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Business hopeful about Bhattarai, Naya Patrika

Naya Patrika: How hopeful are you after meeting the new prime minister?
Suraj Vaidya:
I am quite hopeful for the private sector after meeting Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai. The country finally has a prime minister who understands the nation's financial circumstances. We brought him up to speed on the situation of the private sector and future plans to develop the economy. The private sector is aware that the prime minister's hand may be tied due to the political uncertainty. But he expressed the desire for the private sector and the government to work hand in hand to develop the economy, and that has made us hopeful.

What are you proposing?
We have three requests. First, the budget has become a victim of political uncertainty. Second is the energy crisis, the state is likely to face if there are no specific plans to end it within 4-5 years. Third is the labour situation. While past governments have never taken responsibility to manage the country's manpower, we hope this time the government will be more proactive.

Do you still have misgivings about the "three pillar" economic policy in the budget that includes cooperatives?
Private-public partnerships exist in economies worldwide. But we don't understand what the Nepali government is trying to do with the three-pillar model. Cooperatives are part of the private sector as well, and the prime minister agreed with this view.

What should PM Bhattarai do?
The prime minister is already committed to curbing corruption, which is hindering development. We also feel that all the political parties should promote a suitable working environment for the prime minister.

1. Daniel Gajaraj
Obama yestrday said in his address to the jointsession of Congress rightfully;"Ultimately ,our recovery  will be driven not  by Washington ,but by our business and our workers. But we canhelp. We can make a difference.There are steps  we can take now to improve people,s life." ........"..put  more people back to work and more money in the pockets of those who are working.....Everyone here knows that small businesses are where  most new jobs begin. .....small businesses will get a tax cut  if they hire  new workers or raise workers' wages."

This will led to new jobs in various sectors.
Baburam has to decide  priorities.and act fast.Majorities of people don,t care about politics. They have real life concerns.
He should emulate  Barrack Obama in this respect and proceed forward.
He must be pragmatic and shun bogus rhetoric. He should  be bold to abandon  the debilitating  ideology of communist economics. for speedy economic progress. There is no use reinventing the wheel as we know from recent history which cat can catch mice.
Lee Kuan Yew rightly said,"I would say the greatest was Deng Xioping .At his age ,to admit that he was wrong ,that all these ideas ,Marxism, Leninism, Maoism,they are just not working ,and have to be abandoned ,you need a great man to do t5hat and convince or override his Old Guard colleagues and say,and now we go this different way."
Baidya and FNCCI team can help him in this direction.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)