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Three-way split

The UCPN-M goes into its Central Committee meeting battered by outside pressure and internal fissures. There are three factions, three tendencies and three mindsets within the party, and these differences are now in the public domain.

Internal impunity is on the rise, and the party is in serious danger of unravelling. This is why the meeting must take some risky decisions. The party can either remain in its current comfort zone or take a gamble. But relations between the top leaders are strained, and they regard each other with suspicion. The party's slogans of the liberation of the oppressed and strengthening nationalism have turned into ultra-ethnicism and territorialism. Religious extremism is being stoked. The party's strength was its struggle on behalf of the oppressed, but this became counterproductive and today the slogans have been hijacked by revenge, ambition, and identity politics.

The rank and file is demoralised, and the leadership is torn by the clash of egos in the name of ideological differences. The party took an uncharted path by going along with the 12-point agreement. But when the party achieved unexpectedly good results in the CA elections, it was besieged from without. Within, the party became victim to ambition, NGO-ism, consumerism and nepotism. Criminals found shelter in the party's internal impunity.

The party has been forced to tolerate diplomatic pressure and interference. The southern and northern neighbours are worried about their own internal security. South Block has a colonial mindset. We need to analyse the geopolitical implications.

The problems have become complex. There are no ready-made solutions. But the party needs to look at a new effort, a new direction and a new policy to get out of the present crisis. Politics is about finding solutions and removing obstacles. The party should sometimes present itself as amenable to reform, but other times it will need to put its extremist left foot forward.

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1. Rajaram
Narendra Jung Peter is not only  the communication Czar , press adviser to Comrade Prachanda; and his propaganda minister but a  responsible journalist as well. We all thought that in a party with lot of  money at the disposal and under the sole command of one person, there is no chance of split. The other communist parties except the U&ML were dirt poor so they could afford to split as and when they had differences. UCPN- Maoist even with all kinds of ideological difference will never split; no party with rich resource fund breaks into 2 or 3.. Thats the rule.
it is high time that the party has to break for the good of not only the present but also for the good of the next generation. It will be a blessing in disguise for the nation. What is the use of remaining united in a n unhappy marriage/ Better a divorce.
 let Mohan Baidya Kiran break and make a different party of the ultra-left.
 Baburam make a prag matist commujnist party amnd Prachanda an opportunist Communist Party.
Dear Friendscan you believe. such miracle to happen in Nepal, an oxymoron.
The wildest dream of Kew are the facts of Katmandoo.
Kashi Kashmir ,Ajab Nepal. So it can happen, my dear.

2. Hareram
First round ,kick Baidya out.
Prachanda and Baburam join hands together.

Second round shortly, Prachanda and Baburam fight it out.

Jo jita ohi Sikandar.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)