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Nepal resigns

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal announced his resignation as Prime Minister of Nepal during a televised address to the nation on Wednesday.

Although the government had been standing firm on its stance of not resigning before a political settlement was reached, including ex-combatant integration and formation of a national unity government, sources revealed early Wednesday afternoon that the prime minister would address the nation at 6pm. It then became clear that Madhav Kumar Nepal would resign due to a continuing failure to resolve the political impasse, as well as the Maoist threat to disrupt presentation of the budget in parliament.

During his 20-minute address in the presence of the cabinet, Nepal insisted that his government continued to have the support of a majority of parliament, but had been unable to proceed with government and parliamentary business due to continued obstruction from the UCPN (Maoist). He berated the largest party in parliament for non-cooperation and active disruption throughout the 13-month period of his government's tenure. Nepal then went on to list his government's achievements, but expressed bitterness at having been unable to bring the peace process to a conclusion, wholly because of Maoist opposition.

At the end of his address, Nepal thanked his allies and the public for supporting his government, and hoped for the speedy formation of a new consensus government. He also expressed hope that the Maoists would help advance the peace process.

Nepal will now submit his resignation to the president, following which he is expected to lead a caretaker government until the formation of a national unity government. In submitting his resignation at this juncture, Nepal has succeeded in killing several birds with one stone. He has regained the moral high ground, as he had been accused of clinging to power by not only the Maoists and other parties, but also by politicians within the UML and sections of the public. He has also fulfilled his end of the latest bargaining chip advanced by the Maoists, who had demanded his resignation in exchange for their support in passing the budget in parliament. The ball is now definitely in the Maoists' court.

However, Nepal's resignation will not provide an easy solution. The struggle for succession will now intensify within all the parties, who have been unable to decide on a prime ministerial candidate. This will prolong the political impasse, meaning that Nepal has now made the transition from a lame duck prime minister to a caretaker prime minister.

1. yam gurung

Junai jogi ae ani uhi kanai chireko bhane jastai ho.Kahile dai ko palo ta kahile bhai ko palo.Kale-Kale milera kham bhale jastai ho.


2. who cares

"He has also fulfilled his end of the latest bargaining chip advanced by the Maoists, who had demanded his resignation in exchange for their support in passing the budget in parliament."

so i wont be surprised if this care taker govt. run for months.

maoist want to create chaos by making govt. resign before making a deal. this is another proof, they do not care for nepal, their party interest comes before nation and their individual interest comes before party interest as proven by their latest trouble in hell.

3. Nirmal
Yes now You can madhav Nepal! At least now you can win in one constituency after spending billions of rupees from state coffer. He must have been motivated to continue doing politics, so he has resigned.

4. damn care

"..their party interest comes before nation and their individual interest comes before party interest.."

Could say that for all parties in Nepal.

5. Akanchhya Gurung

PM Madhav Kumar Nepal had indeed tried his "Best" and shown a good leadership in steering a huge circus of 22 All Party Government..........amongst the tough oppositions from the Maoists since Day 1

Good Job Prime Minister............!!!! Indeed, you will be remembered for your kind and benevolent sides of humanity............................

You have proved much much better than Puspa Kamals, or Sher Bahadurs or others in their government. And we hope, that next time  in near future, we will see a more Strong and Bold side of your personality in serving Nepal.

Keep it up.

6. Maila Gorkhali
MKN resinged because he had no other option ! Come on, lets wake up and smell the coffee ! Who are we kidding here ! Nepali leaders are slaves of India and China ! Kamal Thapa - you are a Thapa - do something for Nepal !   The Bahuns know how to hatch plots, they have no skill to govern !  We need a Prithvi Narayana Shah - who can unite all Nepalis, give them diginity and look after them ! Come on people of Nepal, its should be a government of people, Lets try and put these crook politicians who have stolen form our brothers and sistes !  JarSaheb Katwal - are you listening and reading this !  Just give the Nepalis food to eat twice a day, can any one do that !   So lets cut all the crap and get to work. Actions always speaks much louder than words.

7. jange
A lot of people wanted MKN to resign.

As they say- Be careful what you wish for.

8. damn care
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9. who cares

madhav nepal's resignation will break maoist's remaining bones. i think.

and if maoist do not fulfill their side of commitment, all the agents should come into trouble.

agents in uml should be made to resign, so called civil society members, media should be humiliated and the agents in unmin, eu, norway should be made to call back (should send a letter to their respective govt./org.)

10. Kamal Kishor

There was no option for MKN but to resign as per three party agreement He did his best to generate pressure upon the Maoists to come to agreement. It beared fruit.

The Maoists decided las week to consider other candidates for PM from their side other than Prachanda. That is what three parties were after and they got it. Till Prachand was the sole candidate from the Maosists there was no chance for others to play aroud but now the field is open.

Now the maoists can claim the victory and be much more flexible and be accomodative. I believe they would do that as they have no option. For the last one year, the politics has been so negative for the Maoists, they would like to come around and play certain positive roles and build their image.

The three parties wanted what they were after: resignation of MKN only after the Maosists declared flexibility. Congratualtion MKN!!

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)