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Jhallu Baba...our Prime-Monster is busy all day …trying to make them everyone happy! And now he has come up with a new 'idea'...if you received one mantra-laya then get one or two free as well!

Barshaman Dai gets them 'Youth & Sports' portfolio …abuh hamro youngsters haroo lai 'Peace & Reconstruction' ma pani involve garnaw milcha ki! Ani tyo bela ko 'Peace Corps' jastai …hamra yuva haroo lai gau-ghar ma 2-3 mahina volunteer garney plan slan garney ki? College credit sredit pani pau-ney, gau ghar ko geet seet, dance sance pani siknay, ani yeso help selp ma pani garney kaso?

It's good to be them civil servants in 'New' Nepal kyaaruh! The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation is coming out with this so-called 'new' concept ...'leave tourism' …to promote domestic tourism for them civil servants rey!

Hamro civil servants lai motivation cha-hiyo bhaney baroo …hami sabai milay-raw ek dui laat hanyo bhaney chahi thik thau ma aucha ki? I think Devi Prasad Regmi should go on a 'slapping tour' across the country! For each slap …we will donate Rs 1,000 ni baroo... tyo paisa lay desh ko bato ghato baw-naam naw...hoinuh?

Why not send our civil servants to them rural areas as well and make them work ni baroo...WFP ko work for food bhanya jastai...send our civil servants to Dolpa and only pay their salaries when they come back a year later, after building them schools, health posts and bato ghato kya!

And now our dailies report that more than 3,000 personal security officers have been deployed for them ex-mantris, sarkaari hakims ani thekey-daar ruh byapari haroo lai pani rey!

So the state provides them thulo mancheys with them police-wallahs for a certain period of tyam rey! But then...our netas forget rey...and they keep them government vehicles, guards and what not …afnai bau ko sampati jastai!
Rana Saa-shun dekhi ahiley ko Hawa Saa-shun ko sabai lai security ho ki kya ho? Yestai ho bhaney baroo Bhimsen Thapa ko khalak dekhi Kalu Pandey ko naati lai pani guard shard diye hooncha ni!

When Obama walks out of the White House...he will get them 2 secret service agents …tyo pani only for 10 years rey! Hamro desh ma chahi...Kamal Thapa will still get 3 police wallahs till he is 80! And Kamal dai is not even our President sresident …he is 'Bring back Lord Vishnu or die' movement ko khiladi #1!

And we know Kamal dai will live till 80 or even 90 because he he is them national tennis champion pani …55+ haroo ma! I don't know much about Prachandey dai...I think he only reads Mahabharat and plays 'Ludo' hola …and drinks like 7-8 pegs of them 'Black Label' stuff rey …!

So SLC is here...Hamro youngster haroo lai pani kya bore...April fool's day ma last exam kya! Last year, 64% managed to get past the 'Iron Gate'...hamro paala ma was only 32% hehe...but tyeti bela ahiley jasto 14 ghantey load shedding pani thiye naw ni! batti = increase in passing rate hola ni!

And nowadays …everybody is getting them 'distinction' …hamro pala ma...first division was like winning a gold medal in them Olympics! The whole tole sole ma halla …'ye falano ko choro tuh khatara …first division haaney cha mora ley!'
We still know Dr. BRB as the 'board first' wallah...even though he has a PhD …we don't care …SLC ma first ayo...pugyo...Baburam could have quit school and it wouldn't have mattered …he could hang around New Road all day and drink local twaat but folks would be like...'jay bhaye pani board first ho kya'... haha!

Abuh yo jawana ma...kay ko SLC …scrap it...siddhai 10+2 tiruh laagey bhaye naw bhanya! But I still have my SLC ko result in them golden frame srame …hahah …First Division …taan toon garey raw!

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)