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Politicians have been shedding crocodile tears, many figuratively some literally, over the demise of the Constituent Assembly. But it was they who kept the most representative elected legislature in our history as a mere rubber stamp body. And when it had outlived its usefulness to them, they abandoned it on Sunday to die quietly in the night.

The most telling, and tragic part is that many are secretly relieved that the CA was dissolved and new elections announced. The happiest were the people of far-western Nepal and the eastern Tarai who had been enduring crippling shutdowns for over a month because of identity politics. Others felt that no constitution at all was better than a fatally-flawed one. Elsewhere, the denouement at least doused the flames of inter-ethnic tensions that were spreading alarmingly on the streets.

But that reprieve came at a high cost: more than Rs 10 billion over four years, lack of focus on development and the economy, long-term damage to societal harmony and well-being from identity-laced politics. Also wasted was the progress made in the CA committees over the last four years. The next time we sit down to write a constitution, we will have to start from scratch.

The past week has also been characterised by the usual blame game. Let's face it, all sides were guilty of playing politics with the constitution and the peace process, and squandering the opportunity to chart out a just and fair constitution.

They confused the country's long-term interest with the ambitions of egotistical party leaders. They confused genuine devolution of power away from Kathmandu with a disastrously unworkable ethnic division. They engaged in ruthless brinkmanship right until the end, just so they could have the upper hand in elections in six months' time. Anyone who questioned this was immediately labelled 'status quoist Brahmin-Chhetri elite clique out to protect privilege and power'.

If Prime Minister's Bhattarai's speech on Sunday night was anything to go by, the next six months will be a struggle between those who want to strengthen democracy and those who have repeatedly and publicly stated that their end goal is to capture total state power. It will be between those who want to protect national unity and co-existence, and those who do not.

Nepalis are basically decent and peace-loving, with a high threshold for tolerance and pain. They know their rights, but expect little from the politicians. They are realistic and don't believe promises of a utopian New Nepal.

The priority now is to get this country back on its feet. The NC and UML must let go of their obstructionist objections and join a government of national unity ahead of elections. It is all uncharted territory from here on, and it may make sense to let things settle down a bit by holding parliamentary elections in November, and putting off a constitutional debate until there is more stability.

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1. Raghu

On your weekly poll "Who is to blame for the failure to declare statute on May 27 ? " you should have an option of  " All of the above" .

All the parties and 601 CA members are to be blamed for the current situation

2. who cares
next election's polarization:

NEPALESE Vs "cartel of foreign agents" 

what is with the moderator, does he have menstrual period of 3 month?

3. Raghav Pandey
Every one is to be blamed. All of Nepal and Nepalis. Do not single out just the corrutepted and lying politicnas. The 601 members of CA did nothing for 4 years. Above all, the people did not to anything either. The people just accepted the lies of the politicans. The people did not use their power. Then the so called civil society also failed to protect the rights of the people. The Army failed. The foreign diplomats in Kathmandu failed. Especially the Indians in Lainchaur. So, the question now is what will we do next. Will we let the Maoist like Bhattraia and Dahal keep lying to us and swindle us. Or will have the guts to fix what is broken.  One thing is straight, the Maoist are traitors of Nepal, they are violent and they kill innocent people and as long as they are around Nepal will never change or prosper.  You can bet your life on that.     

4. nepali baun
They confused the country's long-term interest with the ambitions of egotistical party leaders. They confused genuine devolution of power away from Kathmandu with a disastrously unworkable ethnic division.

Right to the point could not have said better.

Sabai nepali ko jaya hos, sabai jat jati ko jaya hos.

tara jatiya rajya nahos.

5. Bikas Gurung
The Nepali Janata must stand together with each other. Nepalis are known throughout the world to kind hearted and peace loving people. We must keep this heritage alive at ANY COST ! The Netas or leaders must be punished. They have only made personal gains since the 1990 and we all have suffered. This downward spiral Nepali must come to an end. We must destroy the current political parties and the bosses. We know who these people are -  Maakuney or Jhala Nath or Oli or Bamdev or Rawal or Deuba or Koirala or Pushpa Dahal or Baburam Bhattari, they are a handful of people that we need to deal with in a strong, stern and very harsh manners. These are the culprits for all Nepali's probles today. They must pay for the crimes against the people of Nepal. They cannot get away. As the saying goes, you may run but you cannot hide, especially today with GPS tracking from cell phone to sattelite. If we put these people in JAIL, Nepal will be on the road to prosperity from tomorrow it self. Its time to act. You cannot fool all the people all the time.        

6. Vija
There is only one person who knows what he is doing!My adivise to this person,don't miscalculate,you  need to be able to come forward and prove the nation what you really are capable of doing for the country and it's people, if you want people to accept you back into the real life.Show your guts with deeds.People are waiting only for that,all these unnecessary problems will disappear.

7. Surendra Hamal

How about DEATH of Communism.  The timing is perfect.  Communist Netas have killed and plundered. Now they must pay back.  Arrest all the communist leaders and put them in jail. The Nepali Army needs to take the mantle of leadership. Only an Army Rule ca save Nepal.  As as poor Nepalis are concerned, DEMOCRACY SUCKS. If Democracy means leaders and paty bosses getting rich ( Dahal is an example here), the hell with democracy. To the uneducated Nepali mass janata, Democracy is just a word, it does not give them food, jobs or shelter. If we want to save lives, no more murder or bombs, then only option is let the Army rule. So no election, save the money and give it to the poor, no more Netas, they should rot in jail.    

8. Kishor Karki
DO NOT TRUST BHATTRAI OR DAHAL. Time and time again, they have lied to Nepali people and even to their own Maoist Party and leaders. Bhattarai has given Gyanendra Shah a Golden opportunity to make a comeback. The Shah Kings have a proven history of come backs. In order to honor the 16K people killed, arrest Bhattarai and Dahal and throw them in the dungeon. Gyanendra must be plotting and planning. The Netas should be worried for the time to their judgement day is now here. The Netas must payback to people for the suffering. The time is also ripe and right for the killing of comunism in Nepal. Down with the Communist Party and Communist killers. Down with Dahal and down with Bhattarai. Long live Nepal and Long live Nepalis.

9. Moahn Acharya

Mubarak is sentenced to life in prison for his complicity in the killings of innocent Eygptian civillians. Bhattarai and Dahal deserve the same punishment for their complicity in the killings of Nepali civillians. The people of Nepal must reject the communist and the violence and the killings by the Maoist. Lets restore the lost glory of Nepal by wiping out the scrouge of communism for ever and ever. Let all the failed politicans be given a fair trial and let the people render the verdict. The people are and will always be supreme and the disgraced Netas should be sent where they belong. Most Nepalis hate their leaders now, for the leaders have let them down. Badly. What more evidence do we need to prosecute these vile leaders than disolving the CA and not giving us a Constitution. What more?  

10. Rekha Khatiwada
Find an alternative to the failed policies of the political parties of Nepal. We cannot go on living with a constant failure in our daily lives and existence. Stop believing the filthy lies that comes out of the leaders mouths. Their only mode of survival is to lie to the people. Even the villagers did not believe the boy who cried wolf 3 times, so why do we keep on believing, that is unacceptable. The leaders have been branded as liars, corrupt, incompetent, and above all untrustworthy. So, if we get rid of these leaders, we can solve all of our prombles. 

11. Thirtha Ghale
Its really great to see that N C has recognized Baburam as a dog. What a disgrace. Baburam deserves this honor of a dog. He may have human body but his mind is that of a dog. A violent man, responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. Its also a disgrace for Nepal that such man appointed as a P M. Both Pushpa and Baburam, agents of India, are the real enemies of Nepalis. Baburam and Pushpa have betrayed Nepal, the people of Nepal, the Maoist struggle and revolution, other Maoist leaders, for only their personal gain. If this is not a dogly behaviour, what is. The end will justify the means, for Dahal and Bhattrai the end is filled with hatred from the people, not a place or position of envy to be  in for any one. When you sell your soul to the Devil, this is the result you deserve.    

12. Kishor Mainali
The situation is actually quite good. There is hatred towards the Maoist. BabuRam Bhattarai is depicted as a dog. How degrading for anyone ! He deserves this portrayal for that is how he has cunducted himself. He has lied to everyone, so he can stay in the chair of the PM. He has even lied to Dahal, and Baidya and other Maoist. This man has no moral values or any shred of honesty or morality. Nepalis should unite as one force and finish off the Maoist for ever. This would be a great situation. Dahal cannot save the split even he resigns. So, maybe things are getting better and the situation is improving. If communism dies in Nepal, Nepalis will have very bright and prosperous future for coming generations.

13. Jitendra Thapa Magar

We see the dog as Baburam Bhattarai but where is the dog known as Pusha Kamal Dahal. Dahal is the wrost of the two dogs for he tried to divide Nepal into samll pieces so he could be President. Both of these two should be locked up like Mubark.

14. Sishir Gurung
Status of communist in Nepal. Jhala Nath got a slap in the face. Baburam is compared to a dog. Nepalis are waking up after 20 years of misrule and abuse by the Netas. Netas that live in a house of glass should not be throwing stones at the people of Nepal. What will the people do to Dahal, put a garland of shoes or blacken his face and tar him with feathers. Netas,  beware and be warned, people are sick and tired of your lies and empty promise. Netas, your shock and awe moments may be around the corner. The price of betrayal can be high for you all Netas of all Parties.     

15. Chiranjibi Nepal
All the Nepalese People are not able to alive with peace, harmony , honor and the prosperity in this country the main cause is the political of Nepal .The person who are positioned as a leader of the nepalese people in the different era of Nepalese history are not think about the people and country. They always against the people and the country like after the period of Prithivi Narayan shah and then the Rana's Period they always against the development of the country and the people. they are not able to thought of the country and the people. Then after this period Nepalese people are  positive towards the leadership of that period but they do nothing for them. and then panchayet- this is not the period of the people only  king and the leader. and then the period of multiparty democracy after the people's movement 2046 BS many people sacrifice their life but They did not get anything form the country. After the People movement II 2062/063  dramatic change in the nepali political system but nepali people get nothing . The reason is that There is no Political Leadership Like Qualities (PLLQ) in the nepalese political party now the country and the people are in the critical condition  so all the party should have to develop the Qualities among them which is for the nation and people not their own and the only the marginal people.

16. Nirmal
We've a situation here because  we people whom we call Nepali and Democrats at the same time have skip out on the rules of the game just to please the advocates of ethnic chauvinism and the Maoists terrorists. The best way to address the serious and persistent chauvinism of jaatiya sangathans and dream to capture state by the Maoists is to accept their own approach --go to the people-- and not with the help of vandalism, killings of fellow citizens or Nepal bandas but by allowing the whole Nation or the respective regions to vote on the issue after an intense debate done nationally. By calling the idea of referendum over the federalism based on ethnicity and Presidential system as a backlash to national unity/consensus and democracy therefore desperately refuse to accept it even as something possible is equivalent to accept the defeat in advance. Whosoever refuse to go for a popular vote over these issues is because they really rely on the maoists and the Janjati wallahs.
We are in an ideological mousetrap where the facts do not neccessarily coincide with the reasons, where the chauvinists and those who use terror have monopolised the very terminologies of freedom, democracy -loktantra--, government of the people by the people, the good examples of other countries and where we --being federalists without dominant ethnic component in the middle-- have been termed as anti-federalists, status-quoists, anti peace blah blah. This is not how it is seen in a good doctrine of democracy but what can we do! That is how we're forced to be seen in the public opinion created by neoliberals and neocommunists of Nepal. Moreover, by refusing to accept the referendum over the basis of federal states we are more likely to be influenced and harmed by the blackmailing tactic of ethnic organizations and the Maoists. But how long we are going to be driven by the demand which is just rhetoric, ingenuine and blackmailer?? How long?

Only a referendum over the form of federalism and governance would make us (Nepali and democrats at the same time) free to defend the national unity from unpleasant names that are being called and also we federalists will feel more supported who think that in a federal system the rules are set by all together and not by few organizations and political parties and that through blackmails and threatens of physical actions.

17. Binita Sharma
I do not know if any Nepali politician will read my comments. But here is what I am thinking.  Nepali political leaders of major parties, Khanal or Dahal whoever, what ever , male, female or it, you are all bucnh of sorry asses. Period. There is nothing about you to respect but there is plenty of disgust. You have wasted time, money and every resources for many years now. You could not write a Constitution in 4 years and disloved the C A. You people only fight with each other, clash of egos, and the people end up losing. Nepali leaders, you are criminals in nature and behaviour, wasting billions of ruppes that would have provided jobs and education. The Nepali people are too nice and too good to your useless leadership. First you disolved the CA, now you want to reinstate. Even little children in Kindagarten do not behave like this. Your time may be running out, someday you must answer to the people for all your failed policies. You are zeros and NOT heros. You are all cowards without any shame.        

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)