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Here we go again...our great police-wallahs have once again done us proud! Central jail must be a fun place to be hola! You can plan them extortion, murder surder...get shot marriage and 99% of them inmates feel safe rey except Yunus Dai...haha!

Did you know that Charles Sobhraj gets them 'wine swine' and them cheese stuff from some guy from the French embassy? How come Charles hasn't escaped yet...either he is really enjoying his stay or just getting old hola ni!

Yunus Ansari is probably having a Hyderbaadi biryaani and thanking the heavens above for being alive. And the only place them cell phones have better reception is at them jail sail kya…khoi hamro tuh tower nai tip-dai naw!

Milan Chakre dai is probably gorging on Choco-Fun while doing a one-hand push up because his other hand is all mangled up kyaaruh! And now...a Pakistani inmate has escaped...thanks to our 'drunk' policemen!

Well, he didn't escape from them jail sail...he fainted, got checked up by them doctors and was transferred to the 'Heart' hospital...ani raati 11 bajey aspaw-taal ko bathroom baatuh bhagyo rey…haha!

And where were them cops? They were drunk sleeping kya! I think it's about tyam...our Home ministry bans them cell phones and whisky bottles during duty hours kya!

Few weeks ago, there was some bandh sandh in Maharajgunj...why? A liquor store right next to a police beat was burglarised and the tole-baasis were mad at them cops rey! Hahah…abuh raat bhari tyehi raksi pasal ko twat chor-dai, piu-dai...geet seet soonyo holan tuh mora haroo lay!

Hello…US Embassy...timro government ko aid said is not working kya! Instead of giving our Police them communication equipments and what not...just open a 'Dunkin Donuts' kya… and maybe 'free coffee & donuts' will help our cops stay wide awake and also bulk up as well...hahah!

If we look at our Nepal police…all them officers are moto-ghaato and them constables are all looreys...khana naw-kha jasto! And instead of better training, bhatta and ration...they just carry their bamboo sticks, chew Pan Parag and get drunk on duty! Ye…and not to forget...we don't have a Navy but our police-wallahs can curse more than them sailors kya!

Well…we can't blame the laathi-chargers...for they still act like they did during them Panchey days and our NA still acts like it's 1931…heheh…Rana Sashun ko bela jastai! While the police-wallahs talk like they never went to school...our NA folks still use the 'Rana' bhasa…haha!

Them police-wallahs will say...'Sir, Yo R@#! ko C@#$ lai muh thok-dim?'...ani Nepal Army ma chahi 'Shaap, Hajur lay marji hos, muh yeslai thoki haalchoo...' hahah!

My Uncle was in the NA once...hahah...he went from talking like this...'Ye.. Bhat khanoos' to ...'Hajur Jew Narayan gari-see-eos ki boxy-see-wos'…or something like that...BS!

And a friend of mine married some general ko chori and whenever he calls his mother-in-law...he goes...'Hajur Maha-raani...something baksi something gari-see-wos...'

The Ranas left the building 60 years ago…the Shahs are leaving as well…but we really can't blame our LMG (Limbu-Magar-Gurung) army generals and other 'khandaani' folks for acting like them RST (Rana-Shah-Thakuris) the end of the day...we all want to be 'Shree Tin' Maharaja kya!

1. Gaddafi
WOW. Just wow. Denigration of not one language, but two. By a man who likes to laugh at his own (unfunny) jokes. A lot. 

2. Gaddafini
haha get a grip haha

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)