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"India gave army training to the Maoists"

In his soon-to-be published book, former Military Secretary to the Royal Palace Bibek Kumar Shah has disclosed that the army knew about India's patronage of the Maoists. Shah has recounted an incident involving an inspector of the Armed Police Force back from commando training in Chakrata, Dehradun, who submitted a report claiming that the Maoists had been trained in the same location a month earlier.

"The sand models that the Maoists used in the attacks at Satbariya in Dang, Mangalsen in Achham and Chainpur in Sankhuwasabha were exactly the same as the ones Armed Police Force officers were trained to build in Chakrata," the inspector said in the report. He was also informed about the Maoist group that allegedly came to Chakrata from Nepal by a shopkeeper outside the training centre. The shopkeeper had remarked that the previous group had many women amongst them. A trainer, too, let slip the intention of India to train the armies of both sides.

India trained the LTTE rebels, the Mukti Bahini of Bangladesh, and the Khampa rebels of Tibet in the same complex at Chakrata, Establishment 22, which was built by the Americans. Shah has also disclosed in his book that former DIG of police, Lal Bahadur Thapa, was instructed to carry out a covert investigation in agreement with former King Gyanendra after they came to know about the Maoists being trained in Chakrata.

But Thapa, an expert on the Chakrata area, reportedly went missing and Shah was asked to resign from his post soon after the decision to investigate was taken. King Gyanendra asked for Shah's resignation in October 2003.
Another sensational revelation in Shah's book involves a police officer who served in the United Nation Mission in Kosovo. According to this officer, "A senior Indian IPS officer worked in the same sector as me and he told me that everything in Nepal will happen as India wants.

He said that an army officer in the palace was sacked after he came to know about India giving army training to the Maoists. They mobilised Surya Bahadur Thapa, one of their men, to influence the King to remove the officer."

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1. who cares
the wild guesses regarding the relationship between india and maosit are all turning out to be true.

when i was young, i used to hear that some one used to train LTTE and srilankan force in the same place (one during the day and another during the night)... i was not told who that was, now, it turned out to be india........... india is so predictable, lacks creativity..... cant they think of any new idea............. 

is not it amazing that india tagged both maosit and ltte, terrorists. and still, they not just gave them shelter, but also trained them, financed them and even, could be, supplied them with weapon.

and also india helped maoist by weakening then royal nepal army by blocking US from supplying arms to the r nepal army.

without india, maoist would have been eliminated.

as for me, during british india, indian army capturing kala pani, indian sheltering maoist, indian ambassador hatching conspiracy against nepal ............. those were the highest days of indian interference. ............. but for others, its at present where nepal is facing the biggest interference from india.

for me, its at present, when indian has never been this weak in nepal.

its time that india should pay 100billion US$ each to nepal and srilanka as damages..... ........... or else.

this book has revealed some secrets:
1: relation between india and maosit.
2: shahs never respected the constitution (constitutional monarchy), they were hatching conspiracy even when they had no constitutional right. ................... this is why before republic, we never had real democracy, 

we were always controlled directly or  indirectly by shahs.

3: this book proofs that shahs were in a position to coup whenever they wanted.......... that is why many were afraid of them, many licked their ass........... cause they could return formally at any time. that is why police, judges, generals all were in their grip/pet.

this book is the big slap on the face of those supporting constitutional monarchy..... and the amazing thing is, this idiot writer exposed his dead master.

is not it amazing that APF boss used to go to this army boss of the palace to hajir. ...... what a pet!,,,, 


2. Arthur
It must be really exciting for Bibek Kumar Shah that at least one person in Nepal actually takes his stories seriously.

What a pity that it is only "who cares".

3. who cares
this arthur guy is really funny. 

4. Sarath G
India is simply a curse to Nepal. And that is to those who know, not to the gullible ones like Arthur. 

5. Who Cares II
Please tell us something we didnt already know.... India has always been a malign force in Nepal....They inherited the British expansionist mentality...This will never change... 

And Nepal stands no chance against India's designs... Its only a matter of time before the centrifugal forces egged on by India get the critical mass necessary for the Balkanization of Nepal. Things cannot forever progress the way they have post-1996 (when the insurrection began) when the paralysis of an entire country set in. Sooner or later total chaos will set in. The situation in Nepal is like the proverbial frog in the frying pan. We wont know how far down the road to the breakdown of the very fabric of the nation, not just of the state apparatus, we have arrived at until we get at the point of complete anarchy...And then- walla! India will send its "peace keeping force" into Nepal at the behest of of our political establishment...The political (not so) elite of Nepal seem to be preparing the recipe for this eventual outcome.   

Complete Indian domination of Nepal is a certain inevitability. Presently Nepal is somewhere between a semi-independent and a colonial state of India.

Realpolitik and the big fish small fish story...nothing new.

6. Slarti
I don't know about this India hand thing. It is safe to assume that if Prachanda says that he was in and out of India then their security establishment knew about it. 

But then if they are in the neighborhood why would they not wait for a chance to take advantage of that. It is apparent that they benefited from GP's patronage.

International relations is a long-term game, and I know absolutely nothing about its working, maybe this could help.

7. SS

It must be really exciting for Bibek Kumar Shah that at least one person in Nepal actually takes his stories seriously.

When the stories are true, there's no need to comment.

8. Satyajeet Nepali

I repeat: Nepal's so-called 'peace process' is nothing but a bastard child of Opportunism (parties) and Terrorism (Maoists) delivered by the mid-wifery of foreign intirgue (India)!

What's slowly being revealed is the extent of Indian intrigue. That they had provided safe haven to the Maoists was already known, but actually *providing training* is simply another level!

9. Friend
Who cares ll- Do not worry about Indian dominance. It is China that you should worry about that will swallow Nepal. And Nepal will not even be able to see how that happened.
Other thing, no Indian forced Nepalis to get training in India.To this day many Nepalis go to India for free trainings, buy goods. First, you should help build Nepal without spewing venom against other countries or complaining. Nepal has many strengths but needs to cultivate them instead of constant blaming on others. After all when Nepal is stable, it will need to have good relations with neighbours. More friends are needed, not enemies.

10. Not_Friend
Friend, what have you been smoking?  China is pragmatic in its ties with Nepal as opposed to India which is trying its best to influence Nepali politics, take Nepali territory, get cheap Nepali electricity and and steal Nepali water.

Time and again, we find that India plays Nepal to South Block's own interests.  Nepal attempted to build hydroelectric dams in the 1960s but the idea was shot down by Indira Gandhi- because she was afraid that India would become too reliant on Nepal.   More recently, India threw a hissy-fit when Nepal printed anything even vaguely criticising her southern neighbour: 

Why did India hold onto Nepal's newsprint for over one month?  It is not because of red tape or a slow-check process because this nature of shipment has taken place regularly for decades.  That India should choose to hold up this shipment of paper at this time to a newspaper which it found "unworthy" is simply something that one cannot condone.

Yes, Nepal needs more friends- it would be nice if India would actually begin to act like one.

11. Prakash
When China starts swallowing Nepal, Nepal will not  be able to even sigh, you will be crushed and your freedom of speech will be crushed and you will  become slaves, that day you will remember India.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)