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The Rajbhandari family lost their pet dog Cyber last year. His friends suggested he purchase a pure breed, but Pranab wanted a mongrel just like Cyber. He turned to the internet and discovered that there are several animal centres in Nepal that offer local mixed breeds for adoption. His family finally selected Scamper from the Animal Nepal dog sanctuary in Chobar, and five months later he is a part of the family.

"Scamper is easy to take of and is growing to be a healthy, friendly and a little mischievous," says Pranab, who is glad he adopted a mongrel instead of wasting money on an expensive pure breed. Animal Nepal and other shelters in Kathmandu rescue stray and abandoned dogs from the streets, treat them for skin and other diseases and put them up for adoption.

According to a dog census earlier this year, there are over 22,000 stray dogs inside the Ring Road. Unlike the Municipality that still poisons stray dogs to control their population, Animal Nepal holds regular mobile sterilisation clinics.

Animal Nepal has started a campaign called 'Adopt a Nepali Dog' to get dog owners to turn to Nepali mongrels and this year alone 14 dogs from the shelter have found happy homes.

"These dogs are used to having people around them, so they are very friendly and good natured," says Lucia de Vries of Animal Nepal, and adds there are upsides to adopting a mongrel as opposed to the fashionable pure breeds.

Mongrels are healthier, easier to take care of and more adaptable. A mongrel pet is also more economical, they don't have a price tag and the maintenance cost is low. Animal Nepal provides free medical care for one year after adoption.

Surendra Kuwar Basnet, the vet at the sanctuary discourages families from purchasing costly pure breeds. "A pure breed puppy can costs as much as 20,000," says Basnet. There are numerous 'puppy mills' that focus on the business rather than on dog welfare.

Surprisingly, while Nepalis run after pure breeds, there is a demand in India for Nepali mongrels which are known for their hardy and friendly nature and are sold as Himalayan Breeds. Traders even smuggle up to 20 street puppies in one small cage, cover it up with jute bags and traffick them across the border for sale. Many die en route.

Animal Nepal alone took care of 36 rescued puppies last year, and the shelter found homes for all of them.
Says Vries: "We tell families why buy a German shepherd, Japanese Spitz or Tibetan Mastiff when you can have all in one for free?"

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Pick me

Friendly dogs (and a cat) looking for loving homes

Lassi (female, 7 months old) Lassi is a friendly and good natured dog. Her leg injury will soon heal.

Shuri (male, 4 months old) Happy, playful, purring cat. Catches mice, and could be adopted by Nepal Airlines.

Sumi (female, 8 years old) A very calm dog that loves the company of children and other dogs. Sumi has teeth problems so can only eat soft food.

Ricky (male, 5 months old) Ricky had rickets but his legs have improved. Now he's a running and playful companion.

Bhunti and Munti (females, 6 weeks old) Playful and intelligent, these pups need a loving home.

1. who cares
those who get dog and then release them in the street after their hobby fades away should be jailed?

it is almost impossible to walk on the street at night, alone?

there should be system to take permit to pet dog or animals.

2. bridget
I couldn't agree more, especially when I hear the shocking figure of 22,000 street dogs in the city, many of whom are in the most pitiful state. We picked up a tiny puppy one dark load-shedding night, from a road where it would surely have been killed by the traffic. We took her home as we couldn't just leave her there to die and now she is a part of our lives and she is healthy and strong and very lovable. When we take her out on her lead, people stop us and ask if she is a foreign dog and they're so suprised when we say she is a Nepali mongrel street dog.

3. bipa
We took in one street dog one day as he had come to our home very late in the evening, seemed he had nowhere to go to and some dogs were trying to bully him. And now he has become the most loyal dog, very very understanding and a good companion. We already had one spitz and one lhasa apso but of all the three, Nepali mongrel is the most understanding and even works as a very good guard dog. 

4. SoftJunk
Dear all please feed the leftovers in your kitchen to the stray dog around your house. Every dog owner should spay their female dogs in order to limit the dog population and it is the biggest gift you can give to her.

If you do not like dog then please just don't bother them, just don't throw stone on them if they come near to you or your property. Stray dogs are very intelligent so if you don't harm them, they will not harm you. May be some dog like to chase vehicles or bark at the people; but for all other dog's shake not all dogs are like that.

Just try any stray dog; feed him/her and you'll be amazed how they will love you for that :)

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)