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Maoists to buy Khanna Garment

The UCPN (Maoist) is on a drive to amass as much property as it can. The Maoist leadership and its sister organisation, the All Nepal Trade Union Federation, are preparing to buy Khanna Garment Factory at Balkumari soon after Tihar. But the party is supposedly planning a final revolution. What need does it have for fixed properties if it is heading into a revolution?

The Maoists got hold of Khanna Garment soon after they came into the peace process. Khanna Garment was put up for auction after its owner, Kewal Krishna Khanna, failed to pay the bank loan on his factory. But the Maoists occupied the premises before anyone could take part in the auction, leaving the bank helpless. It has been used as an office and residence for YCL cadres since, and over 50 party members still reside there.

The Maoist Party has now decided to use Khanna Garment as its Trade Union office, which was displaced from Paris Danda in Koteswor once that site became party headquarters. Sources say that the Maoists are now planning to buy Khanna Garment, and are seeking to collect Rs 30.5 million for the purpose.

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1. who cares
we need a hero

to stop loot,
to punish all looters.

2. jange
The Maoists should take this further and make it a national policy. Anyone who wants to buy or establish an industry should be allowed to collect the required amount. If anyone refuses to contribute he should be beaten up, maimed or killed , as appropriate.

3. oZzIE
jange, because of people like you Nepal is in this sad and unkown situation.
Don't only think about you or party, pls think about the future and country first.I didnot have to live in Australia if it was not of Maoist threat, intimidation, chanda etc...look at the situation in Nepal. Dont you see how Nepal is going...We all know Nepali Congress and UML are just a bunch of crooks, ghuskhori etc but atleast we there was safety in the country but now....

4. oZZie
who cares you been watching 2 much movies mate

5. who cares


dont you consider putin of russia to be a hero, even though has dark side.
what about hero from srilanka, hero from malaysia, hero from peru....

and i believe what jange said is a sarcasm.

6. Kale
Why do they buy only the Khanna Garment or Paris Danda or the Hospital ; they should buy the Casinos,Massage parlours of Thamel and the resorts as well.

7. Nepalese

Jange, our country is going behind N behind its becoz of corrupted n polluted mind like urs. U maoists N all the corrupted polticians should be hanged and gunned down together so that out nation will breathe in peace.

8. jange
# 3, #7

When people can't tell the difference between satire and non satire then the place is in real trouble.

It is very interesting that there are people who consider that a policy of looting money from ordinary people to buy up businesses is a CREDIBLE government policy proposal for a political party.

9. Arthur
jange #8, this often happens when you post a sarcastic comment with your imitation of a "crazy maoist". The problem is that the people who agree with you are too hostile to maoists to be interested listening to or reading anything that real Maoists actually say and are so used to only reading what they agree with that they cannot grasp satire.

Its no use complaining that "the place is in real trouble". Simply accept that people who agree with you are quite ignorant and mindless.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)