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Madhesi millionaires, Deshantar

The property declaration report submitted by ministers in the present cabinet reveals that although the national economy is in shambles and the poverty gap is widening, our leaders own stacks of gold and silver and land worth in millions. In a nation with per capita of less than USD 250, it is surprising how politicians have managed to accumulate that kind of wealth.

Although ministers claim family inheritance as the source of their wealth, it is not difficult to see the linkage between the humongous amount of wealth they possess and the corruption charges they face. The frontrunners are the Madhesi leaders who have always managed to remain close to the centres of power.

Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Planning Hridayesh Tripathi has declared gold and silver worth over Rs 15 million, not to mention vast property in Kathmandu and Nawalparasi, his share investments, and a fleet of luxury vehicles. Similarly Minister for Home Affairs and Deputy Prime Minister Vijay Kumar Gachhedar also owns gold and silver worth millions along with property in Morang and Sunsari. Minister for Health and Population Rajendra Mahato is not far behind when it comes to owning fixed and movable assets worth millions. Mahato also owns luxurious mansions in Kathmandu and Sarlahi. Among others Jayprakash Prasad Gupta, Nandan Kumar Dutt and Dan Bhahadur Kurmi own large amount of property, land and cash in the bank.

1. DG
Guchhi   is always rich ; what do you thik; a Nepali is our pride.
Raja Mahat, the Great Emperor how can he be poor?
 He should thank his mentor for giving the name; naming the baby.
Jay Prakas , is the scion of the  cofection -royal of Barmagiya, so how can he be behind?
 You missed the heart of Nautanwa- Parasi  , I mean the Duke of Noble House Of Bhairahawa, sri Sri Hridayesa Thre-pathi.

2. Nepali
All millionaires established in Nepali Politics by corruption but billionaire are in Pahade  (Basically Khasiyas). Both are crime Start from Rana Regime to date You will get the 1008 KUVER formed in this way and Nepali community worship them. Maoist are shame less political mass who don't take action even on top 10.

3. Bidrohi
Corrupt Politicians of Madhesi OR Pahade origins are real Enemy Of Nation
there is no law to drag to court as they have strong hold in Politics.Maoit are fake revolutionary force  !!!

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)