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All this week, Speaker Name Bang must have felt like a school principal. Out of the 597 members in his august house, a head count showed that attendance of CA members was an average of 62, like 10%. Where are all the
others? One CA member was traveling to Australia on some other CA member's passport (Only in Nepal: "In an emergency the passport of one legislator is endorsable to another legislator provided the two bear a photographic resemblance."). Others came to BICC just to collect their allowances and slipped out to do some moonlighting on secondary jobs.

Will someone explain this to me? Maobaddies and the Eh-Maleys are both in the coalition, right? Both have affiliated trade unions and student unions that they use to spread mayhem when necessary. So far, so good. But even though both parties are in government, their student unions have taken turns in shutting down Kathmandu University for more than two weeks now because of an election wrangle. No sooner had the Cranticurry withdrawn its strike than the eh-Maley union shut down the college. Bravo! Yay!

Then down in Hetauda, the FNCCI was negotiating a salary increase with the unions of all the three big parties. Agreement had been reached with one wing of a government-affiliated party when another wing of another
govt-affiliated party decided to continue with the strike. A baddie is the labour minister but his union strikes against his own party? Bravissimo!

Just to make things more exciting, the Cranticurry trade union is now split three ways, which means extortion has increased three-fold and negotiations with the Jamcuttle factions is not acceptable to the Budgegain faction, and both are not valid for the Limbo-led union. Fissures are appearing all over the place. Comred Red Flag was humiliated in his own home district, and not allowed to speak by Awesome's sister's nephew, who wanted to show him who's boss. That's when BRB gave his 'Bhimsen Thapa' speech. (Actually Bhimsen Thapa did become PM before he died.) Then Rain Man agrees to sub-cantonment supervision in a meeting of three leaders on integration at the PM's office, and then goes right off to his Peaceful Ministry to tell the Special Committee no such agreement was reached. Something going on here we should know about, like bad blood between Pun and Deb?

The Mau Mau have finally responded to the universal demand to dismantle the YCL by creating a Super YCL that they have inventively called the 'People's Volunteer Bureau'. It will include guerrillas in cantonments,
disqualified fighters, baddie students and workers. Just proves what the Ass has been braying about for three years now, that whatever name they go by (PLA, YCL, ANASFU-R, UNCPM, Khaobuddies, SNAFU-R) they are all baddies at heart. The new vanguard Bureau is being led by none other than Comrade Netra, an acolyte of Com Kiran himself. The Bureaucats will be deployed if all hell breaks loose on 28 May and the Baddies need to unleash a Red Oktober kranti. That is the plan, anyway.

'Tis the season to be restless, and with the coming of spring everyone is on the warpath. Jumla airport has been closed for two weeks by women protesting air fare hikes, and the party front organisations are all coming
out of hibernation to compete with each other to declare rival bunds next month. This is also the season to travel and see the world. A delegation of Madhesi parties is in Delhi to meet mentors about forming a united centre-right front. Almost-PM Dahal has been invited once more by the non-existent Asia-Pacific Foundation to Singapore but the bet is he is meeting his uncooked handlers again, and stopping by at the bank as long as he is there. But soon after he returns, Fierceness is preparing to visit India, even ahead of Jhola Nath who can't seem to wangle an invite.

Headline we'd have liked to see this week:
'BAFIA To Tackle Mafia'

1. I have a point
The Earl of Inchcape, Peter Mackay, is the Chairman of Asia Pacific Foundation, which is an anti-terrorism think tank. Or, as they say International Policy Assessment Group.

2. Vija Srestha

'People's Volunteers Bureau'

Do we really think it is a joke?My question to the editor of this newspaper.

Why the article of such importance is taken off the front page.I think it is a too serious question to be dismissed. Does anyone sees what the Maoists are creating ,does anyone sees the purpose ,the real purpose?It will take the whole life time and we will come back to point  zero, not our generation,but our children's generation and their children's generations will be left in chaos and poverty as it is now.Do we want to go through it ?

This is what  the Maoists formally unveiled 'People's Volunteers Bureau' on Tuesday.  

What is volunteering?

In general terms, volunteering is the practice of people working on behalf of others or a particular cause without payment for their time and services.What kind of volunteers will we have,social,skill based or virtual?As at the present the volunteers are the PLA's disqualified youth .

A volunteer's organization or Bureau ,whatever you call must be an Independent charity and membership organisation.If the Maoist party organizes,so it has enough cash to support 500.000 youths they plan to recruit as volunteers ,by the way  at the present PLA can not even feed themselves as most of them were recruited for PLA and till now they were supported by the government and UNMIN and now its representatives.So ,in the future the Government will allocate amount of money for this purpose and who can prove anything where the money goes.Maoist cadres broke down the infrastructure and now  they will selflessly devote to this cause.Wow!What a clever way to kill two birds with one shut.But that is just a part of the proverb.We will have to wait another 50 years to see the reality.'If you want to catch two birds with one shut you may get none'

My second question is ,who are the wealthy members and donors to this charity organization in Nepal or it has become so powerful and popular all over the world that  now everyone donates to this organization.

Or is it that 500.000 members will pay membership fee every month,I guess Rs.1000 each to sustain and keep running and fulfilling the promises or is it that becoming a member of this Bureau the Maoist Party will keep them under control  and obligation to participate in whatever the need arises,work,fight , keeping order in the country etc.Mr.Coordinator has clearly annouced what to expect,they haven't told anything new or anything that will not be done and youth will stay as they will have become members and they would have to be greatful for letting them survive.This is how in China and USSR Communist Party created the future cadres for the Communist Party.

In former USSR it was organized under the Communist Party that had a youth organization and everyone who inrolled was kept under surveilence for their life time .It was compulsory to be a member of this youth organization ,even at the age of 13,14 years of age.If you went  to college or University,the name and surname and the party one belonged to was as important as ones name.So here is the reality,I just wish ,Nepali media would open eyes and be more active to keep this kind of articles for longer time ,even if no one responds.People do not respond because it is so obvious that people are ashamed or disgusted to even talk about it,but it is necessary.

This announcement by the Standing Committee and its coordinator Netra Bikram Chand is the laugh in everyones face.

At a press meet held at the party's central office at Paris danda today, the party claimed that the Bureau will work for peace, new constitution, development works and people's security in the country.

The motive of setting up the Bureau is the party's strategy as it will create the future cadres with their ideology and that is just one of the purposes. .

In general terms, volunteering is the practice of people working on behalf of others or a particular cause without payment for their time and services.As you see Maoist cadre and the coordinator didn't say anything he didn't meant to.


3. who cares
watch out people we have neo panchyat in nepal.

during panchyat, only panchyas, mandalayas, shahs were above the law, today only maoist are above the law.

in the past, nepalese used to be jailed for criticizing shahs, today, nepalese are sent to jail for performing sarada, where as maoist do not even have to go to jail for beating the crap out of newar in newa land for working hard. 

puspa has found gajjab ko hanuman in the body of jhallu ram.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)