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"Mr. Prachanda Path, the Co-chairman"

UCPN (Maoist) chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has accused the media of spreading lies about his Malaysia visit.

"The media falsely reported that there was no conference at all," he said at the airport after returning from his four-day trip to Malaysia. Displaying a certificate of the conference allegedly organised in Kuala Lumpur, he said, "The Asia Pacific Exchange and Cooperation Foundation gave me this appointment letter as its co-chairman, which proves there was a conference."

Dahal's appointment letter reads as follows: "We are honor To Appointment Mr. Prachanda Path as the Co-Chairman of Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation."

The organisation that made Dahal its co-chairman, however, does not exist in cyberspace. In fact, the only references to the conference on Google are news bytes on Dahal's visit to Malaysia, as reported by Nepali news portals. Dahal claims there were participants from China, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries at the conference, who committed to work for peace and development.

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1. who cares
Dahal claims there were participants from China, Thailand, Vietnam and other countries...

and no malaysians. 


2. jange
Dahal also claims that he is a man of peace.

Dahal also claims that he and his party are committed to multiparty politics.

Dahal also claims that he is a revolutionary.

Dahal also claims to be and do countless other things.

If you can believe all that why can't you believe this?

3. KiranL
This certificate can't be from a Malaysian company, Malaysians have very good English. If you ask me it looks like it was written by Mr Mahara Cum-red. Prachanda has lost his ability to even lie convincingly, let's make him PM before he does any further damage.

4. who cares

another point worth noticing;
"Dahal's appointment letter reads as follows: "We are honor To Appointment Mr. Prachanda Path as the Co-Chairman of Asia Pacific Exchange & Cooperation Foundation."

"Mr.Prachanda Path", what is this?

5. BB
Jange is damn right. You were willing to believe that Prachande and his Maoists were willing to "transform", join the "mainstream", bring "peace", "new constitution" and "New Nepal". Weren't there people back then saying all those were lies too? But no, back then you gave it your 101% to make sure that rest of Nepali people also believed in all those Maoist lies...and you brought them from the jungles to the seats of power.  

Now that they are the biggest party, you want the people to believe they are all wrong and false. Prior to CA elections in 2008 everything about them was good. After 2008 everything about them is bad.

Of all the bad things in Nepal you half-and-half pundits, 'dui-jibre jornalists', are the worst!

6. Rajaram
# 5 BB
You are also damn right.
Maoist and Gyanendra have been asked to work together by the Chinese.
Now hard times are ahead for the Nepali  Congress party and the Amale. ,UML
They are a party without a vertebra, spineless ,earthworms.Maoists have vertebra but has tuberculosis in their  bone  marrow .
Every partyb has two strong factions;it will be better for the country if they break with their ideology. What is the useof marriage if it becomes in compatible. Divorce is better in that situation.let such marriage of the party go to rocks.
This applies to the UCPN (Maoist) as well.
A new alignment is what is neede to steer the country to modernity  and a new age.

7. King
Mr.  Path. after Prachanda  stands for an abbreviation  for the followings:
Pathfinder., etc etc

8. King

9. kabulekanchho
Enjoy great driving along the Prachanda Path!
This highway to riches takes you to a great resort M'sia and before our southern neighbor and their spies could sniff, you can come back with Rs. 500 crore (was that the amount spoken by bidesh bibhag pramukh Khamred Mehra?) Dashain Kharcha given by uttar tirako dajyu!

10. Tunku
Chamelia,s Chinese Contractor laundered the money to Prachanda. Rajbahadur,  Ajaya Sumargi got their  share too as the arrangement went along.

11. Prem
This is another episode of LIE. It is a pity that the Maoists still think that all Nepalis are like their innocent combatants and YCL workers, and the Nepalis can be kept as hostage as he thinks, thanks to his Guru Mohan Vaidya. Prachanda Path is nothing but the roadway to Pyongyang. But the bridge is broken and Comrade Pushpa Kamal's vehicle is going to fall off the broken bridge into deep water.

12. Yeti in Kathmandu
When have they ever disagreed in public? When have they ever been unsuccessful to mislead us? What they need is a kick in their ass. But one cannot do is alone. Any takers?? Or are we forever going to take this lying down until there is nothing left? Most probably think of escaping to another country like cowards instead of facing the problems. We need to unite!! Once again...any takers????

13. Sargam
Nepalese are after all not very different than Japanese hikikomori; hundreds and thousands of youth who do not get angry but just withdraw!

They can't visibly withstand the stressing life of the megalopolis like Tokyo. As they see no alternative on the horizon so they simply withdraw.

Our Nepalese can't dare revolting against the established politicos who never finish their trade-off. Only alternative left is resignation.

How long!?!

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)