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Objectivity in news is difficult to determine even in normal times. When shady players are looking for opportunities to manipulate information in a transitional polity, it becomes almost impossible to guard against manufactured realities. The tape scandal involving Maoist strongman Krishna Bahadur Mahara and an unidentifiable interlocutor probably falls in the later category.

The conversation on the controversial tape is perhaps factual. Mahara has not disowned it. The Maoists are more interested in the mechanism, morality and legality of taping private discussions and intimate negotiations. In all probability, Mahara discussed things that he is recorded to have discussed. But with whom?

The identity of the person at the other end of the line is not clear even though his possible motives are. The impersonator wanted to take advantage of Mahara's gullibility and kill two birds with one stone: defame the Chinese and demonise the Maoists. You don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to crack the case. That an India-based television channel first played the tape, is a definitive pointer.

Then, Kantipur daily's editor, Sudheer Sharma, wrote a front-page commentary revealing the way certain diplomatic mission had made attempts to plant the story in the media. He went on to disclose that they had been approached while socialising with the Chinese ambassador. That gave another twist to the whole episode. Apparently, the mainstream media and diplomatic missions in Kathmandu are much closer to each other than we thought.

The Nepali audience seems to be better at detecting deceptive coverage than many journalists realise. Despite persistent approach to blow the tape controversy into a scandal, the news of seemingly incriminating conversation has failed to penetrate the public imagination. The Nepali audience has dismissed the whole affair as one of those things that make politics what it is: a cesspool.

Everything is fair in love, war and politics. Persuasion, bribery, punishment and deception are considered inalienable components of politics. All sides in a multi-cornered contest use these methods to neutralise or overcome their competitors. Which is why the public brushed off the scandal with a shrug.

Last year, the disclosure of the Shaktikhor videotape, in which Pushpa Kamal Dahal was shown claiming credit for misleading parliamentary parties, tricking UNMIN and taking the gullible government for a ride, failed to create widespread indignation. The social elite in Kathmandu cribbed about it for a while and then it was forgotten as soon as Dahal was evicted from Baluwatar. Readers seem to know how to sift through news breaks.

The Mahara-tape affair was clearly a sting operation, but the media can claim no credit for unearthing it. Whenever an interested party releases 'news', it becomes a plant and media stands to lose its credibility. It is possible that revelations so far have been mere pressure tactics to make the Maoists fall in line.

Leaders in the anti-Maoist alliance know very well that the Maoists were nurtured by the country that wants it contained now. They could be next.

That could be the reason the government has refused to take the matter seriously. Political capital is being made out of the scandal on the floor of the legislature, but no judicial investigation has been ordered so far.

It is all right for tabloids and sensational televisions to fall for planted stories. The mainstream media should know better than treating it as news. Free media needs to use its own judgement in separating  information from propaganda. A slight slant can sometimes be forgiven, but wholesale adoption of plants will cost the media its credibility.

1. Sandeep Dhungana
Coming from CK Lal this is a very confused piece

2. Nirmal
Yes, it is a pity how "this mainstream media" took the issue. We had a golden opportunity to hit the head of the evil, alas! we lost it. Then they want to be anti-maoists ie anti-evils! They lacked imagination as well as journalistic vocation. Kantipur's column by Sudhir Sharma is pathetic.

In short, it appears that no Maoists(maikalaal) is around to scratch a lot. What is incomprehensible is to realize that how the non-maoists parties are taking the battle with the corruption of their eternal rival. Certainly for people like us the matter has stopped being something new to judge as these scandals have been occurring without interruption since 1990. And no politicos may feel like going out to the fore to explain to people how they are going to tackle with this case of sedition and huge corruption. That can go wrong in the minds of people.

But it is amazing to see that the Maoists look away.
That no man of the national institutions(those who are authorised to fight corruption) denounce the terrible risk that a legion(Mahara and his men behind) of corrupt untouched, capillary disseminated at all levels of their party, go to the Government of Nepal. And that's what will happen if nobody obliges the Maoists to change its attitude.

3. jange
Free media needs to use its own judgement in separating information from propaganda.

The media can print what it likes. I am sure that the Nepali people are intelligent enough to work out the difference.

4. Arthur
This "objective" report is completely false. C K Lal claims that Mahara did not disown the tape. But Mahara certainly did disown the tape.

If C K Lal does not believe the strong denial by Mahara that is up to him. But by pretending that Mahara admitted the conversation is genuine C K Lal is behaving at least as badly as any of the media that he criticizes.

Obviously every possible conversation of Maoist leaders is carefully monitored by Nepal Army and India (both phone calls and conversations anywhere that can be bugged, which is pretty well anywhere). No great skill is required to splice together a completely fake conversation from occasional words and phrases taken from other conversations, mixed together when necessary with words recorded by someone who is good at imitating the sound of Mahara's voice.

Other reporters try to twist Mahara's agreement that the voice does sound like his voice into an admission that he had that conversation. C K Lal is even worse.

5. nationalist
you write garbled ideas that may not be accessible even to you. in the quest of appearing intellectual (in fact you are) you have overestimated your caliber. in fact, you are an intellectual but you do not have insider knowledge of politics. so better you confine yourself to theoretical and speculative endeavors rather than being so cocksure about politics.

6. spectator
Jange you didn't complete properly
The media can print what it likes and it cannot print what it does not like. You and your media...........

7. Concerned citizen

Arthur, if you listen to the whole conversation it is pretty clear that the words could not have been "cut and pasted" from other conversations. It clearly was Mahara and Maoists know that sophisticated scientific analysis will uncover the truth. That is why they are resisting even the investigation into this incident. Why resist investigation if you are innocent when you know that there is technology available to verify the authencity of the conversation?

In any case, the fact that a foreign country was tapping phone conversations of a Nepali politician is very troubling. This just shows how our politicians are controlled by foreigners and can be bought with money. Maoists trying to get money from outside is no surprise knowing how neck deep they are in corruption, extortion, smuggling and mafia-like business operations.

8. Anil

Mr Mahara has no other choice but to say that he has been framed, although he  has not denied that the voice in the tape is his. This may have been a sting operation, but what were Mahara and the Maoists thinking when asking for money from a representative of a foreign nation ? Did they seriously think that the money would come without any strings attached?

When the constituent assembly members start asking for money for their votes especially from representatives of foreign nations (be it China,India or even INGOs), they stop representing the people. They in essence become paid representatives of other countries protecting their interests. How can they cannot protect the interests of Nepalese citizens?

 Mr Lal seems to have missed the bigger picture, and seems more concerned about the legitimacy of the sting operation itself. There is something to be said about that as well, but it did however serve to expose the level of corruption in the country.

In fact, corruption has become so prevalent that it seems to have become an accepted fact now for many people. Mr Lal does not even seem surprised that a very influential political figure was asking for money from a foreign national to buy off votes of corrupt legislators in the constituent assembly.

That these are the same people who are supposed to protect the people�s rights and write the country�s constitution should be a cause of concern for not only Mr Lal but every Nepali citizen.

9. Arthur
Concerned citizen #7, C K Lal falsely stated that Mahara admitted the conversation. That cannot be justified, whatever his grounds for believing the tape.

There is no way to tell whether an audio or even a video recording has been artificially altered. Checkout the special effects in cinema and TV. With advanced digital technology it is even quite easy. Text to speech software can even read out a text in a well modulated voice prepared from speech samples of an actual speaker.

If the tape was prepared by Nepal Army using simple techniques it might be easy to detect technically. But India has significant IT capabilities and if it was prepared by Indian intelligence agencies it need not be easy to detect.

In either case it is ridiculous to attempt to detect it by just listening and saying "it is pretty clear that the words could not have been 'cut and pasted'".

For what its worth the transcript itself suggests an Indian author as it panders very precisely to Indian fantasies about Maoist connections with China.

I would guess there would be few politicians in Nepal who have not had conversations with each other speculating on how much their opponents are being paid by the people corrupting them. Certainly Mahara himself would have conversations about arranging meetings for Prachanda in other countries. So most of the phrases would be readily available from bits of recorded conversations, with only a small part needing extra work. Don't forget that the "Chinese speaker" is not somebody identified. So anybody could create the other side of the conversation without extra technical work.

Also worth mentioning, if it had been a phone tap, they would reveal the phone numbers and time, which could at least be compared with call records.

10. Anil



Do you really believe you know what is going on in Nepal and what is good for the country more than the Nepali people themselves? Or do you actually believe that Nepalis cannot think for themselves without the help of enlightened European intellectuals such as yourself. If true,that would be a typical left-over colonial mentality.

Please stop deluding yourself and others, and get a life. Why not try helping  your own family, friends and countrymen before dispensing advise to citizens of some far-away land of which you have very little understanding.

Best regards.

11. Arthur
Anil #10, #8. You are not the first who has resorted to such complaints after losing an argument and you will not be the last.

But yours is perhaps the most spectacularly pathetic so far. Usually the objection is to a foreigner expressing opposite opinions from those expressed by so many english speaking Nepalis.

But in your case the objection is to me pointing out a very simple fact. C K Lal claimed that Mahara had not disowned the conversation but in fact Mahara DID disown it.

You can huff and puff patriotically about how colonialist I am and what a patriotic Nepali you are. But you are still stuck with that fact simply making you look silly.

12. Nirmal
Then why does not Mahara have any guts to say that as he's been framed he wants Nepal Police or any authorised body(I don't mean at all those bloody investigations commission these parties are used to form arbritrarily) being involved exclusively to reveal the real dimension of the matter and for that he is ready to cooperate with country's national institutions? WHY is he and his party hesitating?
Nepal is poor and lack many resources required for sofisticated investigation but neither we nor Nepal police(in case they are allowed to look into the matter) are as much silly as you think by repeating that Mahara has disowned the tape. Whatelse left for him to tell the public!

Whenever someone claims falsely that he has not been the culprit, in Nepali we say, Look who is the testimony of the Milk; the Cat. Literal translation: dudhko(of milk) sakshi(testimony) biralo(cat), some nepalipan of mine toward Arthur so that he loves Nepal little bit more than he does now)! So Telegraph and the Maoists have this cat-and-milk relation from long time ago. And the rest of the media follows the direction of the wind(in your vocabulary "mainstream")including CK Lal, that's the real problem.

If Mahara wants to defend him and prove his innocency he should follow ordinary justice and prove that he is innocent because he is a public personality and it is his duty to bring the truth before people. What he and his Party should not pretend -and you too- that everything is one-side blame coming from reactionaries and blah blah blah, how can you run away so easily! i just flipped to see the attitude of the maoists Party. This is a serious matter of sedition and corruption and i don't want that the party that deceives the Nation goes to the government of Nepal at the expense of our Nation's integrity.

13. Anil
#4 #9 #11

Comrade (s),

It must have hurt your inflated European ego to hear that you are not qualified to judge on internal matters pertaining to Nepal and the Nepalese people. Not only that, didn�t your parents teach you it is just bad manners to poke your nose into affairs of your neighbors?

Like other European communists, you probably nurture a now- fading hope that somehow despite the failure and demise of communism everywhere else, in Nepal maybe it will be different. And  by making off-the -mark , silly and shrill arguments, you probably think you are helping the cause.

Comrade(s), please get this in your head: COMMUNISM IS DEAD and will not be revived not in Nepal and not anywhere else. And, there is not going to be a world revolution.

 All the communists leaders in China, Russia and even in Nepal have now abandoned the cause and are enjoying the life-styles of the bourgeoisie.  The revolutionary cadres have also joined the party and are now  involved in running casinos, smuggling timber and are involved in all kinds racketeering.  Do you really believe they will sacrifice all this for your empty revolutionary slogans?

For learned European intellectuals like yourselves, however things turn out in Nepal, it will probably just amount to an academic curiosity and a social experiment; but for the people of the country these  social experiments when they go bad, can ruin their lives and the lives of their children.

Time and again we have seen  that happen in many countries: Kampuchea,Laos,North Korea, Maoist-China, Stalinist Russia to name just some of the countries.

Please try to understand that, and let the Nepali people themselves, including the Maoist, decide what is right for the country, instead of trying out your new social- experiment in the country.

And if you really believe in what you preach and want to bring about change, so as not to be accused of intellectual hypocrisy, why not start in own country and see if you can convince your fellow countrymen.

Our prayers will be with you.

God speed and good luck in your endeavor.

14. jange
Please don't be so hard on Arthur. You must remember that the Maoist definition of truth is very different to what those outside the Maoist fold generally consider as truth, fact, etc. and how to verify it.

For the Maoist whatever is the party line that is the truth. If Mahara, speaking as a party official says he did not do something then that is the truth. If, the next day Mahara, speaking as a party official says that he did do it but it was a conspiracy then that is the truth. An, for a true believer such as Arthur, there is no contradiction between the two statements.

The is why our glorious maoist leader says contradictory things at different times to different people and all these are regarded by the maoists to be true- and there is no contradiction. Because for the maoists the definition of the truth is whatever the party line (or party leadership) says at the time.

15. KING
#13 Anil
This shows the spirit of the awakened youths of Nepal; Anil keep it up.
We don't need advice from the North Europeans, Communists or Christians. Hands Out.
Better try these Doctrines in your own country, get out off Nepal.
Om  forlatelse.Jeg beder undskylde.  Jag ber om ursakt. Je vous demande pardon!  Ich bitte  um Verzeihung. Anteeksi.

16. Arthur
Nirmal, nobody needs agreement from Mahara to investigate. C K Lal can say he doesn't believe Mahara's denial and so can you, and you can both demand an investigation. No problem!

But what he said is that Mahara did not deny it. That is false. There is no way you can defend it. C K Lal should apologize to Mahra for claiming that Mahara admitted it.

Not agreeing on such obvious and straight forward matters ends up sounding like Anil shouting about "European ego" and "Communism is dead". Who can be bothered arguing with people like that?

Neither of you are able to acknowledge the simple fact that what C K Lal claimed was false.

This inability makes it very difficult to believe you can judge anything to do with Maoists rationally.

Why not try it? Would it choke you to simply say first that C K Lal was wrong to claim that Mahara had not denied it and only then to add that you don't believe Mahara?

Is there some deep psychological problem that prevents you from doing that and only allows you to attack Mahara without being able to even admit that anything at all said against him COULD be wrong?

17. Mahesh
@ arthur, with 60% Nepalese living under international poverty line(as published by WB, by regarding per capita income and commodity price), and with Maoists having 40% votes in the parliament( representing 40% of those poor Nepalese), there is a strange phenomenon in rest of the Nepalese in being anti-maoist to prove that they are well-off   Nepalese(sukila-mukila in Prachandas words). Next, only o.7 million Nepalese have access to internet(or are regular internet user), representing that class of society who can comment in news portals and write here(especially in english), so definately they wont be speaking in favour of those poor and marginalised Nepalis who are living below international poverty line. Well about the Mahara tape scandal, they speak about meeting somewhere in China(where there are less Nepalis) to get the money, so is someone literally carrying 500 million (50 crore) in a bag from china to nepal?, Anyone with a little mind can easily realise that it was a game plan from India, to divert nepalese attention from Dabur scandal, stop Madhesis to vote Prachanda and stop the high level Chinese delegation from visiting Nepal(who are currently here anyway)Next, Narayan man bijukche  openly told how India bribed the Madhesi janadhikar forum and even threatened their life to not to vote prachanda, and Gacchadar locked all his lawmakers to avoid floor crossing, doesnt our soveirgn Nepalese want to speak a word about it?

18. Nirmal
Arthur says
Nirmal, nobody needs agreement from Mahara to investigate. C K Lal can say he doesn't believe Mahara's denial and so can you, and you can both demand an investigation. No problem!
Agreed, but as a politician having been involved in such a serious scandal he should have been the first to ask for the investigation instead of denying the debate in the functioning parliament. If there is anger over the scandal or the policies of the Maoists with regard to this issue, I add again, because it is being misdirected in wrong direction. The problem that I've seen in the controversy that's taken place through out this event is, I think they(the maoists and non-maoists including the media people) are misidentifying sort of what the implications are here in Nepal for her better future as a Nation with FUNCTIONING DEMOCRACY. As I said before, we should have taken some bold steps but the Maoists and you are telling us that there is NO PROBLEM. The problems long-term are the problem that I talked earlier concretely in my comment 2: We have a political baron from the maoists side who faces a grave accusation and a political party who is keeping mum amazingly and thinks that by disowning the tape in a newspaper it has fulfilled its responsibility toward public opinion, we have politicians who are getting corrupt day after day. We're all demanding justice, the true service to the Nation. But our justice system have actually substantially gone down.

19. Nirmal
Arthur again says
There is no way you can defend it.
Arthur I've, with these eyes, have seen how just with the help of telephone conversation many so called leaders found themselves in side the prision in serious Democracies. Please don't try to whim that much! Although I've a nepali passport i've also seen how good Democracies function in spite of rampant corruption and rotten lots of politicos.

20. Nirmal

 And lastly Arthur finishes his point of defense
Is there some deep psychological problem that prevents you from doing that and only allows you to attack Mahara without being able to even admit that anything at all said against him COULD be wrong?
If you read my comments even with minimum attention, you will notice that I always write thinking that i might be wrong but I have doubts. I am a rational man Arthur, may be aparently somehow pedantic and/or donnish, but you can call rationalism to these doubts of mine, critical rationalism.

So the challenge after this debate, I think, for you and your brethen the Maoists, is to identify, specifically, what would you do? IT IS NOT ENOUGH just to say that Mahara has denied his involvement, I think it is important for you to say that you and the maoists are willing to get into the depth of the matter through legal means, sooner the better.

21. Arthur
Nirmal, three more comments and you still find it impossible to just say that C K Lal was wrong to falsely claim that Mahara admitted the conversation!

As Mahesh mentions it is natural that the small minority of Nepalis who speak english and have access to the internet are less willing to believe Maoists than the large majority of less "well heeled" (sukila mila) Nepalis who the Maoists represent.

No doubt there are also people for whom anything the Maoists say should be taken as truth and anything their opponents say should be taken as a lie.

But it should still be possible for people to agree on simple matters of fact. Either Mahara admitted the conversation or he did not. An admission is something public that settles the matter.

Naturally a denial does not settle the matter.

Mentioning the denial would not stop C K Lal from writing an article speculating that the denial was false and Mahara had been trapped in a "sting" operation.

But something should have stopped C K Lal from claiming that Mahara admitted it.

If not honesty, then a minimal respect for the intelligence of his readers.

I provided the link to Mahara's denial twice now. Here it is again:

You mention the (royalist) Telegraph having a strange relation with the Maoists in #12. I don't disagree.

But what is your complaint? Should they have pretended that Mahara admitted the conversation like C K Lal did?

Unfortunately C K Lal's lack of respect for his readers seems to be justified by some of the comments here.

22. durgesh

who is not corrupt in Nepal?

Sadak Bibhag Ko Engineers,Irrigation ko Overseers,engineers,Bhansar ko hakim, District office ko peon dekhi hakim samet, ko imandar?

ani politician kina imandar?

23. Nirmal
I couldn't care less If CK Lal failed to take into account Mahara's denial in Telegraph, the cat-and-milk newspaper, it's the thought process to clear the fog that counts. What is more important for me is to see If the matter is legally resolved and The Maoists come clean hands. According to our popular belief the thief never says that he is a thief.
So, instead of repeating the same thing thousand times like Jange(even his comments have been diversified these days), better you start helping the Maoists in a new way in new Nepal. I am looking forward to read some useful criticisms from you on the Maoists too, or do you think that they are perfect ones?
please not the following style, it is exagerately superficial
You mention the (royalist) Telegraph having a strange relation with the Maoists in #12. I don't disagree.

Are you afraid that the Maoists headquarter will probably censor you If you contribute to the Maoists cause, time to time with little bit critical participation?

24. Nirmal
And you rallied on the cheap populism of Mahesh, this again makes me think that the Maoists and their followers are fake ones. Whenever they cannot defend themselves they start selling cheap propaganda: reactionaries, english speakers, poverty and blah blah blah. Don't you find something logical to defend you? 

25. Arthur
Nirmal #23 "I couldn't care less If CK Lal failed to take into account Mahara's denial in Telegraph,..."

That is the problem. You should care and you should understand that C K Lal did something MUCH WORSE than having "failed to take into account Mahara's denial".

What C K Lal did was pretend that Mahara had admitted the tape. It is only your hatred of Maoists that makes you not care whether attacks against them are truthful or not.

Obviously there is no way for Maoists to censor me or anyone else if I criticize them. On the issues for which they are criticized (or simply attacked) by others I do not disagree with them so I have no useful criticism to make. If they did something  obviously wrong like surrendering the PLA while Nepal Army remains a threat to democracy I would certainly criticize. On most Nepali issues I cannot contribute useful criticism because I am a foreigner still trying to understand and learn from them and do not have the necessary understanding for any criticisms I could offer to be useful.

On some international questions I am arrogant enough to believe that I understood better than them earlier than them. For example I never had a positive opinion of Bob Avakian and  the "Revolutionary Internationalist Movement", and I paid no attention to the Nepalese Maoists for a long time because of the very stupid opinions they expressed about the Iraq war and other international issues. So I would not hesitate to criticize if I thought I knew better.

So now you tell me, why are you unable to criticize C K Lal for making a false claim that Mahara did not disown the conversation?

26. whatever
Arthur is right

27. Mahesh


And you rallied on the cheap populism of Mahesh, this again makes me think that the Maoists and their followers are fake ones

If someone cannot have any logical reasons to defend his/her point of view they resort into blaming(like what have you written abiut me above) just to satisfy their anger and ignorancy. Lenin called these kind of people mentally disabled. If you cant digest the truth, stop ranting nonsense.

28. Mahesh

Check the interview with Mahara, where he has strongly denied any conversation with the Chinese man!!

29. Nirmal
2. Nirmal
Yes, it is a pity how "this mainstream media" took the issue.
12. Nirmal
So Telegraph and the Maoists have this cat-and-milk relation from long time ago. And the rest of the media follows the direction of the wind(in your vocabulary "mainstream")including CK Lal, that's the real problem.
Does it mean less for you to assure that I've been critical about the approach of the media and CK Lal with regard to this scandal? Or should I start telling off CK Lal and others calling names ie reactionary, foreign agent et cetera et cetera like the Maoists do usually?

It matters really zero for me If Mahara denied or not, what else can he say? That he was about to deceive the Nation. What I desire is that the Maoists must prove effectively that they don't want power by hooks and crooks. They should refrain from demonising the parliamentary system being the integral part of rotten politics that they love to curse so much or is it their famous strategy, how is it said in English, get into the back and hit the head perhaps. And when I say effectively, you can have an overall idea of what I am refering to after reading my above comments.

I repeat again: So the challenge after this debate, I think, for you and your brethen the Maoists, is to identify, specifically, what would you do? IT IS NOT ENOUGH just to say that Mahara has denied his involvement, I think it is important for you to say that you and the maoists are willing to get into the depth of the matter through legal means, sooner the better. Dear Arthur,are you ready for that?

30. Nirmal
Mahesh, i think you are speaking in chinese here and using something which is not internet, nah? get out of your usual lenin and stalin paraphrases then you will find that in this world beyond Lenin and Stalin there are many things to learn to make the world a better place. i don't kill people to get what I want. That's the fundamental difference between your ways of thinking and mine. Lenin said this and Lenin said that! He was so healthy mentally that he needed to supress his opponents by eliminating them physically, right?  What an argument! you can sell these types of arguments to the Maoists commies not everybody.

31. Arthur
Nirmal #29,

You keep repeating that the fact Mahara has denied it is not enough to prove his innocence. This is so obvious it does not even need to be mentioned once. Yet you seem to think that is what this argument is about.

I am beginning to wonder whether you have actually read the article by C K Lal and understood my comment #4.

This is what C K Lal said:

"The conversation on the controversial tape is perhaps factual. Mahara has not disowned it." (emphasis added)

That was false and my comment #4 said it was false.

Most of the media just ignored Mahara's denial as you do. What C K Lal did was MUCH WORSE. It is similar to fabricating a confession. If it was a mistake (eg due to only reading the anti-Maoist media reports before pontificating and not bothering to check both sides) then he should say so and apologize.

It matters zero to you that C K Lal's article is false.

It is more important to you that you are not interested in Mahara's denial.

But you could be just as uninterested in Mahara's denial WITHOUT accepting it is ok for C K Lal to pretend Mahara did not disown the conversation.

As for whether the Maoists should support an inquiry or launch their own inquiry, that is an entirely separate question.

I already answered by pointing out that nobody needs their permission in order to have an inquiry. The anti-Maoist parties prefer to shout about it, but that is entirely up to them. They could organize a police inquiry if they wanted to drag the police into it rather than just making a media fuss.

The Maoists do hold internal inquiries when some accusation MIGHT be true. But Maoists actually KNOW what their relations with China are (the only place Gyanendra could buy arms to kill them with). They also KNOW what their policy is on corruption (and they also know that you cannot buy anti-Maoist politicians - you can only rent them!).

There would be no point holding an internal inquiry just to confirm that the tape could be fabricated by technical means. That is already well known.

So for Maoists this accusation is so obviously a fabrication concocted to suit Indian fantasies that there would be no point in them holding an internal investigation. Only anti-Maoists woud take it seriously, and what they do about investigating is, as I said, entirely up to them.

Frankly I think both the media and the other parties know that too, since so far they too have not bothered to hold an investigation. It is just a useful thing to hurl back at the Maoists, as you are doing. It looks just like the fuss over the kidnapped Doctor - those who wanted to believe it was the Maoists went on and on about it in the media, and then said nothing (or even continued to accuse the Maoists) when the real kidnappers were exposed.

32. Prasnt
After reading all the comment what I can  say is that we need something that will let us know what "truth" actually refers to

33. Kale Rai
To the staunch supporters of the Maoists like ...   ...  ."Even when the Maoists fart it smells like fragrance to them. "
Don't  bother  Nirmal.

34. Mahra
Truth is very bitter. Only courageous people can accept it. Mahra alongwith his followers d'nt have the courage to accepet the accepted truth which almost all the medias have delivered througe their ways. I think only coward will illogically refute the matter of Mahara's case.  

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)