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The revenge of the radicals


Now it's Chairman Dahal and Chairman Baidya

The split that had Mohan Baidya jumping off the UCPN-Maoist wagon and opening the rival CPN, Maoist was not just a move from a dash to a comma. Most significantly, it has weakened the rump party and constricted the ability of Pushpa Kamal Dahal to run roughshod over the polity as he has since 2006.

Till the last, many thought talk of a split was one more ploy by the wily Dahal to get his way with the peace process and constitution-drafting. Certainly, the cause of the breakup was less ideology and more the centralisation of brute power, state power and wealth in the hands of the UCPN-Maoist chairman.

The Baidya faction, today the Baidya party, suffered as the UCPN-Maoist 'establishment' took plum posts and Dahal became personally powerful and prosperous on account of years of extortion and loot of the exchequer, economy and ex-combatants.

In autumn 2005, while Baidya stewed in an Indian gaol, Dahal decided to abandon his underground royalist line and make common cause with Baburam Bhattarai's India tilt. Baidya was left fuming at the betrayal of his line of 'revolution', and as the party came above ground he pushed for reinstatement of the radical agenda through the Kami Danda, Kharipati and Palungtar conclaves. He seemed not to understand that what Bhattarai and Dahal sought now was not revolution, but capture of state power by whichever means.

Dahal was willing to use Baidya line as long as it served his career track, and he would have enjoyed building a
one-party state if that became a possibility. For this, he made the people suffer what in retrospect was a six-year charade of election, peace-process and constitution-writing. Dahal also sought to avoid a split in the party because of the ability of the splinter group to expose his cross-border shenanigans, wartime blunders and the stashing of plunder.

While underground, the party had the ability to limit factionalism through selective violence, 'self-criticism' and non-transparency. The dynamics changed with the emergence into above-ground politics, with journalists at the gate, which could not but widen the rift between the former mentor (Baidya) and pupil (Dahal).

The split would have been less disastrous for Dahal had he stayed true to the spirit of the 12-point agreement of November 2005 by formally abandoning political violence and democratising the Maoist party. Instead, he balked on his promises, intimidated the populace during the 2008 elections, bamboozled the gullible leadership of UNMIN, worked assiduously to weaken every institution of the state, and sought to buy back the prime ministership in 2010 with a Rs 500 million injection.

When he became the elected prime minister in April 2008, Dahal's position was unassailable as the uncontested leader of the Maoist party, the toast of overseas internationals and the New Delhi intelligentsia. With such backing, he could have led the Maoists into a democratic makeover and forced Baidya and his cohort of radicals to join up or depart. He would have emerged a statesman and won the right to long-term stewardship of the country over successive elections.

But Dahal lacked personal guts and democratic vision. Unwilling to ensure a democratic future for his party, he sought instead to be its chairman-for-life. Whether it was due to insecurity or megalomania, he tried to use the Constituent Assembly for his personal project of being crowned directly-elected president.

Dahal sought once more to cultivate New Delhi after getting over his 2008-2010 bout of severe anti-Indianitis. His most significant peace prasad to New Delhi was the anointment of Baburam Bhattarai as prime minister in August 2011, only to watch aghast as the latter sought furiously to entrench himself using every means including the machinery of state.

Meanwhile, the blood-letting continued within the party as the politically motivated cadre and committed ex-fighters gravitated towards Baidya. Many late-comer opportunists and conflict era perpetrators (think 'Bal Krishna Dhungel') sought shade under the Dahal-Bhattarai tent.

When the Maoists came above ground in 2006, there was general belief that the party should remain united, in the hope that the leadership would ready the rank-and-file for peace and democracy. Six wasted years later, one would be forgiven for being indifferent to the breakup that has occurred.

Chairman Dahal and Vice Chairman Bhattarai of the UCPN-M and Chairman Baidya of the CPN, M are the threesome who crafted and implemented the 'people's war' against parliamentary democracy in 1996. They led the country down the continuous path of political instability and economic decline. The first two are in the process of opportunistic accommodation, while Baidya now plans to re-ignite revolt and revolution ("if required").

Chairman Baidya should be informed that ten years of war and six years of deception have led to the further impoverishment of Nepal's already poor. He carries at least a third of the blame.

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1. Ashok Pandey
For a lay person like me, its difficult to fathom why Dahal cannot be arrested for being a traitor and sent to rot in a prison. Where is the rule of law. Remember Charles Taylor any one, just look at hin now.  If everyone in Kathmandu knows that this man has stolen billions of ruppes that belongs to the people, why does no one have any guts to hold him accountable. Is Dahal a God that no one can touch, but everyone has to worship. Is he not just a man like any other man, made of flesh and bones. The Communist have destroyed Nepal and now the Communist must destroyed. As long as there are Communists in Nepal, Nepal cannot and will not prosper. So are we all doomed as Nepalis. Thats what the picture looks like. Gyanendra was a million times better that this filthy and rotten Dahal. At least, the Shah Kings were respected by the people. Maybe, Monarchy will make a come back. I for one would quite OK with that.      

2. Sanjay Thapa
Long Live the King and Long Live Nepal !  

3. who cares
if baide baje wants to succeed, first job for him would be eliminating all the propagandists of agent bhatterai and agent puspa hiding under the coat of so called journalist/civil society member,

jana karbahi.

since, baidya gang has not guts to lead and got no self respect so they may get back. 

4. I deeply Care
"He carries at least a third of the blame."

I am terribly sorry Mr Dixit but I have to say that you are being terribly dishonest. Throughout these times it was you and your ilk in your garb of democratic and civil society leaders who deserve all the blame, all of it.

It is simply outrageous how the face of the debate has changed and the history of this farcical period of the past six years and the decade before is being rewritten

Regardless of what your political ideology, the whole era is based on illegal, unconstitutional and arbitrary wishes and fancies of political leaders and their civil society lapd**s.

The whole issue has been hijacked by frauds such as yourself and now it is impossible to narrate the angst that every single Nepali feels. People have lost track of what is right and what is wrong and whose side is who on and what exactly, in the name of all that is good, do these crooks and criminals want?

People in this country have suspended their life, they get by because they have no choice while the conspirators enjoy their conspiracies, and murderers and looters pillage.

In the name of all that you believe in STOP this madness, stop lecturing, and WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE, NOTHING IS MORE IRRITATING THAN A MAN PRETENDING TO BE GOOD AND ALL KNOWING.

5. Nirmal
It'd be wise not to waste time on any analysis related to nepali political parties any more including the former terrorist group -the maoists and breakwawy faction-- which has yet to renounce the violence and If it will bear any impact on national politics, simply because now in front of the larger section of population they have converted into the most grave problem for the society and not a solution for the country and because people like me and many more have lost apetite to do so or read any such stuff. However, it'd be worthy to know If people like Kanak Mani Dixit and so called civil society or political leaders --who still consider themselves democrats be it from the right or left spectrum-- could be considered effective in order to dismantle the violent and corrupt structure of these parties so that the nepali people could aspire to a society free of violence and corruption that comply with the the rule of law.

6. Sushila Singh
Dixit is equally to blame as a Civil Society Leader, an elite Bahun, a journalist with access to the top corridors of powers, but a powerless and spineless spectator. Its funny how everyone changes their spots like a leapord in Kathmandu, mind you not Nepal, but Kathmandu.  At least Vaidya is ok being a terrorist. If you dare to tell the truth or dare to publish the truth, report that  Nepali leaders are hated, take the side of the public. A SC justice was murdered, has any one been arrested.  The political elite comprises of hard core criminals, and they protect each other. The business elite is nothig but a group of gansters worse than the Mafia. The police force is filled with criminlas and cronies of the political leaders. If the rule of is to be applied equally to all citizens, then arrest the leaders that have looted Nepal for 20 years.  Its time a regime change in Nepal. It makes sick to my stomach and makes me vomit to read any more about a Deuba or Dahal or Ehmalley or Madhises, they all deserve to be wiped out from the face of this earth.     

7. Haribabu
This analysis is a day late and a rupee short. Useless at this point in time. The Maoists have captured the state. Babu Ram will be PM for the next several years. He will drag the whole country down. Either we all become the Maoists or we fight them. When we can't fight them and we realize that we are captive to their interests, we leave the country to settle in Norway, the country that has given us so much headache. 

8. Sushil Jung Thapa
Baburam with Indian backing is the new King of Nepal. He is running the country like an absolute Monarch and all the rest of the leaders are just watching, mere spectators, unable to challange 1 single man. Dahal is losing his power base and charisma by the minute. Nepalis are known for divisions and not unity. There cannot be a Unity Gov. due to clash of egos and individual pride of Netas. The only way to resolve this issue is to fight fire with fire, eye for eye, a sword for a sword. The only force in Nepal that can bring stabilty and restore the lost glory is the Nepali Army. Its time to declare a Martial Law and punish the leaders that have vioalted the trust of Nepali people. It's better to live in peace and prosperity under a Military Rule than chaos and daily suffering under a gang of crimininals posing as leaders of political parties.   

9. ajay subba
every other leaders are the same..not only the maoist leaders..the only solution is we need a true revolutionist like CHE'O VERA..and mass education to the general public...

10. Shiva Lal
People have recognized the intention of Maoist and Prachanda. There was a little confusion of DR.Baburam. Now it is clera. Who is back force for his success. His pseudo nationalism artificiality and pompousness   is exposed now.

11. Dev Batsya

The problem with the moderates in Nepal is that they have not been able to explain to the people what they stand for other than getting to power .Their never-ending cry for consensus at any cost to be in the government seems to be symptomatic of their lack of any firm ideological beliefs.The radicals even though misguided at least believe in  something.

So we see politicians like Dahal,Bhattarai,many leaders of UML,NC despite different slogans are all ready to sell themselves and the country if the price is right.

The Madhesi Morcha leaders have long stopped even pretending that have any ideology.

Since 2006 after the jana andolan,the politicians seem to have become even more corrupt.

Based on the data released by Swiss National Bank,there was a transfer of more than 9 billion US dollars out of Nepal and deposited in Swiss banks from 1990 to 2011, and there was a steep 3 to 4 fold rise in the  amount transferred after 2006.

The people are far more attuned to what is going on in the country today,and will not settle for a government that is not transparent and accountable to the people.

What the people want to see is economic growth and improvement in their living standards,and not empty slogans either from the radicals or visionless moderates.

12. vija

''The Revenge ......... '' isn't it cultivated in the society for generations?When the  people have been stopped from expressing their views for centuries,when the people have learnt only the silent respect,...not for the deeds they did or not.This has been and is the bottom line of all the party politicians ,taking advantage or revange.This particular moment among maoist cadres is nothing new.I would be more concerned ,why it is done at this stage in Nepali politics.All major parties,maoist,NC,UML ,Madhesi have come together and are trying to move forward with understanding that concensus is needed.Maoist chairman Dahal talks at this stage about resurrection of the CA.Why now?Didn't he know that it would be  unconstitutional move ?Didn't Bhattarai know about it?Time was they needed.Now the split.That is a needed action too.Finance Minster Pun needs Dahal's approval to go ahead with the budget.Isn't it telling everyone,where is the wind blowing from and why exactly through Dahal not Bhattarai .Where is the money coming from?Through Dahal and hopefully from G20 pockets,but this calculation of Bhattarai government is  wrong too.When the whole world is coming down to bankcrupcy,these countries and BRICS have least interest in how Nepali people are doing.The only people one can rely on are Nepalis themselves. 

Why everyone and specially maoist themselves did not react.Dahal is tired of acting for public,so his only meeting was called to make it as he needed to show to the rest of the world,yes,we split as a party and what a shallow reason is given,revenge,jeloussy.I believe,Baidhya is the card everyone will want to play in November and even at Presidential elections.Parties insisting Bhattarai to step down is useless too,it is the repetition  and continuation of going in circles.The parties need to pick up from where they left,which is ,continuing talks on governance system and Federalism.I think it is pretty clear now,that federalism based on ethnicity is not acceptable to the citizens of Nepal  as is pretty clear,we will go for Presidential elections and I do not see these two reasons as a problem anymore.

The President.

How do we bring out him and is there any other better option of the one everyone keeps in mind, but doesn't talk about.Let's keep Bhattarai government and let them solve this mess,as it was they,who put the fullstop ,but without budget to use,government money to waste,no one of them will do anything and now nod of the head for Dahal is needed.The Constitution writing can be continued as there was no and is not a reason to not do.Money for Presidential elections needs to be saved and road to Presidential elections by the Spring hopefully will be cleared, unless Revenge or better opportunities doesn't change the course of politicians actions.


13. Peter Thomson
The Buddhist train of thought is:

If you live in your past then this is where you are stuck.

Too many people in Nepal are living in their past - the proposal of tribal federal cantons is clear evidence of this.

Have a look at the social democrat SNP in Scotland and ask yourself why not?  Nepal has tried an absolute monarchy, changed to a right wing Monarchial Government of the elite (BNP), then a 'supposed' left wing government of the Maoists (more interested in fighting themselves), all parties of Nepal's past.

Is it not time for the real people of Nepal to create a party that actually reflects the needs of Nepal as a unified country?

To address the energy crisis
To bring more of their people out of abject poverty
To create a country where business wants to invest
To build the infrastructure the big cities and towns of Nepal actually need - starting with water and sewerage.
To give Nepalis a future rather than just another retread of the past.

I have worked in Nepal on and off for eight years and know the people are far better, more generous and unified than the politicians currently claiming to represent them.

14. Niran

They are sanguivores !!! Blood of more than fourteen thousands people was not enough? I am wondering how much blood do they want to suck? These people don't have guts to do anything else to make their life. For them politics is the only way to make their living.They enticed poor people with their false hopes and dreams. Theirphilosophieswere not for social transformation and development but for their own hope to be fulfilled. I think Pushpa Kamal has been able to make some of his hope and so is Baburam. But, poor Baidhya is giving again another hope to people for his own hope to be fulfilled. Our leaders all of you are so clever. You are always making us fool. But, there is someone else who is making all of you fool. For general people you are our master. But, you too are pipettes of some big master.

Current, situation is not the idea of politicians form our country. All the parties are just puppets,there are big masters. Everyresourcerich poor country has similar problems. Just see the African Nations. This is the resource curse situation. We have huge fresh water resources this is the one which is causing us curse. Diamonds has spilled so much blood in Arica and water is going to spill blood in Nepal. All this political instability is for nothing just to use our huge resources.

Maoist has tried to establish so many wrong issues in Nepal.I am not sure these issues was their own idea or narrated by their masters. They want to create social instability in the country so, and let their masters enjoy our resources. They are the dogs they will not get meat but only thrown bones.

Nepal is occupied by majority of Hindu people and even for an atheist "Nepal the only one Hindu' country is a kind of pride. Who gave them right to declare Nepal a secular state. There was more religious harmony when Nepal was a Hindu Kingdom. MAJORITY OF NEPALI WANTS NEPAL TO BE DECLAREDTHE ONLY ONE HINDU STATE IN THE WORD.BEING HINDU IS OUR PRIDE.

We don't want federal state. We want efficient decentralized administrative system. We don't want so called "Swayta Rajya", we just want united strong nation. We want social harmony, people nation, nation of BUDDHA and Nation of Hindu.

15. Jhonny G
While browsing through the wealth of commentaries, my attention was particularly drawn by one comment whose author held journalists mostly responsible for all the wrongdoings that's plaguing our country especially since post-Janaandolan II. 

Though the commentator spent great number of articulately drawn blames on the civil society leaders and journalist for perplexing the mass with bias entrenched news. He, however feels that he is only among the few of Nepalese who can their own set of opinions and those who can distinguish right from wrong and true from lies. More importantly, the commenter pathetically fails to point where exactly the journalists and civil society failed people's aspiration for a serene and prosperous Nepal.

16. Raghu
Come on youth of Nepal. Its time to come out and demand your rights. These oldies will do nothing for our country and our future. Its time we took matters into our own hands to carve our destiny.

17. Milerepa
'WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE, NOTHING IS MORE IRRITATING THAN A MAN PRETENDING TO BE GOOD AND ALL KNOWING' - well said Who Cares and this is all true when it comes to Mr. Dixit.  I am not fan of Prachanda but Dixit's puke of bitterness against Prachanda seems nothing more than settling a personal vendetta.

18. two cents

# Johnny G

They have failed because:

 The interactions they -journalists(not all of them)+civil society+political leaders- hold with the laymen or women have not produced any combined effect greater to bring about  a positive change, their respective stances seem to flow at different directions without they being converged. They have lost the mental actions or process of gaining knowledge for the general welfare of the society through thought, experience and the senses. Just check out the contents they follow, many of them are either pro-maoists or pro kangressi or UML or janjati and needless to say if they are well justified. Thus giving place to a total disconnection between their world of ideas and the decisions made. They have not made up any diverse format, quite a mishmash stuff, in the disguise of altruism they even forget the basic laws of the land to be mentioned while doing so! For not to mention the pathetic absence of political parties while creating the production sites of ideas, all they have are big portraits of their Godfathers who once had "some ideas or vision" during specific period of the history. Following the tendency of running on the way the wind blows. Without taking into account If one needs to follow some important precautions before doing so. Without having to propose some concrete actions through the precise definition of programs. Without fixing objectives that would allow us to be identified as a country where the elements like national education, innovation, competitiveness, treatment of natural resources and human made wastages, instruments of territorial cohesion, tolerance, culture of peace and being an open society become nepali way of behaving. 

I don't say that they don't try, they try but it seems futile. Whenever you need to put your opinion strongly with arguments, one tends to be morally and ideo-logically superior in terms of possession. This is somewhat natural in the field of exposing ideas and that without having to kill or threaten anyone with physical actions.

The revenge of the radicals OR SHOUD WE SAY revenge of POWER Cravers???

20. China bajya
A very fitting comment, the more you look at the "SMIRK" the more it sounds true, and more "IRRITATING". 

21. Suman Karki
I am happy the Maoist have split. The revolution has failed ! Its so sad that 16 K people died for Nothing. Zero. Nada ! BRB with Indian support and advice is new Nepali Dictator. He will cling to the Chair and India will help. More and more Nepalis are fated to die in the coming days. Its really the leaders that should be killed. The tussel between the Royalist, NC, UML and Maoist will definitely result in bloodshed. Its too bad that its always the innocent people that pay the heavy price. Ke  Garne !      

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)