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The Jazzers in 'Mandu

The festival kick started on Thursday with a competition for local jazz bands, and has something to fit everyone's schedule during the next five days. Here's the who's who of the visiting acts and resident bands this year.

Six piece band Neighbourhood comes all the way from Sweden. Their music is an energetic mix inspired by the jazz, funk and soul of the 70's, and has a pulsating groove that makes it hard to sit still. The band has been highly commended for their debut album Maybe Tomorrow.

Nick Aggs
Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, Nick Aggs returns to the Kathmandu Jazz Festival for the fourth time. A popular Australian saxophonist, keyboardist and composer, Nick is the band leader of Australia's fusion band Afro Dizzi Act. He is looking forward to perform some of his compositions with his old friends Cadenza.

Founded in 1994 by Swiss guitarist Eugene Montenero, Bconnected has stayed connected and produced 7 records during its career. Having performed in several jazz festivals around the globe, Bconnected's music reflects a diverse influence while keeping its roots in jazz.

The Window Seat
This talented trio from India will be joined by singe Suman Sridhar for the festival. Sounds influenced by afrobeat, funk and jazz with a melodic and improvisational outlook make this band unique.

The KJC Faculty Combo
Originally formed to showcase the ability of the teachers at Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, KJC Faculty Combo brings forth a talented lineup of musicians for their debut at Jazzmandu. Their repertoire will include music from a diverse range of musical genres.

Cadenza will bring its band members back from US and India to jam in Nepal once again. Cadenza's sound is comprised of elements from a wide array of experimental styles such
as Nepali classical and folk blended with afrobeat and funk.

Gandharva refers to traditional musicians of Nepal who travel with their sarangi. Formed in 2000, this group will add the Nepali touch in the festival with traditional instruments sarangi, flute, madal and kartal.

Rabin Lal Shrestha Eastern Classical Trio
Robin Lal Shrestha is a performer and teacher and one of the most respected tabla players in Nepal. Robin Lal has traveled around the world, sharing the joys of his tabla and winning numerous awards .This year, Rabin Lal will feature Bina Shrestha on sitar and Nagnedra Rai on bamboo flute.

The Cuban touch
A special treat during this Jazzmandu is the sound of Afro-Latin and Cuban jazz. Evolved through tremendous cultural exchange between outstanding musicians from the United States and the Caribbean, this form of jazz is recognised for its syncopated, infectious and danceable rhythms. The Cuban League from the US will introduce Kathmandu to authentic Afro-Cuban sounds from the Caribbean. The band brings the talented voice of Xiomara Laugrat, singing to the music of bass player Yunior Terry and pianist Alex Tosca Laugart. "The music we play is a bit like telling a story, the story of our lives and our culture. The music will be a flight to Cuba and everyone is welcome on board," says Terry.

Valley Jams, different venues in Kathmandu will feature performances by various artists.
Upstairs Jazz Bar, Lazimpat: The Cuban League (USA)
Moksh, Jhamsikhel: Bconnected (Switzerland)
House of Music, Thamel: Neighborhood (Sweden)
21 October, 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm, Rs 400

Jazz Bazaar, all the artists come together for a night full of jazz. 22 October. 2.30 pm to 10pm, Rs 799, Gokarna Forest Resort, Gokarna. Free shuttle bus service available every hour from 1pm to 4pm outside Hyatt Regency gate, Boudha. Free return shuttle bus available between 10pm - 11pm, drop to Lazimpat.

Afro-Latin Jam, the Cuban League and other artists introduce Afro-Cuban sounds of the Caribbean. 23 October, 7pm to 10pm, Rs 799, Hotel Shangri -La, Lazimpat

Jazzmandu Master Class, an opportunity for music students and jazz enthusiasts to interact with visiting musicians. 24 October, 3pm to 4.30pm, Free entry, Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, Jhamsikhel

Jazz at Patan, evening of Nepali classical music fused with Jazz at a historic and magical venue. 24 October, 6pm to 8.30pm, Rs 1299, Patan Museum Square, Patan

Jazzmandu Finale, Jazzmandu ends with a finale jam. Musicians from different bands play their sets and later jam together. 25 October, 6pm to 10pm, Rs 899, Shambala Garden, Hotel Shangri-La, Lazimpat

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(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)