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Dalit disgrace

Janakpur: The people of the Dom community of Hariharpur-3, Dhanusa district, are prevented from using water sources as they are considered lower caste. Surprisingly, they are not discriminated against by non-Dalits but other Dalit communities.

The Chamar and Mushahar communities consider Doms to be lower caste and have prevented them from accessing water sources in the village. This has made the life of the Dom community very difficult.

There are two wells here, but Doms are beaten up if they even touch them, says Surendra Malik, a member of the only remaining Dom household in the village. Two years ago, there were five Dom households in the village. Members of two households died due to lack of water and two households were displaced. The sole household left is also planning to migrate soon.

Birendra Malik recalls how his father died due to lack of water. "It is unfortunate that villagers still do not have pity on us," he says.

Dhaneshwari Malik, the eldest member of the family, said she went to Janakpur and complained to officials about how they were being deprived of water from the public wells. "Later, officials came to the village and instructed people from other communities to give us access to wells," she recalled. Since then, the villagers have started giving Dhaneshwari two buckets of water every day, for cooking, cleaning, bathing, and drinking.

Bhola Sada, a member of the Mushahar community, claims that they cannot allow the Dom community to touch the wells because it contaminates the place and angers the gods.

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1. DG
Jati (Sanscrit ,Birth) is something that has no real existence, a baseless notion, a man made social prejudice. The best way to eradicate this negative phenomenon has to be equally negative. Ignore it conscientiously.
Don't ask caste,don;t tell caste, don't think of caste.Slowly remove it from official records.;but keep a separate paper for reservation benefits only.The entire human race belongs to one kind.
Stop indicating yourself as a dalit caste.Reservation ,special privileges are only for a period. What actually happens is that they organize themselves to gain   more and more privileges and politicians use it as  vote-bank...
The best  middle path will be to either not write caste titles, or write Thar ( specilly hill dalits , as they were downgraded due to old tradition as a punishment for breaking the then rules).i.e. Khanal, Nepal, Dahal, Koirala, Singh,Thapa, Bist, Chand,Shrestha,  Malla, Rajbhandari, Pradhan, Amatya,  Gajurel,  Pokharel, Mainali, Shah, Rana,etc
 Changing faith ,conversion will make them rootless. Who will beat the Dhangro then?
Similarly the Tarai Dalits start  changing to Tripathi, Sukla, Thakur, Sribastav, Lal,  Jha,  Singh,Misra,  Gupta, Pande, Ojha, Shah,etc
.Avoid a situation like Shouting for silence in a noisy crowd. That will make the scene all the more noisy.

2. DG
Naya Nepal--Advice to UCPN- Maoist. It is Time to Drop Thar from the Name.

Maoist being the most progressive element ,as per their claims, should not miss this chance to really project itself as a caste-less society. It is a part which they can do this overtly or covertly ; not even by planning, even by accident or in former feudal reactionary way by the grace of God Almighty.
They should all drop the Casteor thar indicating jat or jati even, bu dropping the caste title but start a new lineage with their noms de guerre.
For Exanple: Puspa Kamal Prachanda, Babu Ram Laldhoj, Narayan Kaji Prakash, CP Gaurab, Mohan Kiran, etc etc
This can herald a samabesi samaj in the future.
Unlike KP Oli Sharma it should be Khadga Prasad only or K P Goli, Madhav Kumar ,No- Nepal, '
Isn't it a blessing in disguise for the Maoist that they all have Nick- names.
Bhagyamani ko bhutai kamaro. Bhagyamani lai lat hanyo ,halbaikai pasalma1 i.e pugchha.

3. DG
and Jhal Nath Khalnayak.  !

4. Kakaji
# DG
 To add a few,suggestion.

Babu Ram Bhatmas Rayo,
Pupa Kamal  Ratu  Chukander
Ram Chandra Bahal Dillibazar.
Jhal Nath  Khala Makhu.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)