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Maoists' one-sided proposal

In order to end the political impasse, the UCPN (Maoist) brought out a working plan on Saturday to manage ex-combatants within three months. The plan mentions keeping the combatants under the Army Integration and Rehabilitation Special Committee. The Maoist proposal to separate the combatants from the party by keeping them under the special committee is positive. But this in itself will not result in sustainable peace. How, when and where the ex-combatants will be managed is the most crucial question here, and this is also the bone of contention among the political parties.

Contrary to the demand of other parties, the Maoists have not specified the number of ex-combatants to be integrated into the security forces in their working plan. The plan says that the committee will hear out each ex-combatant. The Maoists have been saying that it is necessary to first separate those who want to enter social and political life and those who want to take up a rehabilitation package. After this has been done, they say, the remaining ex-combatants should qualify for integration.

The Maoists claim that with such a model, they can separate the ex-combatants in two months and integrate the rest in the remaining one month. But until the dispute over whether security force integration numbers should be determined in the camps or through political consensus is resolved, their plan will not materialise. In this sense, the core of the debate on ex-combatant integration has not really changed.

The Maoists argue that integration should be based on the standards outlined in the Comprehensive Peace Accord, as opposed to existing legal provisions, and that personal admission cannot be a model for integration. But this is unacceptable to the government, as it puts the Maoist army and the Nepal Army on the same footing. The Maoists have also proposed an alternative model of organising ex-combatants to form a new special security department. But since nothing of this sort was mentioned in the peace accord, it is highly unlikely that the parties will agree to it.

The Maoists' proposal may not be acceptable to the other parties but they can table an amendment proposal or a different proposal based on it. Because until the issue of ex-combatant integration has been settled, constitution building and the peace process will not move forward. The formation of a consensus government, which is the most pressing need of the hour, will also not go materialise until the ex-combatants are successfully integrated.

1. Gole
Ther is only one issue to settle,Globally accepted form of 21st Century Democracy with social justice to the have-nots or  one party communist /proletariat dictatorship. Let  civil society front -liners come forward to take commitment from all parties concerned including the UCPN-MAOIST.

2. Arthur
How is this a one sided Maoist proposal?

The anti-Maoists want to decide how many should be integrated themselves (as few possible). This means one sidedly treating the PLA as though they were losers and the Nepal Army were winnners. The Maoists want to combine the two armies, neither of which was defeated.

A one sided Maoist proposal would be to send the officer corps of the Nepal Army to reeducation camps and put their troops under Maoist command.

That would be the result of a complete Maoist victory in a resumed civil war. Likewise the anti-Maoist proposals would only be possible after a complete anti-Maoist victory in a resumed civil war.

3. Liba Svrcina

Maybe this proposal is a small step in the right direction.  Let those, who wish to take the rehabilitation package, go home.  Maybe make the package attractive enough to become an incentive for the undecided.

The question stil remains - what to do with the rest ?  Since Nepal has an obligation to supply UN peace keeping force, could the rest be offered as a contribution to the UN ? After all, they are trained soldiers, send them somewhere to where they might do some good for a change.

4. Ale
#3 Liva


Give them Platinum Handshake .But how can they be sent to the UN peace keeping assignment without the cover of Nepal Army. They can rather go to join the opposite camp as mercenary.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)