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"I am first lady", Nepal

Nepal: You have been busy lately?

Hisila Yami: Yes, I am the first lady of the country now and there is an added responsibility on me. Besides, I am also a CA member and deputy in- charge of the party's Newa State Committee.

So, is it true you switched to an expensive vehicle after becoming first lady?
I just traveled in the vehicle that was given to me. The car model doesn't really interest me. In fact, I prefer riding a bicycle but because of security reasons I travel in a car.

Was it necessary for you to be the one to brief the media about the Prime Minister's visit abroad?The Prime Minister's press and foreign affairs adviser had not been appointed. As a former minister, I have some good contacts in the diplomatic circles and that was the sole reason for my presence there. I don't know why there was such a controversy surrounding it.

Why is it that you have always been associated with financial dealings during and after your tenure as minister?
All the financial dealings that I do are always as directed by the party. So it is the party that needs to be shedding light on this question.

You have allegedly interfered in appointments at the Nepal Tourism Board?
It's not in the appointments but in the development of tourism sector as an industry that I am active in. Since I had been the Tourism Minister, I have taken a personal interest in this sector and I even advise the prime minster on tourism issues.

But why are you criticised for nepotism?
In my first tenure, the party appointed my sisters. This stirred a debate and I haven't appointed anybody since. But those who have been appointed are experts in their respective fields, and it is natural for the party to prefer one of their own.

1. Daniel Gajaraj
That,s why the first  lady is a  tramp..
I have wined and dined on a buffalo steak
As I hitched and hiked from Rukum to Rolpa
As I missed the ball,what is so sad
I was never at a party where they honored ........
I like a prize-fight,that is not a fake
But social circles spin too fast for me
I get to hungry for dinner at six
I like the bhoye  but never come late
I never bother with people I hate
That,s why the first  lady is a tramp.

2. Nepali
Hi Hon. Yami,
Did you ask Yourself Why you are not honorable like Hon.Anuradha. You are familiar with suffering of Nepali common ladies but never advised PM for appropriate plan our Action. better declare No 10 ladies in public eyes?

3. jange
Interesting that she chooses to describe herself as first lady rather than whatever she happens to be in the Maoist hierarchy.

4. syd
no doubt, thats why the PM left on that day to meet US presidnet and other leaders, to show that they thrive and will shine in coming days - what a consequence! I didn't expect that Baburam will take that trip - it will be noted on history - instead of fixing the problem inside the country, he rather prefer to visit US/UN and India - remember Mao never went abroad during his period!

5. Shilu

Ms. Yami,

Isn't your job giving us a new constitution and also the Hon. the Prime Minister's? Why are you travelling to so many countries which you can do after retiring from politics, hoina ra? Right now, what we need is a constitution which is unfortunately nowhere in sight, kina tyasto? Your job is not going to India and signing new deals, your job is to write the constitution, kaso ta? You represent a caretaker government whose sole job is to give us the constitution, hoina ra?



(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)