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I guess them 'English'-wallahs are teaching us a thing or two. We hired a 'British' football coach to teach our national to play them football sootball …and now we have another 'British' guy teaching us how to make them movies kya!

Yes, 'Sick City' is out and it's a different kind of feelim rey! No gaana saana rey! Lau hai...heard a lot about 'Batch No.16'...hope they get their 1.15 crores ko investment back … and I will be going to them film hall sall to watch 'Sick City'...hope our film-wallahs will learn a thing or two from the kuireys!

What is..? That you can make a movie for peanuts...and make sure you hire a kuirey because then you can get away with a lot of things...hahah...I hear 'Goodbye Kathmandu' ko folks got into trouble …everywhere they go...for them shooting... local goondas just come and ask for donations rey!

Next tyam...just get like 2-3 kuireys and let them do the dealing sealing...paisa pani dinoo pardaina …baroo ulto local goonda haroo pani feelim seelim ma acting pani gari-dinchan ni! Jay bhaye we need a kuire to teach us how to tell a story, play football or even … how to run this country?

Talking about them 'two words'...wouldn't it be fun if our netas just said exactly two words instead of going on and on and wasting our tyam them so-called 'udghatan karyakarams'?

First, please arrive on tyam...if the program says 10:00am then don't wake up at 10 and then brush your teeth, do your yoga and read them papers and then arrive at the scene at 12 kya!

Second, just take your seat...don't expect us to welcome you and then request you to place your 'humble' arse on them sofa kya! You are not humble and you should be more worried about them 'sambhidaan' than attending fokatey ko programs ni!

Ani …lastuh ma if you are asked to give your 'two words'...then don't go on a rant for the next two hours …because you arrived late and we are tired and really more excited to go back home than listen to your fokatey ko if you must say them 'dui sabda' then just say...'Thank You'...hahah …and leave!

Asti was going back home from office saw-fish …ani Micro ma euta auntie was like...'Ye, ani chora chori lai tuition naw-pathau-noo …24 ghanta samma ghar ma basnoo parcha rey' Rajnikanth (ki usko copycat ho!) asked, 'Didi, kay bhayo baccha haroo... biraami?' 'Hoinuh...tyo nuclear suclear kay bhaacha ni...paani purr-naw lagyo abuh tyo Nepal ma pani aucha rey kya!'

How come …I am the last person to read or hear about 'jpt' news? Let us pray for our brothers and sisters in Japan and hope everything will be okay but Japani haroo afno desh choderuh tuh gaako chaina ni...ani Kathmandu baasi haroo chahi kay bhaako?

But if we are lucky bhanney ki witness them Indo-Pak nuclear war someday...then we better run not for them hills sills baroo...just climb Mt. Everest... heard from a local jogi that if you are on top of Mt. Everest …tyo nuclear radiation afaai freeze sreeze hooncha rey …!

Meantyam Nepal ma them animals are being fitted with them GPS devices! Tigers and Rhinos pachi abuh vultures haroo ko palo! And our so-called don son haroo lai pani Nepal police lay upahar diye-ka chan kyaaruh! How about fitting all our so-called netas with this GPS stuff …then we can all log in and watch where they are eating-shitting hola ni!

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1. asdf
 Either have this column in English or in Nepali. The attempt at colloquial use of Nepali words... quite a pain to read!

2. hakucha
then don't read

3. bobby

Is this new style in the writing?

Never read this kind of article before in the nepalitimes, it would be fun to read same stuff in the nepali though.


4. Rman

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)