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Maoist induction of royalists


Royalists have been inducted into the UCPN (Maoist) party, and accepted by hardcore republicans within the party as well. Party chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal welcomed former minister of the royal regime Radha Krishna Mainali to the party, and called Mainali's entry a "special episode in the movement for national independence and change."

The Maoists say they have united with the royalists out of a common interest in nationalism. "Those who supported the king with the belief that he would safeguard national sovereignty are now joining the Maoists," said Maoist secretary CP Gajurel. "But not all royalists are nationalists and thus are not eligible to join the party," he said.
The Maoists have used national sovereignty as bait to lure the royalists, and this is not the first time they have done so. After resigning from the government a year and a half ago, the Maoists unleashed an anti-Indian movement in the name of national sovereignty to attract royalists. The entry of royalists into the party, however, is perceived by some as a deviation from principle.

Mainali, whovanished from Nepal's political scene after Jana Andolan II, has regained the confidence to resume his political career. "I will be active in politics now, and believe the Maoists alone can lead the movement of national sovereignty," he said during his induction. He also publicly confessed that he was wrong to have supported the then king Gyanendra.

Former royal minister Hari Shankar Pariyar, former Rajparisad member Uttam Pariyar, former Brigadier General Kumar Phudung and former eastern region administrator Surya Bahadur Sen Oli have also joined the party. Phudung and Sen Oli are Maoist CA nominees.

Rastriya Prajatantra Party president Kamal Thapa says the former royalists are attracted to the Maoists because in the absence of the monarchy, they are the strongest force. "They feel they should support those bringing the republic if that is something they have to accept," he said.

Sources claim the Maoists are in constant touch with Thapa, former prime ministers Tulsi Giri and Kirtinidhi Bista, and Raj Bahadur Singh, son-in-law of the former king. Maoists are also in contact with former minister Rameshnath Pandey, former chief of the National Investigation Department Debi Ram Sharma, former chief secretary Lokman Singh Karki, and former secretary Hira Bahadur Thapa. The Maoist government had attempted to appoint Karki chief of the Commission for the Investigation of the Abuse of Authority, and Pandey as foreign affairs advisor.

At a time when the Maoists have decided to form an all-powerful disciplinary commission, they have also been inducting various other personalities unconditionally. "We inducted them to protect the party's identity," said politburo member Netra Bikram Chand.

Those who cannot enter the party directly will be slotted in through a joint front. The latest central committee meeting has decided to welcome nationalists and leftists into the party. "The nationalists will be brought in the front, but we can also work with those who do not want to join the front," said Gajurel.

It has become a convention for Nepali communist parties to form a joint front in times of crisis.

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1. who cares
in the past royalist used to provide protection to criminals and give license to crime.

today, maoist give such services, that is why, they are joining maoist.

the gap created by ending kingship has been filled by maoist.

2. KiranL
Sri Panch Maharajadhiraj Prachandra Bir Bikram Shah Dev ki Jai Jai Jai!!!

3. Gole
Birds of the same feathers flock together at the time of their  doom.

4. Bhaicha
Himani trust is another nautanki.
When people proposed a foundation in the name of Birendra with his fortune or inany royal name not a single penny was allocated for it; Gaynendra the drabya-disach  (King Midas)turned a deaf ears to that proposal. It was published in NT also.
Now why is this? Briddha vesya tapswini,is the saying.It is not implied to Himani; but to that personage who is behind it, Gyanendra.
note he is now in cahootwith the Maoists.All his enterprises now have Maoist infiltration or run by neo-maoists. Aharecha biharecha tekta lajja sukhibhabet! Look at his body language after the inauguration of the trust.He is still behind fomenting confusion in the dirty underworld of Nepalese politics. ;although this is all wishful thinking.
Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

5. Kale
The honest broker to bring Maobadiand Gyanendra is the Chinese; beware of its consiquences you socalled democrats and the missing link Amale.

6. BB

Even Maoists now realize that monarchy was good for the country. By getting rid of the monarchy we have invited way too much foreign interference in Nepali politics. If monarchy had been retained, this level of foreign interference would not be taking place.

Even Maoists know this. But they are not willing to admit it and act in the larger national interest by re-storing the monarchy. Despite knowing the reality they are just flirting with former-royalists to gain support from nationalistically minded people.

Maoists, you have done enough damage already. It's better to retract your stance on republicanism. Nepal is better off with monarchy. If you are seriously for the country (and not just party-power) then there is no harm in admitting you made a mistake in the past. Nepal's 'objective conditions' demand that it is better off with monarchy. Restore the monarchy in Nepal. This is the way to peace and stability.

7. Laxmi Karki
There is a saying in English " Birds of the same feather flock together " and that is what exactly is happening. Maoist and the previous Royalist Government rule by coercion, suppression, and threats. Now they are banding together to do the same thing to the people. Be aware such devils.

8. Danny
Jindagi eskake butome gujari Momin , akhiri bakta par khak mussalman hu mai?

9. King
#7 Laxmi Karki

You forgot the last line.
Birds of the same feather flock together at the time of their doom.

10. BB

#7, #3 etc.

Yes, and which were the feathers that flocked together to Delhi?

Which were the feathers that flocked together to legitimize terror and violence?

Which were the feathers that flocked together to agree to feed and sustain 20,000 fake terrorists with poor Nepali taxpayers' money?

Which were the feathers that brought the 'politics of violence' into the 'mainstream' of our culture???

11. who cares

the same feathers which gyn bahadur used to fly to delhi and bejing.

the same feathers which gyn bahadur and shahs and ranas used to terrorise public to maintian their rule over nepalese for centuries.

the same feathers those shahs, gyn bahadur, ranas used to loot nepal, monopolize business, distribute national wealth to their sheep.

the same feathers those shahs, gyn bahadur, ranas brought to nepal to commit crime, torture nepalese using police, mandalas for centuries. 

tell me just one evil side that shahs or maoist do not have that human has.

the only difference in those two evils is the number of maosit are 100s of times more than dead royals had. that is why today we have far more violence than the time of shahs.

if you analyse fairly, intelligently, every evil, crime, threat, foolishness maoist have been using are all copied from shahs, mahandrya. 

ycl from mandala.
anti india from anti india.
china card from china card.
wagging tail to india to wagging tail to india.
rule of local maoist from local landlord. 
and what not.

it would be best for dead royalist supporters and their masters to shut up and start new independent life. or you will even loose what you have today.

12. Bhaicha

The greatest contribution of the Maoist is the new culture  of violence.
You create an ideology and within that you can commit murder with a clear conscience, without even batting your eye-lids.
Heil unsere Comrades! Viva Polpot!

13. King
#10 BB
The three feathers all started kowtowing and genuflecting to Delhi.Sow wind and you reap whirlwind.

14. Pravat
What's the big deal with the so called "royalists" joining the Maoists? Politician hop around where ever they see power or, at least, something to feed on. They join the Maoists now but who knows where they'll be next year. If the rumors are true and that the King is making his way back, do you think they will still stick to the Maoist gang? And what did they think of the Maoists when they were in power along with the King? They were fighting for a republic nation and people's rights, why didn't they realize it then and why now? 

They are just a bunch of looser who will hop around and stick to anything that has power like a leech. They should probably stick to the power grids, if they are really power hungry!

15. Sargam


What you worded so far is a no-brainer. C'mon,  get real!

It requires really a considerable amount of patience and tolerance to be able to listen to as well as read your drivel of a warped minded drip of your kind who has the extra time to ferry us around all the time with your snide comments and pipe dream.

For once, be honest. Do you see the slightest of chance on the horizon for the comeback of monarchy in Nepal? Nay, not a single, alas!

For a change, just give us the name of the fella who is behind the regicide of Narayanhiti. Huh, you dare not!

Everybody has made his mind about this who is who. You don't make a fool out of it alright?

Next, because the Maoists are trying to play a trick on the desperate sympathizers of ex-monarchy for their own ascent to the mainstream power you folks have begun dreaming of some plum jobs in the Maoists led government? Nothing prevents you from dreaming of some lucrative jobs of ambassadors or ministerial posts, but how long can you go to bed with them? You will finish by hating yourselves at the end.

Their only gimmick valid in life is to live the life of pashas by means of restoring the totalitarian regime of one party rule for at least 30 years at the cost of the poor stakeholders' hard labor no matter they are the bearers of outdated and incoherent dogmas of yesteryear. You guys enjoyed almost the same type of life, but now folks are better informed, perhaps less those rugged chaps in the countryside, who serve as the backbone for the Maoists, and as such honed by the media.

They know exactly what is good for them and for their offspring.

But, for now you must be sure of one thing that Democracy in Nepal is for always. No subversive forces will arrive at changing it. If you try to derail it you will burn your hands, mind out.

How sad to realize that you guys need to tack on a superfluous and insignificant thing like Maoism. They are like a fashion of one season. Nepal needs to change every season to innovate and create new designs and prospects to be competent and pass on the ramps of world showcase. Alas, we will not redo anything concrete out of vintage and dead habits. We need constant change to adapt ourselves to cope with the new challenges of the progressive world.

Because life is a capacity to adjust itself according to the changes in circumstances.

16. Laxmi Karki

Dear ALL

The greatest debacle of the moaist movement was the division of the country - pahadis and madhesis. See the situation today a Nepali of pahadi origin cannot stay in inner madhes because of threats and most of them moved out to safer places. In the panchayat era there was at least people and integration although the Madhesi were suppressed to some extent. Now due to the so called revolution to empower the poor there is no security, law and order, governance, electricity, water supply, food, and others. Hats off the netas of Maoism. It is like the fish which has fallen into the fire from the pan.


17. Invictus
I think the correct idiom is "Birds of a feather, flock together" - I don't know where you all got " colour' and "at the time of their doom".

Anyway, when things  are stretched to a circle, the two poles will have to come together.  When one sees India's blatant interference in every aspect of  Nepalese society, the 2 most nationalist of political entities - the Maoists and the Royalists - see that it is in their common interest to have some sort of alliance to counteract with Indian designs to split Nepal.

India already controls the Congress, the UML and the rest of the jing-bang.  India wants to limit China's presence and influence in Nepal and hopefully, reap the benefits of the massive hydro-power potential of Nepal.  To keep the India's economic machinery going, it require to harness a great amount of energy and they see the great rivers of Nepal as very attractive power source.

China, on the other hand, wants to curtail Indian hegemony; thus, is trying to bring these "nationalist" elements together. 

It's the story of the regional power vs the next superpower asserting themselves on Nepal's turf.

18. BB
Agree with all 3 last comments, especially Invicts. Monarchy was an effective buffer against foreign powers fighting their wars on our turf i.e. it kept excessive Indian and Chinese interferences at bay. Nepal was better off with Monarchy.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)