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"Time not ripe yet"

Dristi: Though the CA tenure has been extended, the political deadlock has not been resolved.
Arjun Narsingh KC:
The extension has laid a foundation to make a fresh start towards forging a consensus and moving ahead. But the time has not matured enough for an agreement.

What is preventing them from forging a consensus?
Maoist fighters in cantonments and the weapons they possess are the obstacle. The Maoists are not ready to put down their guns just yet. A party that has weapons cannot be a democratic force. The Maoists want to affect opinion through force. A constitution should not be written under the shadow of guns.

The Maoists have been demanding the resignation of Madhav Kumar Nepal.
Resignation of the PM is not a problem. He has time and again urged the political parties to reach an agreement so that he can resign. He should not leave the post and push the country into uncertainty. There should be a guarantee that the past commitments will be implemented and the constitutional calendar should be finalised, then he can resign.

Are you saying the PM won't resign unless the Maoists accept the package deal?
Why should he? The package deal is to ensure the peace process and constitution writing. It is not only the commitment we are looking for but the implementation of the commitments.

Is a Maoist-led government acceptable to the NC if the Maoists accept your package deal?
This opens an avenue for forging a consensus. A consensus leadership is one that is acceptable to all. How can we accept Maoist leadership in government if the party still possesses weapons and fighters?

Is NC claiming the post of PM then?
Concluding the peace process and constitution writing are the real issues. NC will cooperate with a government without NC if it ensures peace and PLA integration. NC will not hesitate to take up the responsibility if all other political parties approve of our leadership. But our priority now is not the government, but constitution writing.

1. T.N. Bhattarai
Leaders like Arjun K.C have stopped speaking clearly. They may have something up the sleeves. There is no easy way to test what they mean. Is this the explicit agenda of NC or there some other 'hideen agenda'? If there is one it will be hard for the Nepalese people to follow the leaders like him who has gained personality through articulation of real intersts of the people. 

2. Suman
yo jasto fataha neta maile nepal ma dekheko chaina.lutnu samma luteko cha yasle.

(11 JAN 2013 - 17 JAN 2013)