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No, minister, Nagarik

Finance Secretary Rameshwor Khanal's resignation came at a time when he was investigating the fake VAT bill scam. Since Khanal was already under pressure from a certain group of businessmen, he decided to quit once he learned that the political leadership was not willing to support him.

Known for his honesty and integrity, Khanal had already said he would rather resign than compromise. The resignation of one of most capable and untainted secretaries in the country is a stain on the record of Jhala Nath Khanal's government. The ouster of the secretary, who was admired for his financial reforms, has made it more difficult to achieve the good governance needed to save the country's failing economy. This is an issue of national dignity.

The VAT scam was not the only reason for Khanal's resignation. The new government could not digest the practical suggestion of a supplementary budget either. As the political parties routinely milk the ministries to fund their parties, the coalition did not want Khanal to be heading the finance ministry.

To approve Khanal's resignation would be to ridicule the administrative professionalism, capability and impartiality of the Finance Ministry, not to mention demoralise ministry staff. The bureaucracy will be further politicised and corrupted, and it will set a wrong precedent.

A true employee can resist pressure from any sector but the political leadership. In this respect, either he has to obey his orders, or quit. Khanal's resignation has elevated his own stature, but has truncated that of the government. The coalition government is guilty of insulting honest and dedicated employees like Khanal, and the prime minister should take firm action to fix the image of his government and steer the economy back on track.

Asking for the resignation of Finance Minister Bharat Mohan Adhikari is the first thing PM Khanal should do. Adhikari is guilty of failing to protect his secretary, allowing unnecessary pressure to be heaped on him, and imposing his political interests on him. It was the result of Adhikari's inept leadership that Khanal was forced out. Adhikari should thus take moral responsibility and resign from his post. If he does not, the PM should dismiss Adhikari, paving the way for Khanal to return to his ministry.

Khanal's return is necessary to keep financial administration efficient, competent and fair in the country, as well as to elevate the spirit of other government employees. By undermining a civil servant, the political leadership has precipitated its own moral downfall. PM Khanal has not done anything in the two months since he entered Singha Darbar. If he accepts Rameshwor Khanal's resignation, the first thing he will have done is to promote political anarchy in the administration. The finance secretary may be an individual, but the issue is a larger one.

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1. who cares
has anyone done any research on commies- childhood, environment where they grew, education, life, family etc?

cause there is an alarming fact regarding commies that they all are liar, deceptive, dishonest, violent and what not. 

even in this case, as soon as this bharat baje became minister, first thing i remember he said was that he will be considering fake VAT bill case as a fraud case rather than tax evasion. 

but today it turned out to be that he is actually trying to protect those criminals. 

i was worried that this govt. would do some good work like- punishing fake VAT racket, providing military security to hydros etc.

i was not worried cause i hate people involved with this govt, but rather their master's (maoist) intention was to capture, and if this govt. would do something good then people will be supporting them which will then help them to capture.

this is not some normal govt. that i have to support their good work even though i dont like them.

but thanks to them for involving in controversies like side-lining nationalist like Rameshwor Khanal, budget to distribute cash to carders, protecting criminals in free economy (its amazing that these commies are anti free economy but has nexus with criminals of free economy- opposition/ media should tell this fact to public) etc..

2. Kali Prasad
Was not this inept J N K slapped in public by one of his own people ?  What can anyone expect from a spineless, worthless person like J N K.  He has no moral authority or respect. A poodle of Prachande. Why not sack this inept JNK. Where is the power of the people. DO NOT ACCEPT THE RESIGNATION OF THE FINANCE SECRETARY.  FIRE THE FINANCE MINISTER. We need young blood with sharp minds. Get rid of old and senile and professional politicians once and for all.  Also, another related item -  let the Maoist party split. They are the cause of all the troubles in Nepal. Jai Nepal.  

3. bhootnath
haha.what a joke ...there wil b sunami here in nepal if the power hungery corrupt bharat minister is shown the door....jhalanath khanl is the leader of scoundrel...and it doesnt surprises me madhab nepal was the one who started it..some one rightly said kangresh did individual corruption,a ma lay just institutionalised it...

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)