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Patching-up, Kantipur

The Maoist chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has not launched a tirade of abuses against India in over a year, instead he talks about softening bilateral relations through diplomacy. Dahal had launched a 'national sovereignty' campaign when Madhav Kumar Nepal was elected prime minister which went silent as soon as Jhalanath Khanal took office.

Following Khanal's resignation, the Maoists moved closer to New Delhi. Meanwhile, Ambassador Rakesh Sood, who had a strained relationship with the Maoists was replaced by Jayant Prasad. Since Prasad's arrival, both sides hae been toning down their rhetoric and no controversial statements have been made. Has India finally adopted a liberal stance on Nepal's Maoists?

Addressing the 66th UN General Assembly PM Baburam Bhattarai stated that Nepal wants to become a bridge between India and China. Dahal and Bhattarai had differences over the issue during the Palungtar plenum last year, but all that seems to have changed as the party establishment evidently has adopted a policy of extending friendship instead of annoying India.

Analysts say Dahal seems to have realised that it is impossible to become an influential leader riling neighbouring countries.

1. who cares
* if maoist say india is bad, then we have to take india as our enemy. if they say india is our friend then we have to kiss them.

*if maoist tell girls not to wear pants, then they should not or else. if they say its ok for girls to wear pants then you can wear them.

*if maoist order you not to gamble, then its crime. but if maoist demand to make it legal for nepalese to visit casinos then you can loose your ancestral home to make their cadres fat. 

*if maoist say its anti nation to accept indian, american investment in nepal, it becomes sin to accept their investment. but its ok if maoist begs them to invest in nepal, it becomes their generous act of creating job for poor nepalese.

all i can say is if we want our miseries to go away, we have to eradicate maoist especially bhatterai first. 

his foolproof (for fools) reasoning is destroying, delaying our development. he used to say they destroy infrastructure so they they could build the better one on the ashes. 

now finally he has realized that it takes years to build electricity transmission lines, hydro projects and other infrastructures. he has finally found out that industrial development is not possible with out power. 

should we stay behind cause of this fool? we can not afford another 5 years of on the job training for these idiots. we had already given more than a decade to NC, UML. 

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)