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The lords of impunity



Balkrishna Dhungel, an aspiring politico of Okhaldhunga, was angry about an inter-ethnic marriage in the family which involved Ujjan Kumar Shrestha. On 24 June 1998, he led a cohort that waylaid Ujjan on the trail to Ramechhap.
Dhungel shot Ujjan Kumar dead, and the body was dumped into the Likhu River, never to be found. Later, Ujjan's brother Ganesh Kumar Shrestha was murdered by a Maoist group for daring to approach the court on the murder. Ganesh's daughter, Rachana, who had innocently pointed out her father working on the family terrace, committed suicide out of guilt.

Dhungel went on to fight the CA elections in April 2006 and terrorised the voters to get elected. Convicted of murder by the district court and reconfirmed on appeal by the Supreme Court in January 2010, Dhungel moved about freely as member of the CA, mocking the justice system. Today, Jagat Das and Ram Kumari, the elderly parents of the two dead brothers, and their dauntless sister Sabitri, are fighting Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai for having recommended a presidential pardon for Dhungel.

It is a brutal irony that the allegedly upright prime minister of Nepal has surrounded himself with unreformed bandits and murderers. Balkrishna Dhungel is on the top of that list, enjoying the cover of impunity provided by the Maoist top brass. Bhattarai is also close to the murder- accused Prabhu Sah of Birgunj, recently forced out of the cabinet.

Bhattarai also enjoys the support of many other human rights violators of the conflict era, including, it is said, the un-apprehended killers of teacher Muktinath Adhikari of Lamjung. With his weak support within the party, Bhattarai obviously has had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to build his own support base.

Not that the philosophy of political violence is remote from Bhattarai's political ideology. It was his own 40-point document of February 1996 that took the Maoists underground in their armed struggle. On the visitor's book of a conflict era exhibition of photographs when it visited his home district of Gorkha, Bhattarai defended the murder and mayhem suggesting that they be understood 'in historical perspective'.

While the current prime minister may be willing to pull back on some of his party's destructive positions of the past, on the matter of murder of the citizenry by his cohort, he seems defiantly unrepentant. The accountability for the pardon recommendation is shared between Bhattarai and each and every member of his cabinet, including the Madhesi coalition partners who agreed in the four-point deal of government formation to roll back conflict era cases and give general amnesty to those convicted. There is no arguing with the Maoists, perhaps, but one must ask the Madhesi members of the cabinet: why have you accepted this attempt to derail society by destroying the very basis of rule of law, a decision of the Supreme Court on a non-political matter?

Indeed, the Maoists and the Madhesi Front seem to be at one today in trying to weaken the structures of state. The pardon recommendation is an attempt to drag into controversy and weaken the office of the president. The rejection of this attempt must come from civil society and responsible politicians. The president can perhaps ask the prime minister to have a re-think on the cabinet recommendation, but what is required is a public opinion surge that would force Prime Minister Bhattarai to backtrack.

The National Human Rights Commission, which has stood firmly against the idea of amnesty for excesses committed during the conflict, must be backed up by the public's opinion on the Dhungel case. Above all, it is the Parliament/CA which must demand that the government uphold the Supreme Court decision against Dhungel, and that the perpetrator himself be suspended from the House. Speaker Subhas Chandra Nembang, a lawyer and constitutionalist himself, must take the initiative and stand on the side of non-violence in politics.

If Balkrishna Dhungel is not apprehended and taken to jail as instructed by the Supreme Court in 2010 and reconfirmed by its further decision of June 2011, Nepal will be sucked into a whirlpool of impunity and depravity. No outside force can help.

1. ASP
Kanak, here's what you need to, can do.

Go to Balu Water and interview Bhau Ram Bhat Rai and get him to speak and print what he says.

Catch him while he's busy calling you reactionary. Better yet, shoot video of him. Best, forget "video of".

2. Sarath G
Thank you Kanak for standing up to these leeches of our society. I am slowly starting to like you now! I wonder though, where are all these well-fed civil society losers who run the likes of Advocacy Forum and Inhured?!

3. who cares
"Ganesh's daughter, Rachana, who had innocently pointed out her father working on the family terrace, committed suicide out of guilt."

they approach the family member to find the whereabouts of the person they are about to kill.

its not just the maoist, other murderers also do the same.  

if all of them are not punished, encountered we may find our society being hijacked by them. 

"It is a brutal irony that the allegedly upright prime minister of Nepal has surrounded himself with unreformed bandits and murderers. Balkrishna Dhungel is on the top of that list, enjoying the cover of impunity provided by the Maoist top brass. Bhattarai is also close to the murder- accused Prabhu Sah of Birgunj, recently forced out of the cabinet."

i thought, not being corrupt (looting money for personal consumption) is the only image majority of nepalese want in their politician. 

"On the visitor's book of a conflict era exhibition of photographs when it visited his home district of Gorkha, Bhattarai defended the murder and mayhem suggesting that they be understood 'in historical perspective'."

is not he, your's truly, peace loving bhatterai?

"There is no arguing with the Maoists, perhaps, but one must ask the Madhesi members of the cabinet: why have you accepted this attempt to derail society by destroying the very basis of rule of law, a decision of the Supreme Court on a non-political matter?"

beware of madeshi!

"Nepal will be sucked into a whirlpool of impunity and depravity"

majority of nepalese wont mind. they only show concern depending upon who the victim or victimizer is? 

4. Angrezi
Blame the King! Supporters of the Lords of Impunity.

5. Gaurav

If you look at the rank and file of the Maoists, who does not have have a blood in his/her hands? The same goes with the (Royal) Nepal Army and the Nepal Police. It is only a matter of who got caught or reported and who did not. There are many general in the Nepal Army who should be punished as well. What about the civil servants, particularly CDOs, Home Secretary and Defence Secretary of the Conflict Period? They outght to be booked too for the death of 12,000 Nepalis, many of them are innocept. The infamous Doramba Massacre perpetrated by the Nepal Army is still unresolved. The officers are yet to be punished.

The criminal case of Balkrishna Dhungel is clearly a non-political and he should not only be punished but discarded as well. The society should allow no room for such a behaviour. After all, Baburam turned out to be a phony one as artificial as his Mustang, and in love with the Baluwatar Palace. Where is the civil society and all those Keeraa Parosh T-shirt walas?



6. Nirmal
I liked the article very much however I'm surprised that the names of NC and the UML have not appeared even once in the whole article. Afterall, they are the ones who negotiated with the party which advocated terror to achieve their political objectives and still does in absence of public renouncement to the violence. Kanak Dixit, everyone should maintain coherence personally and it is more important when it comes to a political party. The NC and the UML are as responsible as you are when you all people thought of "mainstreaming" a party like the Maoists, forget those "Madhesi leaders" who can sell even their mothers for a kursi of mantri.

With regard to Bal Krishna Dhungel's case

Amnesty or Pardon is given to a victim not to an executioner. And you as well as your coterie of mainstream parties and NGO wallahs should stop protecting the false victims of the war. It is simple: the ones who got killed or booked by the law while trying to kill others are not victims, they are simply fraustrated murderers. So, refrain from doing any comparison that you did before, don't mitigate the responsibilities that the corrupt parties like the UML and the NC should assume in front of politics of terror and don't admit inacceptable justifications of violence no matter how much the King crush "your democratic aspiration". Taking shelter at the homes of criminals and terrorists can be dear when it comes to your democratic credentials.

And last but not the least

Still you can make people aware of how nocive the ongoing politics is for people's overall well-being and prepare for another rebelion that will sweep away all these corrupts, criminals and terrorists once for all. Hence, clearing ways to a government that will maintain human dignity as in any serious democracy.

7. Parag

"Dhungel went on to fight the CA elections in April 2006 and terrorised the voters to get elected..."

Are you sure Kanank Mani? Didn't you and your ilk, who were hellbent to oust the "Old Regime", term the elections free and fair? Sorry but this statement is unacceptable.  And where are your partners from the civil society today? The likes of Devendra Raj Panday, Krishna Pahari and the rest seem to have gone into their holes.  Shame on you and shame on them.

I nonetheless give you credit for trying to redress your mistake of past and cry out against the injustice we see around us.  You will gain more credibility if you apologized for your misreading the Maoists and ignoring their intentions and booked Girija for all those ills he brought to our land. 

What is happening under this so-called scholar prime minister is astounding: we are bloating the government and supporting its excesses(something we cannot financially afford and practically it's unnecessary) and we are exacerbating the lawlessness which guts Nepal.  What we have seen in the past few years is also disgusting: we are dragging our feet on constitution drafting and finalizing the "peace" process while the three or four political parties are revelling in taking turns to rape Nepal and force us deeper into poverty and lawlessness.

I wish you success, Kanak Mani, as you try to redeem yourself and do the right thing a journalist does, ie., be the voice and conscience of the people.


8. FunkyMonkey
If losing the loved ones wasn't hurtful enough, now the family members have to come to the streets to ensure that the criminals are held accountable? Dr. Yadav should refuse to pardon the culprit. BRB should be ashamed of himself, but then blood lust permeates through the veins of Maoists.

9. jange

Dhungel went on to fight the CA elections in April 2006 and terrorised the voters to get elected.

But you all considered the elections "free and fair". Even Jimmy Carter said so.

Make up your mind.

10. Why bother?
"Bhattarai also enjoys the support of many other human rights violators of the conflict era, including, it is said, the un-apprehended killers of teacher Muktinath Adhikari of Lamjung. With his weak support within the party, Bhattarai obviously has had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to build his own support base."

No. Bhattarai enjoyed the support of the entire media fraternity, leading intellectuals, and some of the most hypocritical citizens of Nepal. He also enjoys the support of other institutions which you know about and have helped him obtain the position that he has.

The comment made by you Mr Dixit in revealing what it does not say. The fact that you point out only two of the murders is interesting. There were 15,000 direct deaths during this completely unnecessary and pointless conflict.

Start from the beginning, what constitutes the 40 point demand other than nonsensical rubbish? 

How is it that asking for forgiveness for one murder is all bad, but having forgiven 15,000 brutal killings you are all good?

You try to establish an equivalency between those who were killed by the Maoist and the Maoist's who were killed by the security forces, when there is no such thing, the latter were trying to prevent the former from committing further acts of murder.

You suggest that the human rights and civil society must lead in protest, but if they cared they would not have helped propel a bunch of murderers in alliance with a gang of looters, would they?

11. Sharanhari Dukulanthak
How quickly the facade of "wisest man amongst the butchers" and "best person amongst the scoundrels" roaming Kathmandu corridors of power has fallen !

जोगी आए कानै चिरेका, केही समयका लागि कान चिरेको बाबुरामले पनि नेपालीलाई झुक्यायो !

12. Anish
Nepal was sucked into whirlpool of impunity and depravity the day maoists were legitimized through 'free and fair' elections, observed so vigilantly by you and your 'intellectual' friends. What's happening right now is Nepalese society's spiraling down the same whirlpool. This will continue until we hit the bottom. What that bottom looks like is only thing we have to look forward to. 

13. KRD
who thinks BRB is good , his past was horrible, He one day starts repenting that his hands and feet were washed by human blood before he became PM.

14. sudha
Kanak, you are so hypocritical.   Your blindness towards India and Girija and company is solely responsible for these unjust situation in Nepal. When you had chance to write as a warning to your Kangressi and Indian friends, you chose to look the other way.  Don't come around crying foul.  So, I dare you to go to Lainchowr and interview Indian Ambassador and ask him: why they have pushed BRB on us. 

15. bns
Great article. Mr Bhattarai will never be counted as a serious politician who will lead Nepal to a new post conflict era until he is willing to abandon the murderers and thugs among his supporters. As the saying goes what goes around comes around. Indira Gandhi played with the Bhindrewala gang and her murder by her bodyguards was a  direct consequence of  this  shortsighted political move on her part. Rajeev Gandhi did similar politics with the Sri Lankan Tamils and was murdered as direct consequence of that move. If the Maoist leaders think that they can continue to contain these murderers amongst them only for their advantage, they will be proven wrong. History always repeat itself. And History never favor politicians who play with these kinds of people at the expense of the general public. Does Bhattarai have the intellect and the courage to do the right thing for the country? His action so far doesnot seem to indicate that, but he still has an opportunity to correct the path he is taking for his own and the country's sake. Will he take it?

16. 32mariposas
Question to lawyers who read Nepalitimes:

If the President agrees to give amnesty to Dhungel, does the Supreme Court have the power to invalidate his decision and uphold its two past decisions? Has a case been filed at the SC against this decision by the Cabinet? Couldn't the SC decide that even the cabinet's call for amnesty is unconstitutional?

Nepalis pay much more attention to what the SC says and does than the House. Much more respect for the first institution (for good reason). If there could be an avenue where a powerful statement could be made against impunity, it would be in an SC decision in favor of the Shrestha family and against the government.

Can't the court go back to Interim Constitution 107(1), 107 (3), 12, 24, 29 to call the amnesty decision unconstitutional?

17. Daniel Gajaraj
Where have all  the flowers gone?
Long time passing
Where have all the flowers gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the flowers gone ?
Where have all the graveyards gone?
Covered with flowers every one
When will lwe ever learn?
When will we ever learn?

Where   are our so called civil society stalwarts?
Where have our Devendra Pandes, Krishna Paharis, Barbara Adams gone?
Gone for soldiers every one.

18. Gole
Remove or relocate some of the statues in Kathmandu .
Build a memorial for  teacher Muktinath Adhikari at the site opposite  Durbar High School compound  in Ranipokhari in his memory as repentance and as a symbol of abjurement of violence for ever in settling disbutes, political or else in the land of the Birth of the Buddha.

19. Rajaram Singh
Why are the leftist analysts like Shyam Shrestas, Devendra Pandes, Krishna Paharis and company keeping sielent on this grave issue of public concern till today? Is this not intriguing?

20. prakash
you are right sir.i like your article,not only me over 85 percent Nepali think as you so keep it up don worry \,
parag is also maoist so he don want to feel the real situation.monkey parag.

21. prakash
parag ji maubadi ko chasma fukhalera hernus ani sahi dekhincha..,Nazar nai lut pat thok thak marni katni cha ani Kanak mani jasta lai Naramro ani Balkrishne jasta prabhu shah jasta rarmo dekhincha ni...!laaz lagdaina parag ho ki pan parag ho..?

22. Julie
Lots of comments above also disgust me as much as the notion of impunity abound in our socio-politics. This is not time to blame and counter-blame but shouldering responsibilities - each one of us and say enough!

23. Julie
Lots of comments above also disgust me as much as the notion of impunity abound in our socio-politics. This is not time to blame and counter-blame but shouldering responsibilities - each one of us and say enough!

24. Ram Shah
Nothing surprising, " power flows from the barrel of the gun " is what the Maoist believe and people elected them as CA members. Do you expect any miracles from these people.

25. Madhesi
Dear respectable kank ji,
The article tile should be Slave of killers.People respect you due to your wide knowledge how You forget obedience / loyalty of Angraj Raj karna to Duryodhana. BRB Perhaps forget he is PM of Nepal? but people Know the consequences.Nothing to surprise for recommendation to president it will be back in few days !!! Thanks for your Article .

26. Arthur
Not long ago Kanak Mani Dixit wrote dire warnings about the Lumbini project.

Now it is dire warnings against implementing the amnesties required by the peace agreement.

I wonder what the next dire warnings will about.

27. Rishav

The PM Bhattari lead Government's actions is deeply insulting not just to the family of Ujjun Shrestha, but to human rights, the maoist victims, law & order and to the people of Nepal.

There is no amnesty for Dhungel, a convicted murderer by the supreme court, as part of the peace deal.  He must hand himself in and the Maoists should stop hiding him from the authorities if they truly do believe in law & order.

PM Bhattari's days are soon to be over, expanding the cabinet due to pressure from the Madhesi parties and now this Ujjan Shrestha case. He has now lost the faith of the vast majority of Nepali people, who once might of had some faith in him.

28. Vija Srestha

To satisfy Arthur's thirst for knowledge I would strongly advise to read PROJECT SYNDICATE 2011 UNDER THE ARTICLE Obama and 2 Asian future choices


Do not jump on the skinny and tiny goats the bigger ones are to follow and the last is the biggest.That's for ordinary people to chew as much more interesting actions to follow.

Mr.Dahal and his lawyer Dhungal .One hand washes the other.If political assasinations are excusable and life doesn't mean anything,then one should wonder what is the future of Mr.Dahal and his cronies.Mr.Dahal is not in a hurry to write a constitution as he is not sure  what to include in the constitution as his own principles and actions of a human being are on the opposite sides of human rights ,responsibilities and duties.However I think this is just a bone for as to chew as  time is on our side,it is Dahal and Bhattarai who needs time to make decisions and act.however at the present it is Bhattarai and Dahal who writes the script as you have oticed for Nepal,exccept if we look at the global and world picture.Will we be able to stand up to Dahal and Bhattarai ,depends just from NC ,Mr.Deuba,lawyers such as Malla -Pradhan,and I wish Mrs Koirala would act where it matters but as we see,everyone is worried about his own compound.


The time of SAARC was most fortunate for Mr.Bhattarai.

First,Mr.Dahal's bilateral talks with Chinese government oficial's about Lumbini Project, then Mr.Bhattarai's visit to India,then Mr.Dahal's visit to USA .In between politicians drop us some bones forall of us to chew on to divert our focus from the spider web's woven by Mr.Dahal and Mr.Bhattarai.Directives are coming from USA and China.
Mr.Bhattarai and his party openly wrote about it in their programme of action before Mr.Bhattarai came to office.PLA and its integration,Mr.Dhungel and his case those are all the events for interim government to chew on while Mr.Bhattarai and Dahal does his visits.
I would advise everyone who wants to understand what is going on in Nepal and why,the reasons behind Mr.Dahal's and Bhattarai's actions and visits, to read YURIKO KOIKE's article ,but most importatnly read PROJECT SYNDICATE 2011 indicated under Ms.YURIKo KOIKE'S article.Read all of those articles and put puzzle pieces together to Mr.Bhattarai's and Dahal's actions.To understand why Chinese politely declined to help EUROZONE,to understand wherelies USA interests in 21st century,to understand what are the hegamonous plans of Chinese,not the pharases spoken by Chinese officials is the indicator of their intentions but the actions taken and the analysis given in the Project Syndicate articles are the exact intentions of Chinese and USA government.

What are the common interests of Nepali politicians .Bhattarai .Dahal ,and the above mentioned governments,China and USA and their common projects.However ,in this triangle there is a dillema,ASIA'S 2 FUTURES in which Mr.Bhattarai and Dahal have already signed in single handedly,so there is no even more a choice for Nepalis,unless it is what Nepalis want .

Nepali politicians are only needed as messengers whose greed and thirst for quick and in their interpretation a quick flow of cash for them personali for a uncertain time lime line is assured,as we would need minimum another 25 years to see the results as a proof of the end of Bhattarai's and Dahals' actions to turn into disaster for Nepal and it's citizens.Let's look at statements Mr.Bhattarai gave to a press after his retun from SAARC meeting.He calls it s successful visit,I call it a betrayel of all small nations living in the Asian subcontinet ,including Nepal.The question here is a matter of choice Nepali citizens must make.Mr.Bhattarai and Dahal have done it single handedly.They have chosen the path of all small countries of EUROPIAN UNION.Those countries joined EU according to the tailored plan by Germany and other bigger states like France, ,Italy,Ireland etc.The opposite to these we see countries that didn't join EU.We also see the results of these countries and their economies.We also see the results of EUROZONE and all those vassal countries who joined EU with the promises of prosperity for it's citizens.The leaders of these small countries are the same politicians like Mr.Bhattarai and Mr.Dahal,they all have common interests,their personal ambition to get rich and as you see,not the politicians are getting poor it is the citizens of those countries who pay debts and taxes to stich together holes in the sacks of gold politicians so single handedly decided to share among themselves.
Why the end of EUROZONE is coming to an undenyable end ?

Let's understand and read these words and lets read and compare the analysis in PROJECT SYNDICATE 2011.

The results are most satisfying for Mr.Bhattarai and Mr.Dahal.Everything goes according to a plan.First Lumbini,then BIPPA,now SAFTA. Nepal will be a transit state for Chinese hegamonious plans , increasing connectivity through air, water and surface transport and communications as well as promoting the people-to-people relations in the region.

He said the leaders of the SAARC member states agreed to promote unhindered flow of goods and physical connectivity.

The prime minister added that the heads of states or governments of all the eight countries of the SAARC expressed their commitment to take the regional group to a new height by agreeing to build the infrastructures for collaboration, cooperation and participation among the countries of the South Asia region.
Yes,here Mr.Bhattarai has succeeded personali,he was able to catch into this trap other small Asian nations which are so desparate like Nepal ,but it must be up to people to vote and decide if we want to join the project Asia in multicultural region or be an independent state being able to stand upto Chinese and USA hegamonous plans.However,knowing Chinese history,one must be able to see the pattern.Has China included America in its final plans,remains to be carefully weight out.While Eurozone will leak its wounds,China easily with the help pf Nepal promotes its biznesses in all subcontinet,including Pakistan ,Afghanistan,Russia.USA's economie is at stand still speed.As you see,the advantage of beig away from the other continents of the world.
The question is ,are we willing to read and understand or are we just willing to take as it is,what comes we have a choice.NC and other parties signing the 7PACT deal gave Bhattarai confidence to rush everywhere and sign anything.The politicins of other parties will have its piece of cake as well or are we willing to think like Japan and make our own decisions?
I think this is the most important discussions that needs to be presented to Nepali citizens ,it's a matter of urgency.
Will China and OBAMA agree?As long as their bizness interests are being served.China wants to rule our hemispere and America can always be safe on the other .As for Mr.Bhattarai, and Dahal's actions.These two politicins will do anything they please,even if there will be some spikes in a meantime.So if this is the case,we better implement all the plans we were promissed by our big neighbours,however the buttons,pursed and taps are not on our teritory.

That is the result of actions taken by Mr.Bhattarai and Dahal for nation,but most importantly for them personali.Do we want to make a multicultural Asia Zone?Do we want to have an identity like Japan?

29. Palte
Pardoning such a crime will definately not help BBR and anybody in Nepal. Dhungel and those alike should be punished. Period.

30. DG
"Binasakale biparita buddhi." ,at the time of doom approaches ,one looses the power of discrimination or wisdom.or one's buddhi fails.He cannot discriminate between right and wrong.

Krodhat bhavatismmohah sammohatsmritivibhramah;
Smritibhamsat buddhinaso buddhinasatpranasyati.-2.63 BG.
"From anger comes delusion,and from delusion loss of memory. From loss of memory comes the ruin of discriminative power, and from the ruin of discrimination, the person perishes."

31. jange

"The move has been taken in the context of a specific stage in the post-conflict situation. Over 15,000 people were killed during the conflict. If we look into every case, none of us will be spared," said Bhattarai.

Translation- The whole Maoist enterprise was (and is) a crime but the Maoists should not be punished for it.

The very definition of impunity. Let's see how NT reacts to this.

32. Battisputali
From Advocacy Forum's Website

13 November 2011. Responding to a writ petition filed on Thursday seeking immediate nullification of the government's decision to recommend presidential pardon for Bal Krishna Dhungel, the Supreme Court has today issued an interim order to the government not to implement its decision until November 21. The order, in effect, has relieved the President from taking any decision on this controversial case.
A single bench of Justice Tahir Ali Ansari responded today on the writ filed by Sabitri Shrestha, sister of Ujjan Kumar Shrestha, murdered by lawmaker Dhungel in 1998. In its ruling, the Apex Court has barred the President, the Prime Minister and the Attorney-General from implementing the decision. Recognizing the constitutional and legal complexities in granting pardon in this case, the bench decided to draw the attention of the Chief Justice on taking it to the Special Bench.

The SC has asked both plaintiff and defendants to appear before the court for further hearing on November 21.

33. Party Peedit
Amazing, this selective amnesia on the part of Kanak Dixit and the "civil society" of 2005 he was very much cheerleader in. It is said in disaster studies that a disaster is a disaster only if the media makes it so. Otherwise it never happened. Uncle Jo's Soviet Gulags, Pol Pot's Killing Fields and that large jail called North Korea are sites of barbaric crimes against humanity that are still highly revered as "tirha sthals" by our Maobadis, especially the hardliner ideologue Baburam. Kanak. Dixit does not care to remind his readers of the hundreds of victims such as journalist Gyanendra Karki slaughtered before their family like a goat in Dakkhin Kali by the party that Baburam provided leadership to, that his "hero" Girija actually asked these very Maoist murderers  -- as per public admissions of Prachanda, Baburam, Dinanath Sharma on TV and in print -- to kill candidates who stood for local elections called for by the King in February 2006. Kanak, you are not only guilty of selective amnesia, you and your civil society ilk are as guilty of complicity in murder as Baburam and his thugs. You championed their "liberation ideology" before the international community and helped foist the criminals on us in the name of this fraud called Janandolan of 2006. You too will not be provided impunity by Nepali history.

34. Tashi Lama
The waves of bad changes in Nepal, the waves of goonda raj ended in Bihar, and rooted up strongly in Nepal.

Thank you Kunda ji for shedding light on the true realities of Baburam's surroundings, true media person brings unbiased news, so that general public learns the true reality and will remain aware of all the lies and propaganda of these thug politicians! Media is truly a voice for voiceless!

35. Turiman
We need  "like" and "dislike" buttons under every comments!

36. Lato Kosero

Can the author name a Nepali politician who is not a bandit, reformed or otherwise?
With whom could any leader in surround himself?
Politicians and most of ruling class whose corrupt ideaologies have ruined Nepal for centuries should be in jail and not just the hyporcritical author's biased idea of who is and isn't a bandit.

37. SN

Well, people like Kanak Dixit themselves brought these Maoists to power. When BRB used excuses like 'historical perspective' to hide their excesses, civil society leaders kept quiet then. When Maoists like Dhungel used violence to win CA elections in 2006, Dixit and his ilk kept quiet. When a farcical election (where all major competing parties were pro-republicans) was used to abolish the monarchy, Dixit kept quiet - in fact, welcomed the election despite the violence.

Are media-moguls like Dixit the time-keepers of justice dispensation? If it suits their whim (and hidden interests), injustice should be ignored and the unjust can be red-carpeted to power - as the Maoists indeed were. When the media-moguls' mood swings, then they remind us of all the past injustices to shake the powerful from power. So justice should be applied as per the time-keeping of Dixit and ilk, huh? Is that the lesson here? ...Or is there even more? Is it all about sending a message to those in power? Be warned: 'if we can bring you to power, so can we remove you!' (beware the true king-makers of this land!)

Selective justice, selective information dispensation, sequentialism... all tools in modern media's toolbox to manipulate the mass mind!

Dixit, you may fool the mass of the Nepalis, but you don't fool everyone! You too should be held up to justice. You demand justification from politicians for their actions and inactions. Well, how about yourself? You too should provide justifications for your actions/inactions, past and present. Why did you hide the crimes and excesses of the Maoists in the past? Why did you glorify their bloody revolution and legitimize their violence? And why did you wait until now to highlight their crimes?!

38. Nepali
Dear SN # Simple Answer is Bhisham in Mahabharat, So mamy Bhishamas in Nepal .Don't attack only one!!!

39. SN

Nepali #38, don't understand your comparison to Bhishma of Mahabharata. Are you suggesting that Dixit (and 'intellectual/civil society' leaders like him) had to make a difficult choice just like Bhishma had to choose between Pandavs and Kauravs?

If so, you're quite delusioned. Bhisma had to side with the Kauravs out of a sense of duty and obligation. What duty/obligation did Dixit (and gang) have to side with the Maoists? was simply their reckless and senseless choice as far as I can tell! 

...and again, maybe it wasn't. Maybe it was a well thought-out choice. Fact is, we the public, don't know. That's precisely my question, my point:

We need to know why our intellectual and social leaders made the choices that they did and lead the entire country in the direction they did? These 'intellectual and social' leaders need to be answerable and accountable to the people too!  

Now if that's "attacking", well I say there needs to be more of them!

40. Nepali
Dear SN, # 39
Kindly refer Bhishma, when Dropati Chirharan, Gambling between kaurava &Pandava , killing Of Abhimanayu !!! All give You enough enlightenment to understand Nepali BhismaS ...... consequences are clear.Appreciable !

41. Soni
SN, "We need to know why our intellectual and social leaders made the choices that they did and lead the entire country in the direction they did? These 'intellectual and social' leaders need to be answerable and accountable to the people too!"

Our intellectual and social leaders made those choices because they pretend to be intellectual and claim to be social leaders, they are neither.

Essentially these people are just ordinary people caught up in extraordinary circumstances and are guided by dangerous fools with an agenda that reaches far beyond Nepal.

The whole enterprise is a well thought out strategy towards a specific goal, dangerous and far more insidious than anybody imagines at present. This is not about money and power, this is about far more than that. This is a continuation of the enterprise that saw the end of many unique and wonderful civilizations before.

The "intellectuals and social leaders" are being used by these far more dangerous people to their own end. These clowns do not have the gumption or the brains to deal with them. 

42. Gopeswornath
This is perhaps last seen of panic Drama staged by Butcher ram babu (BRB) and Fraud Dahal. 15 years , 15000 lives and 1.5 trillion money drained for their madness.Achievement negligible?

43. Vija Srestha

# to SN

Unreformed - amended by removal of faults, abuses ,bandits- outlawing criminals,
was the point of the article to make people think.

The misperception here is,intelectuals do not have to make choices,therefore they are intelectuals as they should provide latest intellectual  world news from the most comprehensive global news network for us from the internet. It is an intelligent news and analysis on the international level not just one sided or based on religion ,ethnicity or political views ,it is a view presented us based on such analysis ,at least few of these we can see in Nepal and in NT ,or as many of us commentators choose to do,involve history,religion,ethnicity and political views ,which in line creates one sided opinions based on such examples,but we need more,we need to keep an open mind to be able to see.A news reporter must be impartial and and it is his /her level of intelligence that brings us the variety of news and in case of NT it is us who are getting involved in the discussions about the developments and processes in the country ,that are being ridiculed ,called names etc however for me it is important the overall understanding of a person ,willingness to see and understand the developments in the country so that politicians like Dahal,Bhattarai and many more who till now have misused the public trust ,would not base their speeches  on the religion,ethnicity or capabilities of people to think ,as we know very well,what is required for a person to become an intelligent ,critically thinking being able to decide for themselves ,which path to take,be able to make sound decisions ,but not surpress the development by exploitation both intelligence and disadvantegious people, motivated people,intrinsic thinkers.This is the example given by Mr.Dixit and what has become of a person like Dhungel if he as a lawyer has to use his intelligence and his intellect, as we know it has become a comercial value for such people like Dahal and Bhattarai.The only way how to get it right is for Dhungel to accept the consequnces if he is capabable of standing up to this so called sponsors as his intellectual property has become very valuable to maoist party leaders ,but then he has done murder already and for him the only way to survive is to take shelter in Dahal's and Bhattarai's camp.So it is up to Dhungel now ,either he accepts and comes clean as a person having done something wrong is more worthy admiting having done wrong ,than the one who walks with his face full with pretence like Dahal or Bhattarai.

44. Ganesh
SN and Nepal (38 and 39), I, for one, do not like to see the Mahabharat quoted where brothers kill brothers and "lord" Krishna encourages to fight by killing. Such is our dharmashastra often quoted.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)