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To split or not to split?, Dristi

Given the language used by the Maoist leaders and the dirty games they are playing, one can't help but wonder how long the party will survive. Shalikram Jamarkattel, the chairperson of the All Nepal Trade Union (Maoist) said in a meeting at Khanna Garment that Baburam Bhattarai should be smeared with soot for trying to split the party, and that Netra Bikram Chand should be boycotted. He even ordered physical action against Bhattarai and his supporters at a program organised at Everest Hotel, saying that he would be ready to face the consequences.

YCL Newa Committee-in charge Chandra Bahadur Thapa has gone so far as to say that the Baidya and Bhattarai factions should be buried alive. Recently, even Maoist Chairman Prachanda indicated party action could be taken against Bhattarai.

UML's example is enough to show how internal struggles within a party can weaken it and push it to disintegration. The recent activities of Maoist leaders show that they are headed in the same direction.

Prachanda is in a dilemma about whether to take action against Bhattarai before he actually splits from the party or to wait for him to make a move. Party insiders say Prachanda wants Bhattarai to declare the split so that he can blame all the failures of the ten-year war on him and clear himself of any wrongdoing. He also wants to woo the Baidya faction so that he can project the image of an undivided party under him.

But the Bhattarai faction has got wind of Prachanda's intentions. Their plan is to stay put in spite of all the pressure until Prachanda initiates party action against them. Once that happens they will portray themselves as martyrs and then form a new party. Bhattarai is busy soliciting the support of CA members, and there are around five dozen MPs supporting Bhattarai at the moment. The Prachanda-Baidya faction is trying hard to stop other MPs from going to Bhattarai's side, and to win back those who have already declared their allegiance.

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1. who cares
so democracy is blessing for bhatterai.. hum.

if not for democracy, bhatterai would have been buried alive. 

now let's see if this guy is grateful or ungrateful. 

2. jange
Mafia organisations do not split.

3. Bidhan
It looks like Dawood Ibharam and Choto Rajan of India waiting to increase there market share.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)