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'Peace process will speed up with the Maoists in government'

BBC Nepali: A leader from your party was the prime minister before you. What will you do that he hasn't?
Jhala Nath Khanal: We have become prime ministers in different contexts. When Madhav Kumar Nepal was the prime minster, the Maoists were not in government. Now they are joining us. The involvement of the Maoists in this government means that the peace and constitution-writing process will now speed up.

The Maoists didn't join government earlier, and now NC is staying in opposition. How do you plan to move ahead without a consensus?
National consensus is obligatory. Either they choose to support us by joining the government or by staying in the opposition, it is their decision.

The seven-point agreement between you and Pushpa Kamal Dahal says that you plan on sharing the PM post on rotational basis. How can we believe you plan to include everyone?
This agreement is not directed against other political parties. By rotational we do not mean between two parties only. If another party is interested to join us, they can come too.

You made an agreement with Dahal to set up a separate force either composed of Maoist combatants or combined with other security forces. Is this UML policy?
It is a proposal. There are other alternatives.

How can it be a proposal when the two of you have signed it?
It can't be the last word just because two parties have agreed. Without the permission of the Special Committee, we can't do anything. That is why for now it is only a proposal.

The Maoists used to accuse Madhav Nepal's government of being India's puppet. Now people are saying your government will be a puppet of the Maoists.
UML is a party with its own ideology and identity. So there is no need for us to follow anyone. But yes, we did feel the need to unite to lead the country to a better future.

The coalition between the Maoists and UML has been termed anti-Indian. Some say without India's support, the government will not last.
The first call I received after being elected was from the Indian prime minister. He congratulated me and promised to support the government under my leadership.

If the constitution is not written by 28 May, is there an agreement between you and Dahal to extend the CA's term?
We haven't discussed this.

What are the three main priorities of your government?
First priority is to take the peace process forward, the second is constitution writing, and the third is to strengthen the governance system. Another priority is economic revolution.

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1. krishna
Dear Primer khnal .You mention about economic revolution under your priority.Nepal being Agriculture- base nation where your colleague Madhav couldn't arrange seeds and fertilizer in time. The insurgency in Terai Where
food is produce threaten the life of farmer and tenure itself uncertain, in such circumstance on what basis you think for Economical revolution. Is economical revaluation similar to popular Maoist revolution ?

2. Daniel Gajaraj
Although there is a saying," Don,t give unsolicited advices, wise men do not need them ,fools won,t use them."
Since Jhala Nath is neither wise nor a fool  one,but a missing link.,I dare to give this advice. He seems to be a well meaning  hermaphrodite of the species,his next priority is economic revolution  ,he is advised to read at least  these two books:
India Unbound-by Gurucharan Das and
A Better India A Better World-by N R  Narayana Murthy.
PS: All commies' economic advisers too.

3. Chatur
Hon. khanal how you look only one face of coin that Premier of india congratulate you and support your government. Now Nepali people are panic at indo-nepal boarder by their custom cadres/BSF , ask for help ?
Many case in past if You dont cooperate them you have to face sever problem. check ex premier Marichman Singh >

4. B2B
My foot, the peace process!

When you do politics without substance you have to bear the brunt of the whole thing.

And Prachanda, the awesome, will be always breathing down your neck.

You sacrificed Nepal's future for a fake and transient title of PM. History will judge you as the person without personality and lacking a moral compass. 

You will be judged as the traitor to the Nation.

5. Ghodse


You should not produce so hard to post master (pm). he is innocent and admit to prez there were language problem in 7 point deal , how he bear the post. The top level executive such  smart  must be slapped agin and again.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)