mr Thapa,

Don't expect the old leaders to hand over the party leadership on a plate to you. You make all the right noises but have no guts to challenge those grandfathers for leadership. Don't beg them to retire but force them out. Remember No Guts, No Glory.


2. Nirmal
Aren't you called the future leader of Nepal, Mr Gagan Thapa? Then wait the future man! Future means future --the time that is still to come--, it can last one year, two year or 40 years. In your case the future means unless your age resembles to your uncles' and dai's age  from your party you will have to wait the future. However, the guts you don't have to overthrow the old boys, all you've is the holy time of the world to serve the public your bhasanbaaji, trying to make the future as short as possible.

3. shaket
It seems that Mr. Thapa wants older generation to hand over the responsibility to him. However, you need to create opportunity. Country is in deadlock and would advice him to take constructive step.  People have already lost faith in you. Election should happen and those 601 leaders should be boycotted as they failed completely. 

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)