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'We should rise above ethnic and class sentiments', Himal Khabarpatrika

You are considered Pushpa Kamal Dahal's mentor. Who is leading the party, the mentor or the disciple?
Mohan Baidya:
Let's not get into the teacher-student relation. He is our party president. He has his own ideals while I have my own. The party's official line is decided through dialogue.

What is the party's official line now?
We are in favour of writing a pro-people constitution and concluding the peace process quickly. Although we know there is no alternative to revolution if the peace process and constitution drafting fails, we will not come out on the streets immediately.

Are you in favour of extending the CA term or a people's revolt?
I cannot inspire or postpone a revolt according to my will. But I am sure people won't accept the new constitution if it does not guarantee their rights.

You have said that the armed revolution is incomplete. Are you planning to re-launch it?
Revolutionary movements need to evaluate the situation and adapt to different circumstances. The same modus-operandi does not work time and again. We have also adjusted our goals keeping in mind the current situation.

The Maoists joined parliamentary forces when the insurgency failed. Why haven't they transformed into a democratic force yet?
We joined the parliamentary forces to oppose and fight against the monarchy. In my opinion, the joint movement was the right move, but the party should not have surrendered completely.

Does it mean the Maoists have been trampled by the parliamentary forces?
Not quite, but they have become dominant.

Do you think the ongoing debate on ethnic states has sprung out of people's awareness about their rights and country's geopolitical situation?
We raised the ethnic issue to address existing inequalities, not to divide the country. But there are pitfalls. We should rise above ethnic and class sentiments.

How do you assess the performance of this government?
This government has compromised the integration process and hurt the sentiments of our ex-combatants in the cantonments. Even the decision to legalise war-time land transactions was withdrawn under the pressure of the opposition. This has dampened the party's image in front of the public.

1. who cares
what is the meaning of retarded?

2. Harry Subba
"Punar musiko bhava."
You as  a rishi or mentor of Puspa Kamal dahal or Chhabi Lall
have to utter this mantra for the sake of your party or your ideology, if you are sincere.
Otherwise we have to say all this is a gam to fool the others including the oppositions as a tactical game or a natak ,a play.
why can't you utter  the mantra ?
You are a qualified kulin brahmin ,though self-alienated, (brahmin-hating)one,a Maycaulay,s children.
Is it because Prachanda is the keeper of all the Maoist wealth that hampers your separation or annulment deed,a question of alimony? Happy
  mariage and incompatibility does not go together.
Is is not a time to call the marriage off?


3. Harry
#1 who cares

Retarded = mongoloid or mongolism in older  English.

4. Gole
He is the one who says the ethnicity -based states must not be abandoned and is differing with his Chairman and Prime Minister( tactical?), at  the same time says one should rise above ethnic and class sentiments.
He is holier than the Pope in the party.
These Cardinals of the neo-religion called Communism are the Grey Eminence and are to be guarded well.

5. who cares
3 harry,

even your suggestion is unable to clear me. 

my understanding is : those with poor judgement, limited mental capacity, stubborn and also physical limitation. .. tell me if i am wrong. 

4 gole,

this is what happens with dumbs, who reach on top with the dragging by others. after success, position wise, they try this, they try that, they copy him, they steal hers until they meet their end. 

instead of their own judgement, they rely on noise created by crowd. 

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)